12 Best Java Games For Mobile Platform | 2020 Edition

Today, mobile gaming basically revolves around iOS and Android. But this was not the case a decade ago. Other platforms such as Symbian, Adobe flash lite, BREW, and Blackberry were also in the play. Among them was Java, initially developed by the Sun Microsystems, which was later bought by Oracle Corporation.

Without a doubt, Java used to be one of the best, if not the best platforms for mobile games. However, limitations in its performance prompted developers to adopt other advanced formats to produce more complicated games. But that doesn’t mean Java gaming world is dead.

Enthusiastic gamers can still play Java games right on their smartphones and wikihow might help you do that. So which one you should download and play first? Don’t worry, we have covered that for you too. In the following list, we have compiled 12 of the all-time best Java games that you might like.

12. New York Nights 2: Friends For Life

friends for life

Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Strategy and Simulation

New York Nights 2 is a virtual life strategy game, where the player experience what it’s like to live in New York City. In the game, you will meet famous personalities (fictional), have your own personal life and even work as a stock trader in wall street. You will explore more as the game progresses.

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11. Hotel Tycoon Resort

Hotel tycoon resort

Developer: Claw Design Software
Genre: Simulation

You are in love with the daughter of one of the most successful and ruthless business magnets, who is known for his hotel business. He will only allow you to be together if you prove your worthiness to him. You can do that by successfully managing a huge hotel empire. Like the idea? If yes, you are certainly going to love the game-play.

The Hotel Tycoon Resort is basically a business simulation game, in which the player creates hotels, pools, restaurants and other types of building over several islands to fulfill the needs of visitors and tourists.

10. Real Football 2009

Real football 2009

Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Simulation

I will be honest with you, if you like your football titles to be more realistic, then Real Football’s lack of official licensing might irritate you. But if you’re just after a simple, solid mobile game version of the world’s favorite sport, then it might work for you. It boasts a good graphics engine that runs smoothly and features clean effects.

9. Ferrari GT: Evolution

Ferrari GT evolution

Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Racing Game

The Ferrari GT: Evolution is a racing game, featuring more than 30 authentic sports car manufactured by Ferrari itself. It has two game modes: Quick Race, in which players can choose any car, location, race type, and Career Mode, where you face several challenges, participate in trials, etc. The game received a mixed review on Metacritic.

8. Asphalt 3: Street Rules

Asphalt 3

Developer: Gameloft Shanghai
Genre: Racing

Asphalt 3 is the third edition of the popular racing video game series Asphalt. It became the first mobile-based game to be played at the prestigious World Cyber Games in 2008. Like most of the games in Asphalt series, players have two game-play choices; “instant race” mode and the “career mode”.

You will begin your racing career with a Mini Cooper S and will be able to unlock a dozen other cars and bikes. Each of them also has its own tuning. The game ends when you finish all the races.

7. Gangstar 2: Kings of LA

kings of LA

Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Action

The game revolves around a gangster named Pedro, who landed at the Los Angeles after escaping from Mexico. Here, he along with his friend tries to make money and gain power. As a player, you are allowed to engage in any mission of your choice. To earn money, players can sell drugs or what they say “candies”.

Moreover, players can have a wide range of weapons at their disposal from pistols to a sniper and rocket launchers. While hand-to-hand combat is allowed, melee is not available here.

6. Gothic 3: The Beginning

gothic 3

Developer: Handy-Games GmbH
Genre: Role Playing

The game-play takes place about one and a half-century before the events of the original Gothic game. One night, Xardas, one of the principal characters of the series, is visited by the ghost of Buthomar. The ghost warned the young Xardas about the unknown impending threat that is upon them and asks him to locate “the other four Chosen Ones”.

In the beginning, you get to choose your own style of fight, i.e. melee fighter, ranged fighter or a magician. Throughout the game, you must level up and gain more power, strength, and mana as you proceed. The game features almost 30 different types of weapons and 10 armor types for you to choose from.

5. Doom II RPG


Developer: id software
Genre: First-Person Shooting

I am almost certain that most of our readers here are already familiar with the popular video game franchise, Doom. The Doom II RPG is the third official spin-off of the main series, which was released back in 2009. Like its predecessor, Doom RPG, the game is exclusively launched for various mobile platforms.

It has a strong storyline, and nine stages of gameplay assure a lengthy adventure. The formula used by the game is not new: instead of running and hitting, you have to move through levels just like a traditional turn-based strategy game. It’s basically you go then they go. Overall, the Doom II RPG is an old-school RPG gameplay but focused on the action part.

4. Wolfenstein RPG

wolfenstein rpg

Developer: id software
Genre: First-Person Shooting

Here is another great first-person shooting game that follows the turn-based role-playing scheme. Wolfenstein RPG is the lighter take on the original Wolfenstein 3D with chicken mutants and Gunther. Sgt., a lively giant. The game revolves around William Blazkowicz, the protagonist of the Wolfenstein series, who is imprisoned by the Axis forces.

In order to save the world from Axis’ evil plans, he must first escape from the captivity at Castle Wolfenstein using a wide variety of weapons, tools and other items to overcome obstacles. The game received favorable 8/10 ratings from the Pocketgamer.

3. FreeCol


Developer: Opensource Project
Genre: Strategy

FreeCol is an open-source, turn-based strategy game based on the classic Sid Meier’s Colonization. It also shares striking similarities with Civilization (game). The player begins with two colonists and a small boat known as caravel with the entire ocean at their disposal.

As the king’s frontman, your objective is to find a colony in the New World. You will eventually gain colonists either by growing food or by getting immigrants from Europe. You can build commercial buildings, which process raw materials and then conduct trade with Europe or other colonies. The objective here is to create an independent nation.

FreeCol is widely popular in the open-source community. Between January 2003 to April 2007, the game was downloaded over 1.9 million times just on Sourceforge.

2. Bounce Tales

bounce tales

Oh man, it takes me to the memory lane. Bounce Tales is the follow-up to the Nokia’s original Bounce game. One day, Bounce, a little red ball in the Sky Bean Land notices that all the colors around him are slowly disappearing. He then decides to investigate the matter and finds out that some giant machines are responsible for this.

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Throughout the game-play, the player must move Bounce forward at any cost. As you clear up levels, Bounce will gain the ability to jump higher and transform into rock-ball. It also features several exciting bonus levels.

1. Gangstar: Crime City

crime city

Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Third-Person Shooting, Racing

Gangstar: Crime City is an open-world urban action game, that follows the footsteps of the popular PC game series Grand Theft Auto. The game revolves around a gangster, who explores the city in search of a job, money, and power. Much like GTA, players can engage in side quests and other activities such as street racing and buying properties throughout the map.

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A good collection of weapons is available, which can either be bought from gun stores or picked up from random locations throughout the map. At the gun store, players can also purchase additional health and even hire bodyguards. I’m sure you won’t regret downloading this one.

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