A Model That Makes Stock Trading Behavior Comprehensible

anterior insular cortex regions

Researchers have built a new model for analyzing stock trading behavior.  It shows that the anterior insular cortex regions of the brain are more active among individuals who do not buy stocks.  Despite huge profit expectations in long-term, most people do not prefer to invest their hard-earned money in the stock market. Can you guess, ...

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Scientists Levitate A Magnetic Stir Bar While It Rotates In A Fluid

levitating magnetic bar

Researchers discovered a technique of levitating a magnetic bar while it spins in a fluid.  This insight could aid in the design of bidirectional fluidic pumps and artificial swimmers. Levitation is a method of suspending something in stable mechanical equilibrium against gravity with the help of electric, magnetic or acoustic fields. Finding simple and inexpensive ...

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LIDAR Can Be Used To Image 3D Objects Melting In Intense Flames

Image 3D Objects Melting via LIDAR

Researched used commercial LIDAR system to image 3D structures melting in the fire.  They successfully measured 3D objects with an accuracy of 30 micrometers from a 2-meter distance.  The system can generate precise details in the presence of high signal deflection and distortion caused by flames.  To study the influences of fire on buildings and other ...

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Is It Possible To Learn Something New While You’re Sleep?

Learn Something New While You're Sleep

Human brain perceives sounds during sleep, but it’s unable to group these sounds in an appropriate sequence.  Scientists used magnetoencephalography to prove that speech cannot be recognized during non-rapid and rapid eye movement sleep.  The ability to learn during sleep, known as hypnopedia, was popularized in the late 1950s. It’s an attempt to convey information through ...

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New Technology To Accelerate Antimatter In A Small Space

Scientists found a new way to accelerate antimatter in a thousand times smaller space than existing accelerators.  The technique is much efficient, inexpensive and would help us study new physics in detail.  Particle accelerators in facilities like Linac Coherent Light Source and Large Hadron Collider speed up elementary particles (electrons and protons). They allow scientists ...

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New Self-Driving Vehicle Algorithm Can Change Lane Aggressively

conventional autonomous car changing lanes

The new lane-changing algorithm relies on real-time data collected by car’s cameras and sensors.  It creates and computes new buffer zones on the fly.  It allows a wide range of driving style from aggressive to conservative, while ensuring safety.  Do you know the first step towards driverless cars came in the 1980s, and it is still there ...

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20 Interesting Facts and Statistics About GitHub

Statistics About GitHub

GitHub is the best platform for sharing code with colleagues, classmates, friends and complete strangers. To make sure you do this without any interruption, GitHub provides dozens of features including access control, task management, feature requests, bug tracking and wikis for all projects. Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath and PJ Hyett launched GitHub.com on 10th April 2008, and within ...

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Affordable Road Bikes: How To Choose The Best Model For Your Needs

Affordable road bike

Road bikes are known for their comfortable ride on asphalt and cobblestone, incredible load-caring ability, and on-road racing. These lighter and environment-friendly means of transportation keep you in shape. The key materials that distinguish road bikes from other bicycles are their lightweight frames and skinny tires that don’t go above 0.9 – 1.1 inches. Two cogs ...

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Cancer Treatment Could Be Improved By Using Game Theory

Cancer Treatment Could Be Improved

Researchers examined cancer treatment as a game played by the physician and tumor cells.  The physician, as a leader in the game, can regularly monitor cancer responses during each treatment cycle. This approach combined with a mathematical model could provide useful data to enhance the results of subsequent cycles.  Cancer can be treated by radiation therapy, ...

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