What Genes Control How Much We Dream?

Brain Genes Linked with Intelligence

Neuroscientists found two genes that regulate mammals’ REM sleep.  These two receptors are known as Chrm1 and Chrm3.  Removing Chrm1 reduces and fragments REM sleep, while knockout of Chrm3 decreases the length of non-REM sleep.  Sleep is a universal reoccurring state of body and mind, characterized by changes in voluntary muscles, sensory activity, and consciousness. Until ...

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Strongest Material In The Universe Lies In Neutron Stars’ Crust

Neutron Star

Nuclear pasta is the strongest known material in the universe. It is nearly 100 trillion times denser than water. To estimate its strength, researchers used computer simulations that required 2 million hours worth of single-core processor time. Nuclear pasta is thought to exist within crusts of nuclear stars. Between the core of a neutron star and ...

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New Flying Drone Can Be Controlled By Eyes

Drone Can Be Controlled By Eyes

Researchers develop a new system to control flying drones with eyes.  This includes a lightweight eye-tracking glasses and inertial measurement unit.  The glasses provide a 2D gaze coordinates, which is further converted in 3D using a deep neural network.  The popularity of drones has increased over the past few years, and the trend will continue in ...

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Jupiter’s Magnetic Field is Different From Other Planets

Equatorial view of Jupiter's magnetic field

Jupiter has the most powerful planetary magnetic field in our solar system.  It has both dipolar and non-dipolar magnetic field.  This morphology of field is a result of Jupiter’s composition, electrical conductivity, and thermodynamic properties. The aim of NASA’s Juno spacecraft is to understand the origin and evolution of the biggest planet of our solar system, ...

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Xbash: A New Malware Targeting Windows And Linux

Xbash new malware

Xbash targets Microsoft Windows and Linux servers.  It has crypto-mining and ransomware capabilities. Initially written in Python, the malware is still under development.  Within a year, detection of crypto-mining malware has increased 459%, reported by Cyber Threat Alliance, citing data gathered by multiple companies. As long as cryptocurrencies hold value among attackers, illegal mining activity ...

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IBM Develops An AI That Detects Scene In A Video

IBM AI That Detects Scene

The new AI optimally splits multiple scenes within a video and tags each scene with metadata.  It generates an inverted index of video content that can be searched via text input.  This can help users and organizations utilize video content in a new manner. In the recent years, the volume of video content has significantly increased, ...

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Obesity Harms Memory And Learning – New Study

Obesity Harms Memory in mice

A research done on male mice shows obesity affects brainpower. The main reason of obesity-associated cognitive degradation is microglia (immune cells). Excessive microglia in obese mice destroys dendritic spines, affecting the performance of thinking. More than 2 billion people in the world are either overweight or obese – Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation report. ...

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8 Strongest Acids Ever Known To Us

sulfuric - strongest acids

What makes an acid strong or weak? To answer this question, we first need to look at the definition of an acid. It is a chemical compound which accepts electrons and/or donates (dissociate) hydrogen ions, also known as protons. Therefore, the acidity levels of an acid depend on its ability to disassociate hydrogen ions, i.e, the ...

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New AI For CGI Can Easily Replace Background In Any Image


MIT researchers develop a new machine learning-based model to automate many parts of the photo editing process.  It can be used for simulating certain types of cameras, replacing backgrounds, and adjusting colors.   Most expert editors use Photoshop to make photos look great with creative enhancements. However, making these pictures look realistic is not as simple ...

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New Lithium-Ion Batteries Do Not Explode Under Any Circumstances

New Lithium-Ion Batteries Do Not Explode

The non-explosive lithium-ion battery is inspired by an interesting behavior of unique liquids that turn solid on sudden impact. They are made by dispersing spherical silica particles in battery liquid, which block the flow of ions on impact.  The lithium-ion batteries are the most energetic rechargeable batteries available in the market. You can find them ...

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