7 Creative Ideas that got People Rich in No Time

Everyone on earth want’s to die rich. We all do the hard work for years to earn money and still couldn’t get to a million dollars. However, there are few people who earned more than a million with their amazing ideas. You might find there concept/idea was quite crazy but to be successful you must be unique. And how unique they were, let’s find out in our list of 7 Creative Ideas that got People Rich fast.

7. Craigslist


Founder: Craig Newmark
Revenue: $160 Million

Craigslist.org is the text based website that looks terrible having information about sales, housing, jobs, gigs, resume, discussion forums etc. The service began in 1995 as an email distribution and expanded over time. Today they serve to 570 cities in 50 countries. It’s free to use and has no advertising network. They only charge for job postings and paid brokerage apartment listing. And that’s how they generate revenue.

6. Mint


Founder: Aaron Patzer
Sold For: $170 Million in 2009

Mint.com is a web based financial management service founded in 2006 available in Canada and US. It sounds useful but you have to enter your bank account, credit card, online banking and sensitive information. Now you might be thinking that no one would trust them. Wrong. Mint supports more than 10 million accounts and has 17 million users.

5. Citibank Investment

Citibank Investment

In 2008 Citibank got engaged in banking scandal and split up in 2009. The bank agreed to pay $285 million as penalty in 2011. At this stage the share dropped to $1 but there were some bold investors who bought thousands of shares. And now just 3 year later, the share value is $50.

4. Doggles


The idea was to create a fashion item for dogs. Roni di Lullo came up with online Doggles. Doggles.com is an online shopping website that sells sunglasses for Dogs as an anti UV radiation shield. Thousands of dog owners bought the pair for their dogs and turned the founder into Millionaire.

3. FindAGrave


Visiting someone after they have passed is a good idea. And Jim Tipton turned this idea into his profession in 1998. He started a site named FindAGrave.com that allows people to access and add information of cemetery records. The site contains the location of graves of 112 million people buried in the United States.

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2. SantaMail


SantaMail.org lets kids email letter to Santa Claus in North Pole. They reply to each letter personally for $9.95. How cute! Now your child believes that Santa really exists somewhere in the North Pole. Byron Reese is Santa behind this website who receives around 300k emails every year. Now you can estimate his annual earnings.

1. Million Dollar Homepage

Million Dollar Homepage - Creative Ideas that got People Rich

Founder: Alex Tew
Revenue: $1 Million

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Is that possible to create a single page website that costs a Million? A clever student launched a website called MillionDollarHomepage.com that has 1000*1000 pixel void grid on which advertiser could buy the void spaces for $1 per pixel. That’s insane, who would buy those spaces. Well the idea worked, the site got viral and by 2006 he sold all spaces. And that’s how Millionaire club got a new member.

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