AeroSlider: New Floating Train Concept Goes Over 800 Km/h

  • A new concept presents a gun-style elevated train that floats in the air instead of running on a track. 
  • A series of 65-feet tall magnetized loops propel the train at speed of more than 500 mph. 
  • It would be more efficient, more sustainable, and more comfortable than flights. 

One of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emission is unregulated carbon pollution from aviation. Air travel accounts for nearly 2.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

The problem will only get worse with the rise in demand for air travel. In 2010, the entire aviation sector carried about 2.4 billion passengers. This number will rise to 16 billion by 2050, increasing carbon dioxide emissions by three times. Without strict actions, aviation could take up 1/4th of the global ‘carbon budget’.

This is why a hybrid strategic design consultancy named Manyone is thinking about efficient alternatives to airplanes. They have come up with a high-speed, rail-less passenger system that loops around half the world like a giant subway system.

Instead of running on tracks, the train floats in the air through a series of 65-feet tall magnetized loops. These loops will propel the train at speed of more than 805 km/h (500 mph). The whole system called the AeroSlider looks like something from a science-fiction film.

An Engineering Fantasy

The unorthodox concept does provide a glimpse into the future of transportation – at least to some extent. Manyone describes it as ‘more efficient, more sustainable, and more comfortable’ than all forms of conventional travel.


The train doesn’t actually use a track, but a series of magnetic pylons that drive it forward much like a bullet. These 65-foot-tall pylons can be powered by localized energy sources and can be stuck deeper into the ground to create level tracks in small hills and rough areas.

Unlike conventional train tracks and highway, these magnetic pylons would not prevent animals from crossing underneath it. The pylons could be either circular or elliptical. The elliptical shape allows the train to turn four degrees within two kilometers.

Source: Bringing Aviation Down To Earth | Manyone

The Train’s Body 

Obviously the body of the train must be aerodynamic and respond to electromagnetic forces, however, it would not require to have batteries or onboard motors to drive it.

Incorporating helium reservoirs within the capsule would further decrease the effective weight by approximately 10%. This would significantly reduce the energy required for its propulsion.

Inside the train is large sitting spaces with private cabins, open plaza area, bars, restaurant, gyms, a running track, and multi-purpose rooms for meetings and conference.

It would be 3 times longer than the world’s largest passenger plane (Airbus A380). The proposed train is 250 meters long, which is equivalent to two baseball fields in a row.


The design team has also come up with a feasible route, connecting the most populated cities on the Asian, African, and European continents.

AeroSlider could take you from Shanghai to Moscow in 12 hours. This is slightly slower than airplanes but it would be extremely efficient.

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Of course, the concept looks too advanced and far from reality, but we need a world that accepts such crazy ideas instead of mocking them. Manyone has certainly built an environment-friendly model in the right direction for transportation technologies.

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