30 Very Strange websites on the Internet

The internet is an amazing place where you can find more than 1 billion websites. Along with some fantastic sites there are some weird ones too.  It’s impossible for a person to visit every website. Therefore we have gathered some strange websites on the internet. Some of them are funny, some are really boring and a few are like you can’t answer why they exist. We haven’t included adult site here, so you can click on all link without any hesitation. Enjoy the list!

Weired and Strange websites on the InternetPhoto credit: Wikimedia

1. Iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples: Feel the hunger of the fat lady until you let her eat enough apples. The website is completely useless still you can enjoy the graphics and background music.

2. Thenicestplaceontheinter.net: The really sweet website that offers free hugs. Go get it.

3. SciencevsMagic.net/Tes: You can mix the words amazing and weird to describe this one. Also, the website gave AIDS to my eyes.

4. Michaeljfoxnews: Feel the earthquake on your computer.

5. Pointerpointer: I don’t know where did they find these pictures but this is how you get to the specific point.

6. Heeeeeeeey: Just click on link and get the heeey hooo party feel.

7. wwwdotcom: A serious tip for you.

8. Rainymood: Rain makes everything better. So just sit back and enjoy the sound effect to enlighten your mood.

9. Isitchristmas: The name suggests all. May be the website has been designed for people suffering from short term memory loss.

10. Cat-bounce: And that’s how humans play with emotions of cats.

11. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111: Believe me; I have no idea what the exact purpose of website. But it seems like website owner is not really a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

12. Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa: A catchy music with special cartoon characters for our special readers.

13. Thisman: This is the height of weirdness! The website says that hundreds of people dream about this face. No, I don’t.

14. Breakglasstosoundalarm: The thing you wanted to do once in your life is here.

15. Internetlivestats: I don’t think this is a live data, however you will get an idea of few internet stats.

16. Simonpanrucker: No words to explain this useless thing. Kindly decide yourself how weird it is.

17. Ilooklikebarackobama: You might wanna reply this website, “No you don’t, not even a bit”.

18. Corgiorgy: The cute dog army.

19. Haneke: If you like complicated things and pay too much attention into details, you won’t regret after visiting this website.

20. Fearthegaychicken: The question is what makes you think that this chicken is gay. Is it background color or the sound?

21. Koalastothemax: An amazing creativity and fun with pixels.

22. Procatinator: Cats popularity is increasing day by day and somehow this website is the reason behind it.

23. Youfellasleepwatchingadvd: If your mom doesn’t allow you to watch TV, you could spend some time here.

24. Essaytyper: This is the place where you become a professional typist in no time.

25. Feedthehead: My advice is, don’t just feed the head, play with the whole face.

26. Nooooooooooooooo: If your boss gives you extra workload, you can reply him this link.

27. Zoomquilt: The weirdness tends to infinity. Even a telescope can’t look so far.

28. Staggeringbeauty: Just shake the mouse and see the snake’s reaction.

29. Anasomnia: This is how dreams become nightmare.

30. Eelslap: Slap tight as many times as you want. He won’t mind.

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