30 Cool Alternative Web Browsers You Didn’t Know of | 2020 Edition

We all use web browsers to get information, social updates and to know what’s going on around the world. If you are a Windows or iOS User, most probably you are using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Yes, I did mention Internet Explorer because it still holds around 20% of the total usage share of web browser.

There are many alternative browsers available in the market, you probably haven’t heard of. They offer various unique, useful and ease to use features. If you are an extreme multitask user who is always curious to know about new software and tools, then you will absolutely find this list informative and interesting. Presenting cool alternative web browsers for all latest devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops.

Grab the knowledge: WorldWideWeb (later renamed Nexus) was the first web browser, invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1990.

30. Links

Links is a text as well as graphic (with pull down menu) web browser that is capable of rendering complex pages. It supports HTML 4.0, horizontal scrolling and monochrome terminal. Although it is quite old, it offers some unique features like anti-advertisement animation filters in GIFs, resampling and Floyd-Steinberg in all color depths and 48-bit gamma correction.

29. Dillo

Dillo is a free, minimalistic web browser written in C and C++. It is based on Fast Light Toolkit, known for its speed and small footprint. It can help web developers to obey web standing through a bug meter, which detects bugs at parsing time. The browser features tabbed browsing, bookmarks, support for jpeg, png and gif images, and XHTML with CSS rendering. Home page, fonts, download folder and background color can be customized via configuration files.

28. QtWeb


QtWeb is an open source web browser based on Nokia’s Qt framework and Apple’s Webkit rendering engine. It is lightweight, secure and fast web browser developed by LogicWare & LSoft Technologies. It includes ad filtering function, pop up blocking, privacy mode, mouse gesture, web inspector for debugging webpages, customizable keyboard shortcuts & search engine.

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27. QupZilla


QupZilla is a free and open source browser based on Webkit. It lets you take screenshot of entire webpage, integrate web feeds, history and bookmarks in a single location. QupZilla is integrated with Ad block and Speed dial extension to provide better user experience. It is intended to consume fewer system resources as compared to Chrome and Firefox.

26. GreenBrowser


GreenBrowser is a fast and most configurable web browser, based on Internet Explorer’s core. It is compact in size and consumes less system resources. Some of its key features are ad filter, save pages as group, boss key, mouse gesture, page manager, status bar, video player, page background color etc.

25. Browzer


Browzer is a free privacy oriented web browser which doesn’t save cookies, history, temp files cache and password. This is great for banking and cloud applications. It automatically clears all data when you close the browser. Moreover, it supports auto-complete blocking, crash protection & recovery, homepage customization, secure file deletion, pop-up management and Index.dat cleanup.

24. Rekonq


Rekonq is a lightweight web browser based on QtWebKit. It’s a default web browser in Chakra GNU/Linux and Kubuntu 10.10. Currently, it supports unique address bar, tabbed browsing, flash or Java plugins, full screen mode, zoom slider and advanced tab handling.

23. Coowon Browser


You must install it if you are a gamer. Coowon is Google Chrome based Browser built with some unique features that are perfect for web gamers. It helps you perform game botting, play & record mouse click, control game speed and has Gamepad support. It also features mouse gesture, drag to go, multiple login tabs, reopen close tab button, translucent and floating windows. It is currently available for Windows and Mac OS.

22. Dooble


Dooble is a multi-platform and open source web browser released in September 2009. It is running on Webkit Engine and available for iOS X, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. It is primarily designed to improve privacy and usability. Dooble browser features simple bookmark system, cookie management with an informative display, friendly download manager & file manager, FTP browser that displays both directory content and connection information.

21. Pale Moon

Pale Moon

Pale Moon browser is based on Firefox and available for Windows & Linux OS. It’s a slightly modified version of Firefox with some changes like it includes WebRTC, PDF viewer, 64 bit computing support, hardware acceleration and few customizable options like status bar & scrolling. It also supports Windows parental controls, numerous Firefox extensions and themes.

20. SlimBrowser


SlimBrowser is a lightning fast browser that uses Microsoft Trident layout engine. This is a great alternative web browser for Windows in terms of time saving. It features auto form filter, one click Facebook integration, fast download manager, YouTube video downloading, Web page translation, popup blocker, blacklist/whitelist filtering, and integration with online virus scanner.

