10 Microscopic Gadgets For Better Future

The tech trend of the future has already begun. From an electric bike to a bionic arm, there are many innovative technical gadgets evolving every day. We know we have to use Eco friendly gadgets for developing a better tomorrow and the following list contains some micro gadgets which may be responsible for developing a better future. Do you know human has discovered nanobots that enters into the blood and can kill cancerous cells? Now scientists are trying to change every useful thing into microscopic forms. We have compiled the list of 10 Microscopic Gadgets for Better Future. Have a look.

10. Micro Camera

Micro CameraImage source

The Medigus 1.2 mm wide camera is the world’s smallest camera that uses the CMOS sensor technology. It has a pixel resolution of 220×224 pixels and a frame rate of 30 fps. It forms the image with the pixel size of 2.2×2.2 micrometer.


  • General Surgery
  • Micro Drilling Inspection
  • Robotic Tooling
  • Gynecology
  • Cavities Inspection

9. Micro Book

Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute of Israel has copied the founding document of the United States and Israel’s declaration of independence on 40 microns wide chip. They used a gold plated surface and a focused beam of gallium ions.

8. Micro Bee

Micro BeeImage source

Harvard Micro robotics Laboratory created a Mobee, stand for monolithic bee. It weighs about one tenth of a gram and look like real insects. It is equipped with a battery, microprocessor, censor, transmitter and antenna.

7. Micro Lens

Micro LensImage source

Thomas Larson of University of Washington discovered a special lens called Micro Phone Lens. This half cm diameter lens designed to stick onto the lens of your cell phones and provide magnification up to 60X. If you want to convert your Smartphone into a microscope, you can buy it for only $15.

6. Smallest Capacitors

Smallest CapacitorsImage Source

Capacitors are one of the important parts of any electronic circuit. Murata Manufacturer of Japan has created smallest monolithic ceramic capacitor. It measures 127x127x254 microns, smaller than a pencil point.

5. Tiny Tunes

The Tiny tune is a 0.75 inch wide cube contains a circuit of music player at micro level. It has 6 hour lithium polymer battery and can play music in all music formats using a micro SD card. It also has control to play and pause, moving the tracks and adjusting the volume.

4. Micro Display System

Micro Display SystemImage Source

It’s a device that is worn in front of the eye and acts as a camera as well as monitor. It uses a beam splitter to send the scene to both the camera and the eye. You can say that Google glasses are an advanced version of an eye taps. The Micro display system has various OLEDs, organic light emitting diodes to produce micro display of high luminescence.

3. Micro Batteries

Micro BatteriesImage Source

Researchers of Harvard and University of Illinois are about to create lithium-ion batteries as small as the size of a grain of salt with a 3D printer. The lithium iron phosphates are about 60 microns wide, as thick as a human hair.

2. Nano Computer

nano computerImage Source

David Wentzloff of University of Michigan has created a self-contained computing device that is around one millimeter wide. It has two processors, camera, sensor and wireless transmission device. It is powered by a small solar cell and battery. This device has been designed to implant into the eyes of glaucoma patients to measure fluid pressure inside their eyes.

1. Micro Memories

Micro memoryImage Source

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Few scientists at the German center of Free Electron Laser Science have created a magnetic storage unit that occupies 4×16 nanometers of space on disc. Each unit consists 96 atoms of iron and holds a full byte. This could store up to 100 terabytes of data, but it need below 450 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature to be stable.

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