15 Most Famous Astronauts In the World | Of All Time

Sally Ride

Since, the beginning of space exploration, there have been numerous astronauts who have made enormous contributions towards our knowledge about the space and Earth. But who are most famous of them? Although, it’s fairly difficult to rank them, we cannot deny the fact that in the course of human space exploration, some names do stand ...

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Able2Extract: A Tool To Securely Convert And Edit PDFs

Convert And Edit PDFs

This article has been submitted by Paulina Gibson.  The PDF (Portable Document Format) has been around for 24 years now and has become the most popular and most widely used document format for archiving and sharing information. The question is: “Why is the PDF file format so popular?” There are a number of benefits  for ...

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12 Most Powerful Aircraft Engines in the World

Trent 700

Over the period of time, ‘Engines’ have become one of the integral part of our day to day life. Now, whether it’s a car, motorcycle, a truck or even a plane, without engines, they are just a big useless metal crap. Unlike the ones in our cars, engines fitted into the planes are specially designed ...

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17 Of The Interesting Science Books To Read in 2018


For years, many influential personalities such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg have advised their followers and audiences to read books and read books. For them, books don’t just help people become successful in life, but it also nurtures personality of the reader. Do you know that Zuckerberg reads about 25 books a year, while Bill ...

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Identifying Cybersecurity Threats To Self-Driving Vehicles | New Tool

Threats To Self-Driving Vehicles

The issues and vulnerabilities involved in autonomous vehicle are often under-studied.  Researchers have developed a tool for identifying cybersecurity risks in self-driving vehicles.  The new model presents a blueprint for reducing security threats and make automated vehicle system more secure and safe.  The self-driving cars are still in their infancy phase, and it’s no secret that ...

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Russia Approves 70 Megawatt Floating Nuclear Power Plant

Russian State Expert Examination Board approves $232 million project of floating nuclear power plant.  The nuclear station has two optimized KLT-40 naval propulsion reactors that together provide 70 Megawatt of electricity or 300 Megawatt of heat.   It will completely replace the old Bilibino power plant in Chukotka district by 2021.  The floating power plant project named Akademik Lomonosov ...

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The Mind-Reading AI Can Now Visualize Your Thoughts

Reconstruction quality of colored artificial shapes 

Japanese researchers have developed an AI that can literally see what you’re imagining. The system uses deep image reconstruction from human brain activity.  After initial training, the DNN was able to reconstruct pictures it had never seen before.  The research done in the last few couple of years on artificial intelligence has amazed us all. On ...

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10 Best And Worst Performing Tech IPOs of 2017

roku - Best And Worst Performing Tech IPOs

If you are a tech geek who like to keep a tab on the share market, then I am sure you want to find out which of the tech companies performed well in the 2017. Right? According to Dealogic, a financial market platform, only 14 tech companies went public in 2017, against 25 in 2016, and 40+ each ...

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16 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android Users

NotifierPro - Smart Notification Apps

App notifications enhance the overall user experience by notifying a user of new messages or events, even when the user is not operating the application. The Android notification system has always been ahead of the curve, with other platforms like Windows or iOS. Although the Android notification center has matured a lot over the last couple ...

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