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16 Worst and Most Brutal Rape Cases in India | 2018 Edition

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Even in the modern 21st century, women are not safe all over the world. The constantly increasing number of rapes in India is a serious matter for the police as well as for Indian government.

In India, Delhi has the highest number of rape cases recorded every year. Sources showed that the number of rape cases has doubled between 1990 and 2008. According to the National Crime Records Bureau 24206 rape cases were registered in India in 2011 only.

According to the source, a new case is reported in every 20 minutes. There are even cases that we cannot imagine, girls and women are being molested, raped but only some of them get the justice. With the heavy heart, we are listing the 15 Worst and Most Brutal Rape Cases in India.

16. Shopian rape and murder case

Shopian rape and murder case 1

On 29th June 2009, two sisters in law’s went missing from their house in Shopian district, Jammu and Kashmir. On the next day, their bodies were found, one kilometer away from their house. Both the women were raped and then murdered. As the news spread, hundreds of people, including a large number of women gathered on the streets, went protesting. No FIR was registered on the spot, but when this case spread, the police filed the FIR report after 11 days.

15. Geeta Chopra rape and murder

Geeta Chopra rape and murder

Geeta Chopra and her brother Sanjay Chopra, two teenagers who were first kidnapped and then murdered in New Delhi in the year 1978. Two men, Jasbir Singh and Kuljeet Singh were convicted kidnappers, kidnapped the duo for ransom, but then after getting to know their family backgrounds, they killed Geeta and her brother. They also rape Geeta before murdering her. After a few months, they were arrested while escaping on a train. Both culprits were found guilty and hanged till death in 1982.

14. Soumya rape and murder case

Soumya rape and murder caseImage credit: thehindu

Soumya, a 23 year old woman was travelling from Ernakulam to Shornur, Kerala. On 1st Feb 2011, she aboard a passenger train. After several minutes, when the train reaches the Vallathol Nagar station, the convict, named Govindachami a 33 year old man, tried to rob her and smashed her head on the wall, and threw her out of the train. He carried her to the woods near the railway track and raped her. Soumya died the very next month in a Government medical school. The criminal was caught and hanged.

13. Jalgaon rape case

Jalgaon rape case

The Jalgaon rape case is one of the prime cases of human trafficking in Maharashtra. It came into the light in mid-1994. It was estimated that as many as 500 innocent girls and women were victimized. Most of them were school minors. Reports show that many were tranquilized before being sexually assaulted and they were blackmailed. The nexus of human trafficking finally broke after a few girls lodged a police complaint in 1993, which helped police and authorities to free those women and children.

12. Anjana Mishra rape case

Anjana Mishra

Anjana Mishra rape case was one of the many high profile rape cases in India, which took place in Orissa in 1999. The then Chief Minister J. B. Patnaik and his friend, former Advocate-General of Orissa Indrajit Ray were both accused by Anjana of having played a role in the incident.

Anjana and her friend were travelling in a car on the very day of the incident when they were  intercepted by three men and gang raped in front of her friend. Two out of three culprits were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of 5000 each. The rape case spoiled the ruling party’s image.

11. Ajmer rape case

Ajmer rape caseImage credit: slideshare

In 1992, India again witnessed a brutal and inhuman case of coerced sexual exploitation in Ajmer, Rajasthan. A gang, with evil intentions, befriended over 100 of school girls and then raped them. They photographed them to further exploit the victims. After being raped, depressed victims committed suicide. Eight people were arrested after an intense investigation of police and women-focused NGO’s, and sentence them to life imprisonment. And look at the irony, even after this, state court decided to reduce their life sentence to 10 years of imprisonment.

10. Suryanelli rape case

Suryanelli rape caseDharmarajan, the only man convicted

A 16 year old girl from Suryanelli village of Idukki district in Kerala was abducted and gang raped by 5 persons repeatedly over 40 days. This is a high profile scandal in Kerala, including various notable persons and politicians. On January 1996, the girl’s family just relocated to the village at that time because of her father transfer when she went missing for straight 40 days without any trace.

