10 Things Bing Does Better Than Google

Bing Education Carousel - Things Bing Does Better Than Google

Being at the top doesn’t necessarily mean that you are best at everything you do. The same goes for search engines. According to the Statista, Google owns more than 86% of the online search engine market share. No doubt, it deserves its position but there are few things that Bing –its biggest competitor — does ...

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“Optical Tweezers” Wins The 2018 Nobel Prize In Physics

2018 Nobel Prize In Physics

2018 Nobel Prize in physics goes to three scientists for their remarkable work in laser physics.  They discovered optical tweezers and ultrashort, high-intensity optical pulses.  Today, it’s used to measure phenomena in femtosecond timescales, treat deep-tissue tumors, and much more.  The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics is split among three scientists. They are awarded for their phenomenal ...

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IBM’s New AI Simulates Heart’s Functions Within Minutes

AI Simulates Heart's Functions

A new method uses high-performance computing algorithms to improve virtual Fractional Flow Reserve simulations. The algorithm is based on machine learning and deep learning acceleration method called Gaussian Process regression.  It can perfectly simulate what’s happening inside the heart within 1-2 minutes.  Most multi-scale model of cardiac mechanics look promising but when it comes to ...

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ESA Releases The X-Ray Survey of 365 Galaxy Clusters and 26,000 Active Galactic Nuclei

ESA Releases The X-Ray Survey of 365 galaxy clusters

ESA’s XMM-Newton spent more than 2,000 hours working on XXL Survey.  In this survey, the X-ray space observatory observed numerous galaxy clusters and active galactic nuclei.  The data obtained from this survey will help astronomers understand how galaxies and black holes evolve.  European Space Agency’s (ESA) X-ray observatory, XMM-Newton is built to analyze interstellar X-ray sources, ...

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12 Best Camera Apps For Android | 2018 Edition

Google Camera

In today’s fast-paced world, smartphone cameras are a huge deal. Instead of carrying a separate camera, more and more people rely on their smartphones to take snapshots of the moments they don’t want to miss. Smartphone companies are also seizing every opportunity to improve camera hardware on their products to make it bankable, but what ...

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T-CUP: World’s Fastest Camera Captures 10 Trillion Frames Per Second

T-CUP: World's Fastest Camera

New single-shot 10-trillion fps compressed ultrafast photography (T-CUP) technique captures any event with 100 femtoseconds frame intervals.  It can be used to study interactions between matter and light at an unprecedented temporal resolution.  The pump-probe methods allow us to capture transient events through repeated measurements. However, several dynamics are either non-repeatable or hard to recreate. For instance, ...

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The Early Universe Was Once In Liquid State | New Study

Universe Was Once In Liquid State

Particle physicists collided xenon-ions in the 27 kilometers long superconducting Large Hadron Collider.  The aim is to extract new details of Quark-Gluon Plasma – the matter that came into existence right after the Big Bang. They found that matter behaved like a liquid, right before atoms were formed. According to the Big Bang cosmology, the universe was ...

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New Electro-Optic Laser Emits 30 Billion Pulses Per Second

Electro-Optic Laser Pulses

New electro-optic laser is 100 times faster than conventional ultrafast laser light.  The system is reliable and produces accurate and stable pulses at 30 GHz.  It can be used in biological/chemical imaging and to implement faster communication networks.  Ultrafast lasers generate a series of light pulses that last up to femtoseconds. They can function as ...

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World War II Bombs Sent Shockwaves To The Edge Of Space

Scientists revealed that shockwaves generated by heavy bombs used in World War II were detected at the edge of the space.  These shockwaves were powerful enough to reduce the electron concentration of ionization in the upper atmosphere. Researchers are currently investigating how natural forces like stratospheric warming, tectonic activity, thunderstorms, space weather, and solar variability ...

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Practical 3D Display Generated By Holography and Light-Field Technology

Practical 3D Display

A new method would remove the visual distortions in 3D displays without additional heavier optics.  The system creates a clear, 3D image in space which makes it suitable for AR applications.  We mostly interact with digital content through keyboards and 2D touch panels. However, technologies like Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) are nowadays promising more ...

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