13 Rare Genetic Disorders And How They Are Inherited

Ragged Red Fibers

A genetic disorder, in layman’s terms, is a serious medical condition triggered by irregularities in the genome (gene) which can either be hereditary (inherited from parents) or caused by new alterations to the DNA. They can be divided into two broad classes; single-gene and multiple gene disorder. In a single-gene disorder, also known as monogenic, only ...

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A Vision Disorder May Have Made Leonardo da Vinci A Great Artist

Vision Disorder made Leonardo da Vinci great artist

Leonardo da Vinci may have had an eye disorder called intermittent exotropia.  It occurs irregularly and somewhat controllable.  This may have given Leonardo an unprecedented ability to capture things on the flat canvas.  Many famous artists have been identified as having some sort of eye disorder(s) on the basis of the evidence found in their self-portraits ...

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AI Can Reveal Invisible Objects In Total Darkness

AI Reveal Invisible Objects in darkness

MIT researchers use deep neural networks to reveal invisible objects in complete darkness.  It can image biological cells and tissue without exposing them to harmful rays and intense light.  Most imaging systems only yield distorted or partial data about the object being imaged. This happens mainly due to lack of phase information, loss of spatial ...

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Brain-Computer Interface Enables Disabled People To Control Tablet Devices

Brain-Computer Interface Tablet Devices

With the new brain-computer interface, paralyzed patients can effectively interact with commercial electronic devices.  They can use various applications by just thinking about moving cursor and clicking mouse buttons.   They performed 22 ‘point-and-click’ selections in one minute while using different apps. Mobile computing devices have become ubiquitous and crucial part of daily life, but they ...

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Purple Bacteria Can Convert Wastewater Into Hydrogen Energy

Wastewater Into Hydrogen Energy via purple bacteria

The new technique decreases carbon emissions from wastewater treatment systems and generates clean hydrogen energy.  It uses purple photosynthetic bacteria and electric current to process the organic substance in human waste.  Typical wastewater plants require the dissipation of the contamination so that the treated water can be returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental impact. ...

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Using AI To Control Properties Of Light | Supercontinuum Generation

AI Control Properties Of Light

Researchers used a photonic chip and an AI algorithm to configure the properties of broadband light sources.  The technology will help in the development of various smart optical systems through self-optimization methods.  In our everyday life, we use several complex systems that rely on a large number of parameters based on chaotic dynamics. In photonics, ...

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13 Best Zombie Games To Play In 2019

Dead Trigger 2

Do you know what makes zombies the perfect antagonist in movies or video games? It’s their frightening demeanor, overwhelming numbers, and a never never-ending hunger for flesh. They have been a part of video games for so long that they now have their own subgenre. Zombie games come in different flavors and are not limited to survival horror, first-person ...

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NVIDIA Develops AI That Creates Interactive Graphics From Real World

AI creates interactive graphics

Researchers demonstrate a new type of video-to-video synthesis. It allows developers to render fully interactive 3D environments from real-world videos.   It can create 30-seconds long videos of 2K resolution.  Almost two decades ago, NVIDIA came up with the world’s first GPU, offering a significantly large leap in 3D gaming performance. Now, they have introduced an ...

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An Artificial Salivary Gland Tissue That Produces Natural Saliva

Researchers created an artificial tissue that was very similar to real salivary glands.   The tissue functioned normally in mice without salivary glands.  Unfortunately, humans don’t have the incredible capability of regrowing organ when they lose it due to injury or disease. In animals, organogenesis is an important event during embryogenesis. It’s a complex process that goes ...

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Android Robotic Child Face Gets More Expressions

Android Robotic Child Face expressions

A child android robot named Affetto was first introduced in 2011.  Researchers have upgraded this robot to achieve more human-like facial expressions.   They analyzed over 100 points on Affetto’s face and added a variety of expressions like frowning and smiling.  Robot faces are one of the most crucial information display devices that can convey emotions, affections, and intentions ...

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