She was later spotted near her father’s office in a dreadful state. After several close examination, doctors confirmed molestation and rape. In 2012, it was reported that the company that she was working lately suspended her in a case of breach of trust and forgery, but reinstated after 8 months due to public pressure. She also stated that her family is still treated as outcast.

9. Mathura rape case

Mathura rape case

The Mathura rape case is an incident of custodial rape or prison rape in Chandrapur district of Maharastra. On 26 March 1972, a 15 year old tribal girl named Mathura was reportedly raped by two policemen in the compound of the Desai Ganj Police Station.

Earlier on the same day she and her brother were summoned to the police station along with a person named Ashok who was charged for kidnaping. Following the investigation, they let Ashok and his family go, but they asked Mathura to stay behind while her brother waited outside. That was the time when they raped her. They went to court after court, but there was no justice granted.

8. Bahraich rape case

Bahraich rape case

This case takes us to the Bahraich district of Uttarpradesh, where a 15 year old was murdered and her body was found hanging from a tree. The girl was kidnapped from her home at Nanpara just 160 kilometres from Lucknow. According to the reports three people first raped and killed her, and later hanged her dead body to the tree to make it convincing of a suicide. After investigation several police constables were suspended for failing their duties.

7. Vachathi case

Vachathi caseImage credit: indianexpress

The Vachathi refers to  devilish crime, happened on June the 20th in  1992. A team of 263 forest personnel with police entered Dalit dominated village of Vachathi in Dharmpuri district, Tamil Nadu, searching and inquiring about Veerappan a renowned Sandalwood smuggler.

During the search they destroy their house, ransacked the villagers’ property, killed their cattle and raped 18 women. After the CBI inquiry all of them found guilty, 54 of the accused died by the time and remaining 215 were sentenced to jail. The case illustrates not only the state of women in rural India, but the grudge of Dalit women in our modern society.

6. Imrana rape case

Imrana rape caseImage credit: milligazette

A 28-year-old Muslim woman was sexually assaulted by her father in law in Muzaffernagar on 6th June 2005. After this, the village elders announced Imrana’s marriage with her husband null, as the Sharia regards sexual relations with both the father and son as illegal or forbidden.

This sparked nationwide controversy as some argued that the case was treated as an adultery and not rape case. The police registered a case under section 376 and 506 of rape and intimidation. He was sentenced 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of Rupees 3000.

5. 2015 Kandhamal gang rape case

Kandhamal gang rape case

The people were outraged, when a 71 year old Catholic nun was gang raped by eight men in Ranaghat, Nadia district of West Bengal. Even before the attack, school officials already told police that they received death threats.  On March 26, 2015, two men were arrested for the crime they have committed.

4. 2013 Mumbai gang rape

Mumbai gang rape

2013 Mumbai gang rape was executed by five individuals in the abandoned Shakti Mills compound, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. On August 22, 2013, a 22-year-old photojournalist with her male colleague went to the deserted compound on an assignment. Five men attacked them, tied the male colleague and molest the photojournalist.

They also threatened both of them to not to report this incident. She gave her statement to police after four days on the 26 August, after receiving medical treatment from Jaslok Hospital. In her statement, she bravely said that, “I want no other woman in this city and country to go through such a brutal physical humiliation.

Perpetrators should be punished hardly, they have ruined my life. No punishment short of a life term will take away my pain, humiliation and physical abuse I underwent. Rape is not the end of life. I will continue my fight.” This spread like a fire in the jungle, and soon the police were able to catch those culprits in 65 hours. On April 4, three of the culprits were sentenced to death while two of them were awarded with the life sentence.

