40+ Creative Remakes Of The World Map

Don’t be afraid, we are not here to give you any type lecture about geography, instead we are going to put forward a pretty easy way for you to learn something about the Earth. The maps that you are about to see here is actually creative remakes created by talented designers from over the world. Now for those who loves geography, creative maps are always a fun way to energize their thinking. As far as inaccuracies are concerned, designers have always given themselves a free license to flex their creative muscles as much as they can. We hope that you will love their works.

41. Pixel World

pixel world

A map showing different color of world in giant pixel (or low resolution) format.

40. Mario World

Mario world

A map drawn from a legendary childhood game – Mario.

39. Map Doctor

map doctorPerspective

This map illustrates the critical ratio between general population and doctors.

38. Lego World Map

Lego mapJK Brickworks

A world made of lego, by JK Brickworks.

37. The World in a Drop Of Water

world in drop of water

No life without water.

36. Ayuda en Acción Annual Report 2014

annual report 2014relajaelcoco studio

A sun-themed annual report depicted on a world map

35. World Map Typography

world map typographycrzisme

This world map is illustrated using the names of the countries, to indicate where the countries are and their vastness.

34. Illustrated Playmat


This world map is made as a playmat for kids displaying various animals, icons and landmarks.

33. World Travel Decor


A gray world map displayed on a piece of sackcloth. The adventure really awaits.

32. Across the Globe

across the globeMUTI

It isn’t a complete world map, yet charming and simple.

31. Color Strips

color stripsDarren Booth

30. Splatter

splaterThis is Why I’m Broke

A gorgeous paint splatter world map.

29. Fabric Wall Decal

fabric wallMia Viljoen

This map can help kids to learn different landmarks. It is a great addition to any children’ room.

28. World Map Abstract

world abstractMichael Tompsett

These seemingly random but beautiful, colorful splashes create a world map. Do you see it?

27. Artistic Design

artistic designDesignFlute

Can’t help feeling that this beautiful mash of orange and blue, should be on a wall somewhere.

26. Moving Office

moving officeAgris Bobrovs

This nice rose map illustrated the move (of a one-man office) from Latvia to Southeast Asia.

25. Vector Dotted

vector dottedOthmane Machrouh

A dotted version of the world. This is available as a free PSD file too.

24. Geometric World Map

geometric worldJR Schmidt

It’s an abstract world map made in polygon / geometry style.

23. Beer For All Seasons #7

beer for allOwen Davey

As far as I understood, ‘Around the World in 80 Beers’ is the name of a bar in Manchester.

22. Canvas


One more vivid abstract world map of the living room, made on five canvases.

21. Floral


It’s a world map made with a floral texture. I bet it smells good too.

20. World Map Metro Style

metro mapartPause

An interpretation of a World Map, with cities around the world linked in the style of a metro system map. The design leans towards the realistic style (New York Subway Map) while keeping elements of the schematic style (London Underground Tube Map), making it visually appealing while maintaining the shapes of the continents.

19. Globe Necklace Map

necklace mapJanelleRaeJewelry

This cute half-globe necklace features a world map in rainbow colors.

18. Made of Wood

wooden mapJude Landry

This world map is a laser cut wood wall art made from birch plywood.

17. Rainbow World Map

rainbow world mapMaraquela

The map is featuring all the colors of the rainbow here. It’s a happy world.

16. Sketchy World

sketchy mapAnika Mottershaw

This is how the world looks in a sketch. It illustrates different cultures around the globe.

15. Bag of Tricks

bag of tricksMaria Zaikina

This is a world map for Afisha MIR magazine displaying features of particular countries are famous for.

14. World Map Illustration

World Map IllustrationDavid Kingsbury

This psychedelic art map on a pink background superimposes the features of top countries and their borders. You’re not sure where something starts or ends.

13. Watercolor World Map

watercolor mapPaperStormPrints

Just the perfect wall piece for your bedroom.

12. Grunge Effect

grunge effectTRMdesign

This map will add a different taste in your study. It would be an awesome addition.

11. Wind Rose World Map

Wind Rose World MapGlynLowe

This beautiful location is situated on the estuary of the Tagus river in Lisbon, Portugal. The map is marked with the routes of famous Portuguese explorers.

10. Nilofar Bano’s World

Nilofar BanoAneesh Jaisinghani

Created by brand Indiatimes, the map features trending stories from India.

9. World Necklace


This gold filled World Map necklace is a perfect gift for geography lovers and explorers.

8. Pixel Avatar Map

Pixel Avatarykansaki

This is a detailed map from a well-known movie, Avatar. The map was created using only MS Paint.

7. FedEx: USA-Brazil


A powerful way of showing how easy it is to send anything with FedEx anywhere you want.

6. Smoked Up

smoked upCath Levett

That’s a lot of smokes to create a world map. With the help of this, the artist is trying to convey to the importance of being healthy.

5. Oh, The Places You’ll Go


Another gorgeous World map for your family room, Living room and kids bedroom wall.

4. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIIKotaku

No, it’s not a map of our real world, but one from the Final Fantasy VII.

3. Game of Thrones


A beautiful map for Game of Thrones lovers, or should I say, for all of us.

2. World map wallpaper


This elegant world map is made of small pixels in different shades of blue. It is intended as a desktop wallpaper.

1. Caricature Map of Europe 1914

Map of Europe 1914Keithwormwood

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The above map is a political caricature portraying different European nations in the alternate world history of the book Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld.

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