10 Most Bizarre Religious Traditions and Taboo Around the World

All things, those are unacceptable in human society/culture counts as Taboo. Many unacceptable behaviors such as gambling, considered immortal may not necessarily be taboos, it has to generate strong social disgust and dislike. It also needs to be repugnant by the normal public as they never talk about it in conversation. The meaning of taboo varies according to region, religion and society. Some things consider as taboo in one society and in some other society it might be normal.  In some regions taboo can be simple as silence or prayer and for others it can be extremely painful and violent. We present you the list of 10 Most Bizarre Religious Traditions and Taboo around the World.

10. Inter Religion Marriage

Inter Religion Marriage1Photo credit: wikipedia

For many years, Inter Religion Marriages have been considered as taboo. The biggest opposition to Inter Religion Marriage comes from the fear of intermingling of faith and loss of identity. The spouses have different sets of values, their adjustments become difficult and their children forced to choose one religion.

9. Eating carnivorous Animals

Eating carnivorous Animals1Photo credit: wikipedia

The meat of carnivorous animal has harmful parasites and it is dangerous for the human body. Normally the meat is from the vegetarian animals and carnivorous’s flesh is not consumed in many countries around the world. There is a strong taboo against eating meat of carnivorous animals but exceptions include bear, fox, dog, few birds, crocodile, shark and duck.

8. Vine Jumping

Vine Jumping1Photo credit: wikipedia

In the village of Bunlap, Pacific Archipelago a ritual is performed called Gskol or land diving look like bungee jumping. They tie vines around their ankles and jump from a very high wooden tower. The fall is broken by the vines attached to their ankles but most of the times they broke their bones. They believed that a higher jump guarantees you blessing from the gods.

7. Sky Burial

Sky Burial1Photo credit: wikipedia

Buddhists believe in a cycle of rebirth and practice a strange ritual called sky burial or Jhator. Jhator means there is no need to preserve the human body after death. The bodies of the dead taken to a very high altitude mountain, cuts the corpse into pieces and left for scavengers such as vultures and eagles.

6. Wearing No Clothes

Wearing No Clothes1Photo credit: wikipedia

A monk must abandon all possessions and no longer subject himself to the social consideration of shame and they must be completely naked. They can eat once a day and drink water from gourd. Women are not allowed to be naked and they believed that a woman must be reborn in a male body to reach liberation.

5. Voodoo

Voodoo1Photo credit: wikipedia

In West Africa Vodun is a religion. The person is taken to forest to connect with the spirit of Earth. The spirit comes into a person’s body and makes him/her unconscious. They can remain in the same state for three days without food and water until they brought back to consciousness.

4. Impaling

ImpalingImage source: wikimedia

The annual vegetarian festival in Thailand host is one of the most extreme rituals in the world. They push knives, spears, swords, hooks and even guns through the cheeks. They believe that god enter into their body, protect them and bring good luck for them.

3. Cannibalism

Cannibalism 1Photo credit: wikimedia

Cannibalism is one of the most bizarre taboos and this would be the last thing on earth that a human can do to survive. They believe that the greatest fear for human beings is the fear of their own death. In India the dead bodies are set afloat down the Ganges where the Aghori Baba pulls them from water and eat them.

2. Self Flagellation

Self Flagellation1Photo credit: wikipedia

During the holy month of Muharram Islam’s people carry out the ritual of mass Self Flagellation in order to show respect for the death of Hussein. All men cut their bodies with blades attached to chains. In their religious state they apparently do not feel the pain.

1. Scarification

Scarification - Most Bizarre Religious Traditions and TabooPhoto credit: wikimedia

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A tribe in Papua New Guinea, Kaningara modifies their skin like the crocodile to strengthen the spiritual connection between them and the environment. An expert cutter cuts their bodies with a sharp piece of bamboo. They believe that crocodiles were creator of human.

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