Quantum Mechanics Generates More Precise Random Numbers

generating Precise Random Numbers

Scientists generate absolute random numbers using quantum mechanics.  The technique involves creating digital bits with particles of light, photons. It could eventually improve cryptographic and security systems.  Scientists at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) have built a new technique to generate a more precious random number using quantum mechanics. Now the unpredictability of ...

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Scientists Discover and Fix Genetic Risk Factor of Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain - Genetic Risk Factor of Alzheimer's Disease

Scientists discover how to eliminate the primary genetic risk factor of Alzheimer’s disease –  Apolipoprotein E.  They examined the effect of apolipoprotein E on human brain cells for the first time.  To fix this faulty gene, they applied previously built compounds – “structure correctors”. Researchers at Gladstone Institutes (housed at San Francisco General Hospital) show, for ...

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High Energy Collisions Of Lead Ions Produce Quark-Gluon Plasma

Quark-Gluon Plasma created in high energy collision

Physicists collide lead ions to create a Quark-Gluon Plasma at the Large Hadron Collider.  The collision creates high-energy partons, which further split into two or more partons. It gives new insights of color coherence and other properties of interactions of partons in the Quark-Gluon Plasma.  A team of researchers collides lead ions to produce a ...

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A New Quantum Particle – 3D Skyrmion In A Quantum Gas

ball lightning

In an experiment, physicists created a 3D skyrmion – a theoretical quasiparticle.  They used experimental approaches originally designed for creating topological defects.  The outcomes could inspire new methods to keep plasma intact in fusion reactors.  Researchers at Aalto University and Amherst College have built a 3D skyrmion in a quantum gas. For those who don’t ...

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26 Interesting Facts About NASA That You Should Know

ASTP crews potrait - Facts About NASA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA sure doesn’t need any sort of introduction. Being the world’s biggest and leading space agency, it has been exploring the universe for decades. NASA has successfully conducted unmanned and manned programs and send advanced probes to other planets in the solar system. The agency focuses on understanding the ...

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Google AI Can Now Pick Particular Voice In A Crowd

Google AI Can Pick Particular Voice

Google develops a new AI that can focus on a particular voice in a crowded area.  It uses a combination of both visual and auditory signals to separate the voices.  The technology also has potential to provide better video captioning system for overlapping speakers, by pre-processing speech recognition. Humans are exceptionally good at picking a ...

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Strange Nature of Mercury’s Orbit | Revealed Via Einstein’s General Relativity

spacetime distortion

A physicist has calculated another effect of general relativity on Mercury’s orbit.  It would take approximately two billion years to add one degree of Mercury’s orbit’s rotation.  These calculations will be verified by the Japan and European Space agency in their next mission to Mercury, which is expected to launch in October 2018.   Mercury revolves around ...

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New Machine Learning Model Can Prevent Deadly Infections

CDI infection

Researchers develop a new machine learning model to prevent symptomatic infection before it starts.  The model is based on L2 regularized logistic regression method.  The algorithm made accurate prediction 5 days before diagnostic samples were taken. Around 29,000 U.S citizen die every year due to symptomatic infection called Clostridium difficile infection (CDI). It’s present in the air, soil, ...

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Super-Resolution Microscopy Can See Cells In Both Space & Time

4D Super-Resolution Microscopy

Researchers develop a new technique (PRISM) that can observe beyond the diffraction of light.  It can capture exceptional views inside living cells through super-resolution spatial and temporal imaging.  For the last couple of decades, we’ve been using wide-field fluorescence imaging methods, like PALM and STORM, to observe subcellular structures. These methods require hundreds and thousands of ...

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Is Dark Matter Formed By Cosmic Instability?

Dark Matter Formed By Cosmic Instability

A new research shows that the instability in Higgs field could be a sign of dark matter.  The dark matter contains numerous black holes that formed at the initial stage of the universe because of unstable Higgs’ fluctuations. As per our current understanding, the universe has been changing since Big Bang (13.7 billion years ago), and ...

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A New Material That Could Prevent Overheating of Phones And Laptops

polythiophene material- Prevent Overheating of Phones

MIT engineers have developed a polymer named polythiophene that conducts heat efficiently.  It’s flexible, lightweight and 10 times more conductive than conventional polymers. It can be directly coated onto silicon wafers and various electronic instruments.  You already know that plastics are perfect insulators – they can effectively trap heat. This property is extremely useful in numerous things such ...

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