3. Bhanwari Devi case (2011)

Bhanwari Devi casePhoto credit: teluguone

The Bhanwari Devi rape case attracted widespread media attention nationally and internationally. She was a 36 year old Auxillary Nurse Midwife. On 1st  Sep 2011, Bhanwari Devi went missing. Her husband alleged that she was abducted on the orders of Mahipal Maderna politician from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

According to her husband, she was being blackmailed by Maderna and Malkhan Singh -based on a CD in which they were seen in a compromising position. The case was later handed over to CBI and they solved the whole case in 100 days. CBI investigation reveled that the allegations were true and Maderna Nd Malkan were both founded guilty.

2. Delhi Gang rape and murder case

Delhi rape case 2012A silent Protest at India Gate  Image Courtesy: flickr

16 December 2012 is the darkest day in the history of India. Delhi Gang rape and murder case was one of the most brutal case not only in India but in the world. A 23 year woman and her friend were on their way to home from Saket to Dwarka. On their way, near Munirka, they aboard an off duty private bus to reach their final destination.

Soon after some time, the male passenger, Awindra Pratap Pandey found that the bus was deviated and not going where they thought they were going. He was beaten by six people who were already on board with an iron rod and knocked unconscious. Then six of them of which one is a juvenile forced the woman, raped her and then he injected a wheel jack handle rite into her genitals, which damaged her abdomen and intestine.

Their cruelty didn’t just end here, they threw both of them out from the moving bus, and vanished out of the spot. After a week of treatment, she died in a hospital in Singapore. All the six people were arrested and one of them Ram Singh committed suicide in trial period in jail. Four of them were hanged and the young boy under 18 is sent to a juvenile home.

1. Kathua Rape Case

The entire nation was shell shocked after discovering one of the most barbaric rape cases in the country in recent years, where an eight year old girl named Asifa was allegedly gang raped by six men who abducted her and kept her in captivity in a temple situated near the village in Kathua district, Jammu Kashmir.

She was brutally killed after being sexually assaulted once again inside the temple premises. The eight year old belonged to the Bakarwal nomadic minority tribe who are traditionally shepherds. As per the charge sheet filed by the J&K police, the abduction and rape were a planned strategy to eradicate the nomadic community from the area.

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Furthermore, an obstruction of justice by local lawyers and Hindu Ekta Manch added more misery to the case who have been protesting against the arrests of accused and are demanding a CBI probe into the case.

Rape statistics in India 2001-2013


  1. Sikander Zulqarnain Cheema

    very nice article but aj tak kisi ko rape ki saza nahi mili… case ka kuch banta he nahi

    • Esliye to ye sara ho raha hai……need to change the rules…etani bhayanak maut do ki aisa koi karnachodo soch bhi nasake…

    • All the educated people must be political active so that there has no power to run our nation by the hands of corrupt, ignorant and irresponsible people .

      I’d like to make a personal suggestion for girls. They must keep a weapon with themselves, may God forbid but if any anyone tried to do this they could kill that bastards brutally in self defence.

    • Saja ki baat chhodo aise logo ko to maut ki saja milni chahiye.

  2. rape will continue in India because most of the people of India are sexually uneducated/illiterate.

    2nd thing which is the most essential that there is no tough or strong rule for rapist.
    every rapist should be hanged till death in front of public place or it should be shown live to Public so that everyone can take a lesson.

    in my point of view the rapist should be punished like a movie”I Spit On Your Grave” by government of India.

  3. I really feel sorry for the once who hav faced this and I really appeal to the ppl to take care of their children provide education so that things can chamge I really wish one day the ruke to b like … all the ppl who did the rape of the lady are sententenced to death … datz it

  4. evry culprit shld be punished.why al the a girl sufferd
    life sentence is not enough for them.they shld be hanged in public.

  5. Hey rapist bastards come to me, I will show the real pleasure of sex u want. Bloody sicks. You and your parents should be hanged for being such a garbage on earth. Shame on you.

