6 Ways to Crack your Entrance Exam

Appearing for any Entrance Exam like GRE, CAT, GATE, IAS, IS, JEE, AIEEE, SAT, LNAT etc. requires a lot of months of practice and preparation. These kinds of exams conducted to analyze the depth of knowledge in a particular field and logical thinking of a candidate. Today we show you how to crack your entrance exam. The list covers all you need to do before a certain period of time. Read and try hard to Follow them as well – 6 Ways to Crack your Entrance Exam.

6. Stay Positive

Be positive

Fill your mind with motivating positive thought like ” I am gonna do it”, Yes I can”.  Entrance just don’t test your knowledge but nerves too. DON’T PANIC if can’t solve few couples of questions.  Be calm and patient while solving the questions. Imagine yourself succeeding in entrance with good result. Remember your mental strength is very important in the examination hall.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself

Dont compare yourself

Never compare your result with someone else except yourself. Learn though your mistakes and try not to repeat them. If you are repeating the same mistake you are not actually progressing. You should compare your marks with previous cut offs and try to get above it in sample papers.

4. Study from hardcopy

Study from hardcopy

Studying from the computer or tab might distract you. I mean most of us play songs or short movie clips while studying. Don’t saturate your concentration by these kinds of activities. Avoid them completely for at least two months. Study as much from paper notes and books as you can.

3. Know your Syllabus

Know your syllabus well

This one is very crucial step for your preparation. You must have a deep knowledge of entrance and their respective syllabus. Don’t go out of it. Each day is precious, don’t waste it by studying unwanted stuffs. KNOW YOUR SYLLABUS WELL and it will be great if you make a time slot for completing each chapter.

2. Basic Concept

There are no short and dirty tricks to be successful. All entrance exam questions are based on basic concepts only. If your concepts are crystal, consider half of the job has been done. Don’t go for short formula(s) because you are going to face complex and twisted question which can’t be solved without the knowledge of basic concepts.

1. Time Management

Time Management 1Image credit: wikimedia

Time Management is a real trick for achieving any goal in life. Some Common Enemies of students while preparing are

  • TV serial
  • Video Game
  • Week-end movies
  • Too much sleeping
  • Traveling or shopping much
  • Parties/treats

Avoid these things while preparing as much as you can. Be consistent.

Few more Tips to follow

  • Select book wisely
  • Try to complete your syllabus before 2 months
  • Solve Numerical, at least 30 per day
  • Eagle eye on sample and previous year papers
  • Avoid long break while studying
  • Don’t use the internet for more than 30 minutes a day

Before a day of the exam, don’t study at late night. Have a balanced meal and tight sleep (7-8 hours). Just relax and be cool, you are going to make it 🙂  Best of luck  😎

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