10 People Who Claimed to be God

There are plenty of people out there with a Messiah complex. Also, there are many people who become atheist and do not believe in God. But there are also some human who claimed to be a God or part of God. Most of the time these claims were nothing but just a hoax and sometimes people believed them and they take advantage of it. Different people, different thinking. What you think, Is this all real? Share your thought with us. The following is the list of 10 People who claimed to be God either by themselves or by their followers.

10. Jose Luis

Jose Luis de Jess Miranda

Jose Luis de Jess Miranda born 22nd April 1946, was the leader of the Creciendo en Gracia, a religious group based in Florida. He claimed that he was the returned avatar of Jesus Christ and the Antichrist. He was also known for making preach that opposed the Roman Catholic Church. He died of a heart attack on 16th November 2013.

9. Ariffin Mohammed

Ariffin MohammedImage credit: wikimedia

Ariffin Mohammed is the leader of the Kerajaan Langit, a religious group founded by him in Malaysia. His religious group was banned in Malaysia in 1975. He claims that he has direct contact with the God. His followers believed that he is an embodiment of Jesus, Shiva, Buddha as well as Mohammed. For this he was jailed for 11 months and fined.

8. Wayne Bent

Wayne Bent is the leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church in New Mexico. He claims that one day God told him “You are the Messiah”and since 2000, he revealed himself to be the Messiah. He predicted the world would end in 2007. On 15th December 2008, he was arrested on sexual contact with a minor.

7. David Koresh

David Koresh1Photo credit: wikipedia

David Koresh was a leader of the Branch Davidians religious group. He proclaimed that he was the final prophet and the Son of God. In 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol and FBI issued a Warrant for his arrest having illegal weapons and child abuse. On 19th April 1993, he along with 54 adults and 28 children were found dead after the fire.

6. Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai BabaPhoto credit: wikipedia

Sathya Sai Baba was an Indian guru born in 1926 in Andhra Pradesh, India. He claimed himself to be the reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi, an incarnation of god. He was popular for miraculous healing and alleged omnipotence and omniscience. But he also faced many alleged cases of sexual abuse and fraud. He has over 1200 Sathya Sai Baba centers in 126 countries around the world.

5. Alexandra Barnes

On 24th April 2013, a Florida woman is accused of setting her car on fire with her dogs inside at a gas station. A witness, Larry Romero saved her and pulled the dogs from the car. Then she was sitting in the middle of a highway claiming to be god. After that she was taken to the local hospital for observation.

4. Apollo Quiboloy

Apollo QuiboloyPhoto credit: wikipedia

Apollo Quiboloy is the founder of the Philippines based Church, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. He started to preach in the slums of the Davao City with only 15 members. He has made claims that he is the Son of the God. His ministry has a global television channel and 17 radio stations in the Philippines. He also has two newspapers, Pinas and Sikat.

3. Joseph Cooper

Joseph Cooper, a resident of Denver was discharged from the military in 2013. He was in the care of his mother and their neighbors. One day when his mother was out for shopping, he beat his neighbor to death. When his mother arrived, he told her that he was a god and he had killed the devil. He has been charged for murder and is being held without bail.

2. David Shayler

David ShaylerPhoto credit: wikimedia

David Shayler is a British journalist and former security service. He is also a transvestite which means the practice of dressing in a manner associated with another gender. In an article in the Daily Mail he stated that he was the son of god and the reincarnation of the various historical figures. He also claims to have divine powers which influenced him to prevent terror attacks.

1. Jim Jones

Jim Jones - People Who Claimed to be GodPhoto credit: wikimedia

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Jim Jones was born in Indiana on 13th May 1931. He was a religious leader, community organizer and the founder of the Peoples Temple. He claimed himself to be the second birth of Jesus, Buddha and Vladimir Lenin. He was also known for the mass suicide in 1978 of 909 people in his organization. Almost all of them were murdered by cyanide poisoning. But Jim died from a gunshot and no one knows that it was suicide or murder.

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