35 Impressive Ajax and CSS Loaders / Spinners

Internet connection is getting faster day by day, but there are still some moments we need to wait for a webpage to load. Developers try their best to make this waiting time painless and fun by building creative loader.

Basically, a loader indicates that a process is going in the background and it will take a few seconds. To make sure users do go away, webmasters use unique loaders. The secret of impressive loaders lies in the interesting animation and attention to details. A few years ago, loading animation was tough and was restricted only to the GIF, but now with powerful technologies and modern browsers, you can load it with Ajax, CSS and jQuery. The spinners are highly customizable and the server provides smooth processing of the request made by user.

Below, you’ll find  35 fantastic Ajax and CSS3 loaders you can download and use in your project. They use lightweight script with alpha transparency, high configuration and resolution independent.

35. CSS3 Infinite Loader by Jonathan Silva

34. Redirecting Loader by Mr Alien

33. Light Loader by Jack Rugile

32. Polygon Loader by Daniel Reid

31. Loader – Day #9 by Roch Bouchayer

30. Let’s Load Stuff by Tom Hewitt

29. Optical Illusion Spinner by Brian

28. Yet another CSS3 Loader by Dean Hidri

27. Simple Loader by Malhadi

26. Face Loader by Nicholas Guest

25. Loading Cake by Christian Dinkelborg

24. Gooey Loader by LukasOe

23. Ball Bounce by Daryll Doyle

22. Loader Css3 by Mathieu Richard

21. CSS Rectangle Inception Spiral by Marian-COJOC-ro

20. ‘Making Pancake’ Loader by Pawel

19. 3d Loader by Bennett Feely

18. Ping Pong by Kieran Hunter

17. Loader a Day (day 2) by Reinier Kaper

16. CSS Stair Loader by Irko Palenius

15. Unswerving Tower by Dan Andréasson

14. Material Loading CSS by Yusuf Bakır

13. Climbing Ball by Fabrizio Bianchi

12. Loader Gooey Effect by Fabio Ottaviani

11. 3 Ball Drop by Chris Gannon

10. Codevember- Bookshelf Loader by Grélard Antoine

9. Simple Perspective Preloader by Creotip

8. Skew Loading by Jacob Foster

7. Code Loader in CSS by Deepak Kamat

6. Heart<3 by Daniel Lin

5. Pacman by Massimo

4. Loader by Maroš Horniak

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3. Cocktail Loader by Marc Malignan

2. Glowworm Loader by Keith McKnight

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1. SVG Walk Cycle by Chris Gannon

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