What’s The Mystery Behind Vanishing Particles In Graphene?

mystery of Vanishing Particles In Graphene

Scientists have finally solved the mystery of electron-hole annihilation in graphene, referred as Auger recombination.   It occurs because of energy-time uncertainty principle in the quantum world.  The graphene-based lasers could harness low-energy carriers and have longer lifetimes. Electrons have identical twin particles, called positrons. The charge carriers in numerous semiconductors, like gallium and germanium, act ...

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15 Best City Building Games To Play In 2018

best city building games - megapolis

Whether you are bored with the current city building game you are playing and looking for similar game or you are totally new to this gaming genre and want absolutely the best game to start with. Whatever is your situation, don’t worry, we have you covered. In a typical city-building game, the player has to ...

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New Artificial Cell-Like Structure Uses Photosynthesis To Perform Metabolic Reactions

photosynthesis engine

Researchers develop an artificial photosynthesis engine to perform metabolic reactions.  The research combines best of the animal and plant world to tweak and control the energy production of the cell. There are two main approaches to develop an artificial cell. Reengineer the genetic material (genome) of an organism. Build cell-like structure from the scratch that ...

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Self-Learning Software Can Look Several Minutes Into The Future

Self Learning Software to predict future

A new self-learning program can predict future activities within a time horizon of up to 5 minutes.  This includes sequence, duration and type of activities.  The program achieved over 40% accuracy, but its performance got worse when it had to look far into the future.  Over the last few years, we’ve seen an enormous growth in ...

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Data Storage With Highest Possible Density of Nanomagnets

Density of Nanomagnets

Physicists develop a new model to better control an array of square-shaped nanomagnets.  The technique could be useful in high capacity data storage, and micro- and nanosurgery.  Over the last couple of decades, there has been a keen interest in researching nanoscale elements. It’s because of their possible applications in micro- and nanosurgery, high capacity ...

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Nvidia AI Can Convert 30fps Videos To 240fps

30fps Videos To 240fps

Nvidia develops a new deep learning-based technique that converts a standard video to superior-quality slow-motion video. It’s a variable-length multi-frame interpolation technique for generating any number of intermediate frames. In video editing, one of the most difficult effects is slow motion. It requires software to generate hundreds of new in-between frames that are both spatially ...

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26 Intriguing Facts About DNA You Probably Didn’t Know

red blood cells

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is a chain of organic molecules that caries unique genetic code and instructions which are necessary for any organism and even some viruses to evolve. They live in almost every cell of our body. The discovery of DNA, its structure and characteristics is perhaps one of the greatest achievements in the human ...

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Intel Introduces A New Level Of Security For AI And Blockchain Protocols

Security For AI And Blockchain

Intel has introduced some unique solution to enhance scalability, security and privacy of data-centric workloads.  They are focusing on security, privacy and throughput of AI and blockchain implementations.  The future of computing relies on data-intensive tasks driven by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. In the last couple of years, capabilities of machine learning methods have achieved ...

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Scientists Extract 5 Grams Of Uranium From Seawater

Uranium from the oceans

Oceans are the largest source of uranium on Earth and researchers have found a way to extract them.  They’ve developed a yarn-like material that attracts and holds uranium from seawater.  So far, they’ve made 5 grams of yellowcake from seawater. The identified resources of uranium have grown by only 0.1 percent since 2013. Considering the ...

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SpinLaunch Aims To A Use Large Catapult To Send Payloads Into Space

SpinLaunch Aims To A Use Large Catapult

A startup named SpinLaunch is developing an alternative rocket-based space delivery system. They employ a rotational acceleration technique, harnessing angular momentum to blast cargo into space.  The price of single launch would be reduced to under $500,000. What if you could blast payloads into space using a catapult, instead of relying on chemical rockets. Call it ...

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New IC Technology Could Enable 400 Gbps Wireless Transmission

400 Gbps Wireless Transmission with new IC

Researchers develop a high-capacity integrated circuit that efficiently operates in the terahertz frequency band.  It minimizes the leakage of unnecessary signal between ports of integrated circuits and enhances signal-to-noise ratio.  Terahertz waves begin at a wavelength of 1 millimeter and proceed into smaller wavelengths. Since these waves are non-ionizing, they are safe to use. They can ...

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