10 Best Ways to Increase Alexa Rank of your blog

Does Alexa Rank really matter? Let’s find out!!

Most of the blogger thinks that Alexa Rank has nothing to do with web traffic or blog status. This is a huge misconception among few fresh webmasters. In fact, Alexa is given the highest priority after Google Page Rank. Many visitors and even advertisers judge your site by Alexa rank only.

First of all we should know what alexa ranking is?

Alexa.com is the web information company bought by Amazon, which provides commercial web-traffic data. It is visited by more than 10 Million people monthly, now you can imagine how important it is. Lesser the number higher will be the status of your blog.

The Ranking is majorly based on

  • Daily unique visitor
  • Page views per visitor
  • Number of Backlinks
  • How frequently your blog is updated
  • The Content
  • Domain Age

Benefits of having high Alexa Rank

  • Most of the advertisers, companies/organizations (almost 75%) sees your alexa rank to analyze quality and traffic of website
  • Lower the rank, higher the selling price of your blog
  • You can increase your net income through direct advertising
  • Guest post blog and directory website owners walk through the alexa rank to get the idea of your web popularity

Negative point about Alexa

There is a single con that they give major priority to those hits which passes through their system i.e. either your visitor have to install alexa toolbar on their browser or you should have plugin/widget on your blog.

A blog usually starts at 20 to 30 million alexa rank and gradually drops down over time. The drop in ranking is based on various factors. What are these factors, how to get a decent ranking in less time, let’s find out in our latest article on, how to increase Alexa Rank of your blog.

Alexa’s point of view 

10. Claim your Site

Claim your Site

To get full access and information about your site, sign up with Alexa.com and provide your domain information. This will help your site to get easily recognized by alexa engine. It will also help them to understand what your site is about.

9. Install Alexa Toolbar

Installing the alexa toolbar is an important factor as per alexa’s view. They can only track those visitors who have alexa toolbar on their browser. So ask your friend, family members and viewers to install the plugin.
Download alexa toolbar for your browser

8. Install widget on your site

There is a way through which you can let alexa track all your visitors. Just install the alexa widget on your site. You can add it to footer, sidebar or header. In my opinion, footer is the best place. You may also use it as a showcase to attract more visitors or advertisers.
Add Widget from here 

7. Write review about alexa

Write review- Best Ways to Increase Alexa Rank

Tell your friends or visitors to write a review about your site on alexa. Decent number of reviews will help you to obtain better rank. Moreover, it will tell you whether your readers liking your stuff or not.

Major Factors

6. Avoid 302 Redirection

Redirection to own country domain is “302 Redirection”. For example, in India Google.com is redirected as Google.in while in Australia it is redirected to Google.au. The problem is, alexa considers these domains as separate ones (if you use 302 redirect method) and hence splits the number of your visitor and page views. For example, if I do a 302 redirect from 3Rank.com to 3Rank.com/fun, both domains will be displayed separately in terms of content, visitors and page views which might affect your rank in a negative manner. So don’t do this.

5. Never Steal

Don’t even think of copying other site(s) data/content. It is really easy to copy and paste someone else’s content to your site but remember Google is the master of the internet world. They know what you are doing. They can easily identify duplicate content and you might get penalized or entirely de-indexed for doing the same. Of course, this will affect your daily visitors (by 70-80%) and so the Alexa rank.

4. Backlinking

We did an experiment to find out whether backlink affects site’s ranking or not. We dropped 20 backlinks and alexa rank was increased by 20,ooo. We didn’t see any fluctuation in daily visitors, still alexa rank goes down. So, this proves that somehow backlinks play an important role in alexa rank. In fact, you will see a huge jump, if you are getting backlinks from higher authority sites.

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3. Update regularly

Alexa loves the websites with fresh contents just like Google does. So try to update your blog at least once a week.
More Quality Content = More Search visibility = More Visitors = Better Alexa Rank

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2. Share your Articles

Social media has tendency to drive a large amount of traffic in one go. It is the fastest way of getting readers. Share your post on top social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, Tumblr etc. For better results regularly update your social page(s) too.

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1. Write Quality Content

All the above methods are useless if you don’t give your reader something new, something that matters. Always give your readers a reason to visit you again. Also, if your post is good enough other sites will link you automatically and after a certain period you will notice a drop in bounce rate as well as alexa rank. Your visitor will love you if you provide exactly what they are looking for.

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You can ask if you still have any doubt. Best of luck 😉  !!!

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  • Hi Rahul,
    Fantastic analysis! Recently I have added widget on my home page. But I didn’t see any improvement in ranking. Still it around 1340000 even though traffic has been increased by 200%. What Should I do now?
    Anyway thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Pompa, These things take time !!!
      Check out your website rank has been dropped to 8,758,065. That’s quite impressive but your backlinks are not enough. So try to generate more quality backlinks. Also in the meantime try to add unique content. Believe me, soon you are going to rank under 50,000.(approx. 6 months)
      Thank-you!! Visit us Again 🙂

  • Great presentation of the essential checklist items. I have found though that once you get to a certain level (mine is 270,000-260,000) it is very hard to move up. I am sort of stuck in this range, at least for now. Any explanation of this?
    Also, why does Alexa sometimes lose or lower my links; what is happening there?

    • Hey Steven!
      Alexa shows only dofollow links. If other webmasters remove your web url from their own blog, obviously you will lose some backlinks.
      There is just one thing you have to do. Keep updating your content with some original and useful piece of stuff. Give a reason to your reader to visit you again. 3rank.com is approx 7 months old and you can observe we are doing the same and never got stuck.

  • Fabulous Article! One of the best way to increase alexa rank is Guest Posting.. I think this is the effective way to increase alexa rank. Thanx for sharing such useful Information,, I have bookmarked your informative post.

    • But if you do it very much , you may get penalized by Google

      So I would recommend you to adopt other Techniques that are free of danger.

  • Very helpful information! Thanks for the tips. I’ve started using some of these on my website and can testify that it is very influential to your Alexa Rank.

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