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Having Puns with CSS


“A pun a day keeps a doctor away”. I don’t know how much true is that sentence but I am quite familiar with the job of a web designer. Sometimes it’s frustrating. For our non-tech readers: CSS is a style sheet language for designing the format and look of the content present on a web page. ...

Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on hacking

Pirates of the Silicon Valley movie for entrepreneur

In the computer security world, a hacker is a person who access to the computer networks legally or illegally. All the hackers are called by several names and majorly categorized as hackers and crackers. After controversies, hacker is able to get the name of computer programmers and all computer criminals are called crackers. Crackers are further ...

10 Scariest Horror Movies Based on Real Life Stories


The term “horror movie” was first used for the movie “Dracula” of 1931. Since then, lots of movies have been made on horror and thriller theme. Mostly all the movies are fictitious and some of the most successful movies are inspired by real life accident. Truth can be more dangerous than fiction and in the ...

Top 10 Banned Films Around the World

Saw 3d

Some film producer extends their limits and includes adult stuff, social issue and violence in their films. These films have been banned in various countries. In many countries a banned film goes through the minor editing process, removes explicit scenes and then re-released. Few popular movies have been banned by film censor board or review ...

10 Motivational & Inspirational Movies For Entrepreneurs

Motivational & Inspirational Movies

Today’s generation is the entrepreneurship generation. Every person wants to become an entrepreneur but there are many difficulties every entrepreneur face throughout his/her life. Many times you just feel to quit it and GIVE UP. Sometimes it just gets harder to feel motivated to finish it off as you have planned. Then all you need to be ...

Top 10 Biggest Concert Ever


A concert is a live performance in front of an audience (mostly musical).  Music is food for the soul, it nourishes the mind as much as yoga and other exercise can. You can listen to your own choice anytime, anywhere, Thanks to the myriad of musical devices available today. But the live experience is totally different and amazing. The ...