10 Inspiring 3D Printing Startup Companies

3D printing is the latest manufacturing technique that continues to grow every day. It uses an advanced type of additive manufacturing process that creates a 3-dimensional object layer by layer.

With 3D printers, users can create things easily at affordable prices. The technology can also be used on a larger scale in many industries including medicine, construction, art, science, and manufacturing.

Since many people have started printing illegal things, some state government has decided to limit the use of 3D printing. Nevertheless, some companies have revolutionized the 3D printing industry. We are presenting a few of those inspiring 3D printing startup companies that may change the future.

10. Cambrian Genomics

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The San Francisco based Cambrian Genomics is using 3D printing technology in DNA printing. Cambrian Genomics is the world’s first company that designed the hardware and systems for laser printing DNA.

This could be the first step to a real-world Jurassic park. According to the co-founder of the company Austen Heinz, this technology will bring back dinosaurs and other extinct species. The current problem is cost and the intense complexity that arises while arranging billions of DNA strands.



3DLT LLC has been working in stealth mode for the last many years. They made headlines when they officially launched in April 2013. It is a platform for 3D printing service, co-founded by John Hauer.

They connect designers, producers, and consumers and help them offer 3D printable products online and in retail stores. The company provides a wide variety of materials for users: it has more than 500 3D printers worldwide. They have also worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Amazon, Microsoft, and eBay.

8. Thinker Thing

thinker thingPhoto credit: thinker think

What if you could create an object just by thinking about it? Chilean based 3D printing startup Thinker Thing has developed a printer that does the same thing.

They have integrated brain-computer interface with 3D printing technology. The user has to wear an electroencephalography (EEG) headset to think about the picture they want to print. Although it’s not that accurate, it’s a great step towards transforming imagination into reality.

7. MadeSolid


MadeSolid was founded in 2013 in Oakland, California. There are many types of 3D printers materials and this firm creates and sells advanced materials for filament and UV curable printing technology.

They aim to improve the capabilities of 3D printers through better raw materials. They are solving the biggest problem of 3D printer: print better and quality products. They create the materials with Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and it is more flexible and heat resistance than ABS and PLA materials.

6. The Dreambox

dreamboxPhoto credit: 3dreambox

The Dreambox is founded by three undergraduates at the University of California Berkeley. Dreambox is a 3D printing machine that can create limited size objects in a few minutes. The headquarter is in the University and started receiving funding for their startup. In the first two months, they had over 800 customers, which is rapidly growing. The company has a wide variety of 3D printed goodies that are available for purchase.

5. Pirate 3D

pirate 3d

Pirate 3D is another inspiring startup in 3D printing industries that made headlines all over the world. It is a Palo Alto-based company that has entered the market with some new techniques.

They created a 3D printer, Buccaneer printer which already raised more than $1.4 million. The best part is that it can print wirelessly and can be connected to any Android and iOS device. It also features cloud WiFi printing and Ethernet support. It is one of the cheapest 3D printers with a sale price of $350.

4. Shapeways


Shapeways is a Dutch founded and headquartered in New York 3D printing startup company. They offer an e-commerce market where users upload their design and the company prints the order. They print everything from jewelry to playing toys. In 2012, Shapeways sold more than one million 3D printed objects.

3. Spuni


Spuni is a New York-based 3D printing manufacturer that develops 3D printed spoons for infants. The Spuni team invested around $2000 on the first Makerbot 3D printer and it costs $5 to make one spoon. It was developed by two undergraduates at MIT University. They tested it on hungry babies and the prototype worked well.

2. MakerBot

Maker bot

MakerBot Industry is a worldwide popular 3D printing industry, founded in New York in 2009. The company was founded by Bre Pettis, Adam Mayer, and Zach Hoeken. It is a leading producer of desktop 3D printers.

Between 2009 and 2011, the firm sold more than 3,500 units. They designed many 3D desktop printers, of which the most popular is Replicator. They also offer hundreds of free projects and provide an open-source platform for sharing ideas and designs.

1. Formlabs


Formlabs is a Somerville based company founded by Maxim Lobovsky, David Cranor and Natan Linder in September 2011. The company designs and manufactures desktop 3D printers. It was funded $3 million by Kickstarter.

In 2012, they released their first 3D printer, Form 1 that raised a record-breaking $2.9 million in funding. In June 2014, they launched their second 3D printer, Form 1+ which has a more advanced design with better speed, quality, and reliability.

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