10 First Technologies Version of Their Kind

Nowadays, some technologies have been reached their extreme point while others are still in development. Some of the earliest versions of the everyday technologies teach about us the advancements in the field of technology. All the technologies have been evolved from continuous advancement and replacement over a large period of time since their invention. Now we have an HD TV, Smartphones, super-fast automobiles but do you ever wonder that how they looked when they were invented? In the following list, we represent you the earliest versions of the daily used technologies. Here is the list of 10 first technologies version of their kind.

10. Video Game Console

Video game consolePhoto credit: Wikimedia

The video game consoles are popular since 1966 but the first game console for playing video games on TV is the Magnavox Odyssey. The Mahnavox Odyssey is a digital video game console which was released in the month of August 1972. This game console uses analog circuit for the output and a printed circuit board which is known as game card. It was also designed to support some peripheral devices such as light gun. This Odyssey has sold more than 350,000 game consoles all around the world. These consoles revolutionized the gaming world and now we have some of the best gaming consoles.

9. Air Conditioner

Willis Carrier - inventor of world's first ACPhoto credit: Wikimedia

The world’s first electrical operated air conditioner was invented and built by Willis Carrier in Buffalo. After graduating from the Cornell University, he got a job at the Buffalo Forge Company where he began experimenting his design and completed a working design on 17th July 1902. In his design, he sent air through the cold coils which are filled with cold water that helps to cool down the air. His invention controls both temperature and humidity. It also has few dislike features such as toxic and flammable gases. Thomas Midgley Jr. created the first non-flammable gas called Freon in 1928.

8. Microphone

MicrophonePhoto credit: Wikimedia

A microphone is a sensor which converts sound waves to electrical signals and they are used in many applications such as telephones and speech recognition. The world’s first microphone (Carbon Microphone) was invented by Thomas Edison but David Edward Hughes also claimed this invention. After some year Graham Bell bought his patent and used it in his early telephone designs. Now advanced versions of this microphone are used in today’s technology. There are many latest ongoing researches on fiber optic microphone for zero interference communication.

7. Wireless Transmission Tower

Wireless Transmission TowerPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Nikola Tesla is considered as one of the most successful scientists who invented the world’s first wireless tower, Wardenclyffe Tower in 1901. This tower is also known as the Tesla tower which stood 60 meters high in a laboratory. His intentions were to also invent wireless power transmission to the whole world. His plan was to build a worldwide network of these towers but due to some financial problems, this project was never completed and demolished in 1917.

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6. World’s First Web Browser

Mosaic - first web browserPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Mosaic is considered as the world’s first web browser which revolutionized the World Wide Web. It was released on 23rd January 1993 and discontinued its support on 7th January 1997. It was popular because it supports multiple internet protocols such as FTP, NNTP and gopher. It is also known as first graphical web browser which allowed displaying images with texts. At the time of its development, there were only 26 websites in the world and before 1995, the number of websites grows to 10,000. Now we have some most popular business such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

5. Refrigerator

RefrigeratorPhoto credit: Wikimedia

In 1913, the world’s first commercial refrigerator was invented by Fred W. Wolf of Indiana. It was also known as Monitor Top because it was mounted on top with an ice box. In 1916, Alfred Mellows designed a new refrigerator with a compressor on the bottom of the cabinet. In the early designs, there were few problems with food freezing because they were a single door refrigerator. Home refrigerator having a separate door for ice are introduced in the market in 1940. Now modern refrigerators are made from polystyrene, ABS, copper and steel for better efficiency.

4. Smartphone

SmartphonePhoto credit: Wikimedia

The world’s first Smartphone, Simon was introduced in the market on 16th August 1994. It was developed by IBM and features 4.5 inches touchscreen with 1 MB memory storage. It looks like a brick and weighs more than half kilograms and around 50,000 units were sold. It was available under $1000. It features, making and receiving phone calls, e-mails, faxes, calendar, calculator and predictive typing keyboard. Now all the smartphones developed on the line of technology that was used in the Simon.

3. Plasma Display Screen

Plasma Display ScreenPhoto credit: Wikimedia

In 1936, Kalman Tihanyi gave the principal of plasma television but never made it practical. In 1964, Donald Bitzer of University of Illinois co-invented the monochrome plasma videos display. He and his colleagues use three different layers of glass and filled the middle layer with xenon gas. The outer layer has a very thin layer of metallic wires to display the images. They are generally available in big size and have only 1 inch thickness and best display screen for the less space home.

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2. Internet

InternetPhoto credit: Wikimedia

The first use of the internet began in the 1950s. Initial internet uses the concept of packet networking. In the 1960s, the Department of Defense (DOD) developed the first internet protocol named ARPANET (Advance Research Project Agency Network). The first message was delivered over the ARPANET between the University of California and Stanford Research Institute. In 1981, the National Science Foundation funded the Computer Science Network to increase the reach of the ARPANET all over the world. After this, it just keeps on expanding.

1. Touch Screen

Touch Screen - First TechnologiesPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Now the quality of any Smartphone or tablet majorly depends on the quality of the touchscreen. The CERN laboratory in Switzerland invented the first touchscreen in the early 1970s. They used the idea of converting electrical capacitors into a copper film which is joined to the glass screen to send the signal to the computer. A resistive screen was developed by Samuel Hurst in 1982. In 1982, University of Toronto invented the multi touchscreen and after three years, they introduced the capacitive touchscreen.

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