  6. Your article was good varun kumar.I always wonder why isn’t the goverment taking any strong action.Rape is the fourth most common crime in India but our government is least bothered Shame on them!!just like you said rapist’s should be hanged in public

  7. All the visions posted above must be followed by so that no one would condemn to do the shame.

  8. the rapists don’t deserve death penanlty. They deserve to be tortured for life…

    • This is what I AGREE with

    • Not only hanged in public …..unn saale kamino K private parts cut krke aur saalo tak tadpaana chahiye…. Lo maze ab…… Aur itne pe toh rapists ko bachane wale aur aa gaye h ki the victim 8 year old girl asifa is Muslim and the rapists are Hindu……shame on those who thinks like this….

  9. Our govt is really to bad, govt need to cut their p… and left in the world instead of making it too long to take a decision for punishment.

  10. 10th story of soumya ….
    The rapist named govindachami is not hanged yet

  11. Actually I’m most of the above incidents the rapists are not hanged …they only got small punishment….and are not hanged yet

  12. They shall be killed or be made trans gender by removing their genitals by the govt so they can equal in the punishment caused to woman

  13. i dont get it India is so powerful we have reached mars and will do above instead of being proud why do men rape woman, they can marry off woman and if they cant afford it they shall wait this is exactly why we are let down by other countries!

  14. Compensation or life imprisonment is not an effective punishment but an encouragement to
    do next rape.Punishment for rape is only death.For this procedure I really support initiatives taken in Saudi Arabia for these evil rapist.Even after the Delhi gang rape so many protest took place and new laws has been passed but still the situation was getting worse.Its is exactly because strict laws are not enforced.I am not blaming our govt but just think about the situation of a parent who’s daughter
    has been brutally rape.In the Soumya Rape Case,Now what is happening is errotic?Just watch the culprits photo he looks like an actor.This is called injustice and an encouragement for the next rape.

    • While i mostly agree, id love to watch those horrible people burnt to death or forced to drink acid, the problem with that is there have been many false rape claims by women/men trying to ruin someones reputation or trying to get revenge, so there could be innocents killed……sadly……

  15. The first thing that comes to light in the Delhi rape trial is the defense lawyers who are illiterate. I say this, please read on! They think a girl/woman being outdoors once dark regardless of time of evening is the crime, Not the rape crime! It felt horrific to listen to them. When the defense lawyer kept saying that if it was his daughter, he would invite the family and put kerosene and light her up. Very easy to say, will you do it I wanted to challenge him so badly! But who knows, he may!! So I wont challenge him. Regardless, what is chilling is the male make up of the population Here are 2 defense attorneys, educated men who speak like illiterate and ignorant idiots! Their comment was not called for as such negative comment should not be made on the victim, The victim should always be protected. It was a heinous crime. And even if, even if as I say here the girl was out looking for trouble, which she was not, who gave these ugly 4 the right to teach her a lesson or rape her!> I would have deported the 4 to a land where they would have been castrated! And I would have thought the land Bhaarat where mataaji is worshipped would protect her women! Instead we have foolish comments about the integrity of the girl. A reminder – even men get raped by such sick people. What would be the comment of these foolish men on that situation? Or are they so ignorant they do not know that even? When the stupid wife of culprit Sharma said stupidly that a woman’s protection is her husband, should they not think about her and her child who will not have a father when Sharma received the death penalty, I decided she was an illiterate woman in a cloistered world and knew nothing but her husband as her life support. What were these 2 defense lawyers thinking when they stooped to the level of uneducated Sharma and his wife as these lawyers’ comments were filthier than theirs! I can only say that they are more illiterate, despite parading as lawyers! Shame on India, shame on Bhaarat!

  16. its time to change our law system. our govt. spends huge amounts to prolong a case for decades. govinda chammy, infact all cases- after years they proved to be a killer and rapist still waits “for what ???? why feeding them everyday its time to think!!!

  17. in the soumya rape case, govindachami has not yet hanged and he is too happy in jail due to better food and living conditions. You can see it in the pic. at the time of arrest (left) and now (right).

