13 Best Zombie Games To Play In 2019

Dead Trigger 2

Do you know what makes zombies the perfect antagonist in movies or video games? It’s their frightening demeanor, overwhelming numbers, and a never never-ending hunger for flesh. They have been a part of video games for so long that they now have their own subgenre. Zombie games come in different flavors and are not limited to survival horror, first-person ...

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NVIDIA Develops AI That Creates Interactive Graphics From Real World

AI creates interactive graphics

Researchers demonstrate a new type of video-to-video synthesis. It allows developers to render fully interactive 3D environments from real-world videos.   It can create 30-seconds long videos of 2K resolution.  Almost two decades ago, NVIDIA came up with the world’s first GPU, offering a significantly large leap in 3D gaming performance. Now, they have introduced an ...

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An Artificial Salivary Gland Tissue That Produces Natural Saliva

Researchers created an artificial tissue that was very similar to real salivary glands.   The tissue functioned normally in mice without salivary glands.  Unfortunately, humans don’t have the incredible capability of regrowing organ when they lose it due to injury or disease. In animals, organogenesis is an important event during embryogenesis. It’s a complex process that goes ...

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Android Robotic Child Face Gets More Expressions

Android Robotic Child Face expressions

A child android robot named Affetto was first introduced in 2011.  Researchers have upgraded this robot to achieve more human-like facial expressions.   They analyzed over 100 points on Affetto’s face and added a variety of expressions like frowning and smiling.  Robot faces are one of the most crucial information display devices that can convey emotions, affections, and intentions ...

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A New Method To Boost Quantum Computer Performance

method to Boost Quantum Computer Performance

Researchers design a theoretical method to improve quantum computing performance. The method is known as Dynamical Decoupling and it worked on 2 small-scale quantum computers. It doesn’t require encoding overhead and works by transforming quantum gates into decoupling pulse. The concept of quantum computing was introduced in the early 1980s. The idea is to use ...

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Can Gold Be Melted At Room Temperature?

Can Gold Be Melted

In an unusual experiment, researchers managed to melt gold at room temperature.  They applied a strong electric field to change the state of the metal surface and observed the process using Transmission Electron Microscopy.   As a precious metal, gold has been used for several thousands of years all over the world, for jewelry, coinage, and even ...

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3D Printed Supercapacitors Achieves Record-Breaking Performance

3D Printed Supercapacitors Performance

Researchers loaded 3D-printed structures of porous graphene aerogel with manganese oxide.  This enabled them to capture an ultrahigh energy storage capacity into a small area.  The energy densities are equivalent to that of some traditional batteries.  Pseudocapacitors are a type of energy storage devices that could effectively balance the requirement of fast charging/discharging and high energy density. To ...

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New Catalytic Reactors Convert Greenhouse Gases Into Industrial Fuels

catalysts Reactors Convert Greenhouse Gases

Researchers develop a new method to reduce carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide, using renewable electricity.  It can decrease the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every year.  In fact, industries can capture these gases and convert it into useful products.  The intensive consumption of fossil fuels and excessive emission of greenhouse gases such ...

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Researchers Proposed A New Method To Make Objects Invisible

New Method To Make Objects Invisible

New technique uses Genetic algorithms to minimize the electromagnetic scattering of the object by infusing filler within it. It makes both the object and the filler invisible. Due to recent advances in material engineering, scientists are showing more interest in the field of invisibility. Although there are several different fields where the term invisibility appears, such ...

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Solar Twin: A Star That Is Almost Identical To Our Sun

Solar Twin - star identical to sun

Astronomers discover a star that might have been born in the same stellar nursery as the Sun.  The age, carbon isotopes ratio and chemical abundances of this star are roughly same as the Sun. Named HD 186302, the star is 184 light-years away from Earth.  Like most low-mass stars, our Sun probably formed in a cluster about 4.57 billion ...

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New Filtration Technology Enhances Wastewater Purification, Makes It Energy-Efficient

filtration technology for Wastewater Purification

A new type of membrane requires much lower pressure than standard membranes to filter suspended particles from water.  It lasts 3 times longer and saves twice as much energy than conventional transmembrane. Water purification techniques decrease the concentration of certain matter like bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, parasite, and suspended particles. There are several physical, biological ...

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Now You Can Visualize Supermassive Black Hole In Virtual Reality

Researchers build a 360-degree virtual reality simulation of a supermassive black hole. It is developed according to the observer’s general point of view, who can arbitrarily change his position and motion with respect to the black hole. It has been proven that most spiral and elliptical galaxies contain a supermassive black hole (SBH) at their ...

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