19 A/B Testing Tools to Improve Your Conversion Rate

The simplest way to analyze how your page layout is performing is to do A/B testing. Every customer base is unique and the conversion rate is based on understanding the user requirement and behavior. In short, the success depends on true data and design analysis.

A/B testing is the method to compare 2 different versions of web pages to see which one performs the best. Half of your audience will see version 1 and the other half will land on version 2 and results are measured by how these audiences interacted with each version. A/B testing usually involves variation in headlines, page layouts, special widget box, form, images, texts and buttons.

More to know – Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is nothing but the advanced method of A/B testing. It compares a higher number of elements and provides more detailed information about how these elements interact with each other. The aim is to calculate the effectiveness of each element combination. You can create more than 2 versions, but remember, more versions of pages mean you need more traffic to get accurate results.

That’s all the basis information about A/B and multivariate testing. Now the time to present few effective testing tools that will help you to improve your user experience and increase conversion rate. They all are ranked according to their ease of use, features, price and support system.

19. Liquid


Liquid is a testing tool for mobile engagement optimization. You just need to integrate Liquid SDK, select what you want to track, select the element you want to personalize and get the report. For large and complex projects, it supports higher personification and deeper engagement.
Price: Free up to 100,000 data points.

18. Avenseo


Avenseo offers both A/B and multivariate testing to optimize conversation on website as well as on mobile application. It features a graphical interface for creating tests, segmented analyses, JavaScript editor and powerful reporting interface.
Price: Depends on nature of project.

17. Taplytics


Taplytics is a mobile A/B testing tool for Android and iOS. It delivers a comprehensive suite of tools that is proven to drive revenue. They also offer optimization consultation, 24/7 phone and email support.
Price: Starts at $40/month.

16. Monetate


Monetate allows you to target and segment your visitor beyond the basics. Run A/B/n or multivariate tests without any coding skills. You can use geo targeting, behavioral data and test unlimited hypothesis for site optimization. Moreover, analytics and reporting tool can be easily integrated with 3rd party data.
Price: Based on past 12 month traffic.

15. Amazon A/B Testing

Amazon A-B Testing

Amazon A/B testing is available for mobile apps only. Through this platform you can run A/B test on the fly without redeploying your app or writing client side code. The custom criteria allow you to set up experiments and segment your audience. It also lets you build great apps and games instead of focusing on scalable backend services.
Price: Free

14. Clickthroo


Clickthroo is a quick landing page builder that requires no coding skills. Here you can deploy high converting web-pages, conversion path, mobile landing page and minisites. It also supports click fraud detection, split testing, segmentation, live tracking, reporting and much more.
Price: Starts at $95/month.

13. AdPushup


AdPushup helps you to increase ad revenue from your website. It is designed especially for WordPress CMS. You need to install their WordPress plugin and create ad variation using visual editor. The system uses A/B testing to find and serve the best performing ads.
Price: Free

12. Marketizor


Marketizor is A/B testing, segmented surveys and web application platform. It is built with a WYSIWYG editor that lets you easily alter the element without any coding skills. You can create your own custom & onpage variables, multiple pages and schedule the testing.
Price: Free up to 10,000 tested views.

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11. Splitforce


Splitforce is a mobile A/B testing tool for Android, iOS and unity apps. It allows you to test everything from button color to whole layout design. Furthermore, it supports dynamic updates for tight iteration cycles, targeted user segment, auto optimization and smart data exportation.
Price: Starts at $19/month.

10. AB tasty

AB tasty

AB tasty allows you to make changes to your site, define indicator and measure the true impact. It is packed with graphical editor to build testing scenario, a reporting dashboard and features like optimization for your whole audience.
Price: Starts at $34/month.

9. Convert


Convert is A/B and multivariate testing software for experts and agencies. It includes a WYSIWYG, HTML, and Style Sheet Editor to alter the elements on webpage. Just paste the code and your site is ready for testing. The software also supports seamless Google Analytics integration and gives you full control over your test with adjustable duration and traffic allocation.
Price: Starts at $9/month.

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8. Maxymiser


Maxymiser provides powerful solution to optimize each user experience by running the most simple and sophisticated campaigns across the entire customer journey. It supports both A/B and multivariate testing and displays attribute combination of underperforming and overperforming customers in each area. You can use automated data mining technique to identify customer segments and their preferences.
Price: Various according to the project size.

7. Webtrends


Webtrends gives you a platform to perform quick and intuitive A/B testing or deeper, robust multivariate testing. You can optimize forms, landing pages, registration flow, test your emails, layouts and other experiences on your site. Moreover, they will assign you a team of experienced optimization strategists and consultants.
Price: Various according to the project size.

6. HubSpot Landing Pages

HubSpot Landing Pages

HubSpot landing pages allow you to display different segment content based on their interest. There is drag-drop template to build landing page within minutes. You can test any element on the page including images, headlines and call-to-action and preview different version of landing page without leaving the editing tool.
Price: Starts at $200/month.

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5. Kissmetrics


Kissmetrics provides you everything your user has done, from the first touchpoint to the last. It’s a marketing machine optimizer that gives you funnel reports to see where people get stuck, A/B testing reports, revenue report and cohort report to see how user behavior changes over time.
Price: Starts at $200/ month

4. VWO


VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) is an online tool that helps you create different version of landing pages using point and click editor. It also supports iOS apps optimization, split URL testing and multivariate testing that features heatmap, usability testing, behavioral targeting and more.
Price: Starts at $49/month

3. Unbounce


Unbounce allows you to build responsive landing pages (no HTML knowledge required), publish it, test and optimize the page. The whole tool is designed with conversion in mind. Furthermore, it supports drag-drop feature for fast page design, form builder, 3rd party integration, real time stats, multi user and client management.
Price: Starts at $49/month

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2. Optimizely


Optimizely is one optimization platform for websites and mobile applications. It has a visual code editor that helps you get started within minutes. After implementation, you can track clicks, conversions, signups and anything that matters to your business. It is also packed with some great features like advanced targeting, allocation and scheduling that lets you run tests on your terms.
Price: Free for starters (up to 50,000 views per month).

1. Google Content Experiment

Google Content Experiment

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Content Experiment (part of Google Analytics) is somewhat different than A/B and multivariate testing. In this case, you are not testing just two versions of a webpage or various combinations of elements. Instead, you are testing ten full versions of a single landing page, each delivered to audience via different URLs.
Here you can compare webpages or app screens, define what percentage of your audience is included in the testing process and get important updates about your experiments.
Price: Free

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