    • His real name is Charly Thomas, not Govindachami, who should be thinking now that ” I should have committed this crime long time back” because he might have never expected such a joyous life now enjoying !!!

    The most UNIQUE thought in every person in our country “INDIA” is we are REPUBLIC TO RAPE WOMEN in INDIA. BEING FINANCIALLY SOUND OR HAVING POWER OR BEING MINOR HAS BECOME A QUALIFICATION TO RAPE, MURDER & ESCAPE.. December 16th 2012 will always remain as a BLACK day for WOMEN in INDIA and Rape is a never ending pain for COUNTRIES WOMEN to suffer.
    Recent RAPE case from KERALA is another NIRBHAYA “DECEMBER 16th 2012″which happened in April 2016. I am VERY ASHAMED to say THIS IS INDIA my country which taught to respect WOMEN while up bringing but no one follows in INDIA. Here WOMEN not just raped she was also brutally beaten and they took her intestines out and raped after that too. Those who are silent after listening to this I could say that they are unfit to live as a HUMAN. Better to kill those too who were watching this and kept silent after knowing about it FROM YEARS.
    Prostitution is illegal in our country but not RAPE. SHE is not just raped, brutally killed and was played with internal (INTESTINES) and external parts of the body but none raises voice against those who has power and money.
    VOICE FROM MEDIA: https://youtu.be/yfMvemaUT24

  19. For such cases again and again happening, apart from our laws and govt. judiciary is also responsible to some extent, Mostly magistrates/judges are undecisive, they are more comfortable in prolonging the matter, there are several instances for example in panvel court in a case of IPC302, chargesheet filed in 2013, since 5 yrs- magistrate allowing adjournments on ground ‘Accused not produced’- and matter is pending for Committal to session, so with such situation how you expect justice, Judiciary is not at all questioned,Salman khan case got 20 yrs for decision by lower court, and how many more yrs for appeals and then decision, god only knows. so at least there should be a time bound justice- in cases of heinous crimes, decision should be maximum in 2yrs, and max. period to finish all type of cases shud be 5 yrs. A new bad trend in judiciary has judges , they know are to get transferas completion of tenure in one court stop hearing cases even of urgent needed relief 3 to 6 months before and try to shift their responsiblity on new incoming person which is no good in interest of fair justice.

  20. The fact that rape is a serious crime and not an enjoyment should be inculcated in people’s mind.. Few people don’t tend to learn from their mistakes nor from somebody else’s.. The only way to teach such people is by torturing them because they simply seem to have refused to learn in a good way.. Manliness lies in your behavior, your attitude and your treatment to women..

  21. Yr in logo ko shrm ni ata y sb isliye hota h just bcoz we don’t have strict rules for the rapist what I feel is jo logo women’s ko srf is nzar s dekhe usme insaniyat naam ki to cheez h hi ni aur ase logo k liye ik hi sza hone chahiye HANGING SHOULD BE GIVEN aur bs aur kitna shna pdega hmari world ki women’s ko i think some strict action should be taken aur y strict action tbhi liya jayega jb hmare desh k log ik sath mil kr awaz uthayege ajkl logo k y sb normal lgta just bcoz everyday we get a new story to hear that really very disgusting I think we all should raise our voice against this brutal criminal act

  22. Now it’s really very important to change the rules in india for rape case.Because in our country we don’t have any strict rules for rapist person.This is big reason the rape case continuously increase.Now times demand take some strict action for rapist person.

  23. India is the worst country for a girl to live. These cases are less than the half that took place in India.

  24. All those Muslim culprits whoever did such crime in which victim was non adult and died. They should be tied up firmly and buried alive. All those Hindu culprits doing same crime in a similar situation should be punished like burned alive and both must be in front of media to get it public. After only two criminals facing such fate the crime will disappear.

  25. Indian Government forgot that capital punishment still exists!

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