19. U Browser

U Browser

U browser is built on Blink and V8 engine. It allows you to bring your favorite app to the desktop. So you can enjoy music, videos, chat and more while browsing. Popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Rdio, Twitter etc. can be integrated with U browser. The mobile app supports drag drop features through which you can transfer anything from the desktop to your phone and vice versa.

18. iCab


iCab is an alternative web browser for Mac with numerous useful features such as ad filter, adjust rendering, JavaScript & cookies setting for individual webpages. It is also packed with sorted history by title, user agent spoofing, full screen display, reload single image (without refreshing the whole webpage) and multiple language support.

17. Exsoul


Exsoul is android web browser that delivers fast & rich browsing experience. Some of its notable features are content translation, open page in background tab, save pages as PDF, search suggestion, back or forward several histories at once and user switching agent that lets you see desktop version of the website.

16. Superbird


Superbird is a free alternative to Google Chrome. The difference is that Chrome tracks all your information whereas Superbird doesn’t send any data to Google or other third parties. It mainly focuses on speed, stability and data security. Moreover, it uses low memory as compared to Chrome and support lots of plugins.

15. Konqueror Browser


Konqueror Browser is based on HTML and Webkit engine. It consists of ad block, pop-up blocker, password manager, bookmark manager, webpage translation, spell checker, tabbed and split browsing. It extensively works with panels which can be rearranged or added.

14. Yandex


Yandex is a freeware web browser that uses Blink layout engine and based on Chromium source code. It checks all webpages and download files with Yandex security system and Kaspersky anti-virus respectively. It is built with a minimalist design that allows you to focus on more important things. Yandex is also packed with a bunch of useful features including language translator, document viewer, smartbox search, device synchronization, keyboard layout switcher and more.

13. Wyzo


Wyzo is a media browser (based on Mozilla) which is designed to accelerate your web downloads. It is built on Gecko engine and supports Windows and Mac OS. It allows you to download torrents within a click and manage all types of media. Overall, you can install this if you download a lot from torrent.

12. Sleipnir


Sleipnir is a free web browser that lets you quickly find open tabs even when they reach 100. It works on Blink engine and support Chrome function extensibility (for Windows OS). Furthermore, it is packed with web inspector, a tool for reading & making text beautiful, search fields from various sites and retina display support.

11. Comodo IceDragon

IceDragon - Alternative Web Browsers

Comodo IceDragon is open source web browser based on Firefox. It is intended to faster, easy to use and more secure than Firefox. It features page inspector that scans for malware, secure DNS service and social media integration that allows instant share of any webpage. It is compatible will all Firefox plugins and currently available for Windows OS only.

10. Tor Browser

Tor Browser

Tor Browser prevents the trackers from learning your physical location, pageviews and other private information. It consists of a TorButton, NoScript, TorLauncher, HTTPS everywhere Firefox extension and the Tor proxy. It also helps you access websites which are blocked.

9. Epic


Epic is based on chromium source code, developed by Hidden Reflex. It is dedicated to protecting your privacy by blocking tracking scripts and ads. It includes built in protection system against tracking cookies, third party widgets and other tracking agents. On close, Epic automatically deletes all browsing data including database, history, session, cache, cookies, login data and preferences. Moreover, it is dubbed as the first browser from India, currently available for Mac and PC.

8. Maxthon


Maxthon is a cloud browser that supports both the Webkit and Trident rendering engine. It has many features that make internet browsing less annoying and more convenient. Maxthon automatically blocks phishing attempts and malicious websites. Moreover, it supports private browsing session that doesn’t trace your history.

7. Dolphin


Dolphin is a lightweight & free web browser available for iPhone, iPad and Android. It has a  beautiful user interface and filled with features like Voice search, one tap sharing, bookmark synchronization, web app store, add-ons, search suggestion, ad block, video Downloader and flash support.

6. Waterfox


Waterfox is high performance web browser based on the Mozilla platform, for Mac OS X and 64 bit Windows OS. It is built with Intel’s C++ compiler which enables you to browse seamlessly. Furthermore, it supports various plugins including Adobe flash player, Microsoft Silverlight and Oracle Java.

5. Torch


Torch is media web browser based on the Chromium source code. It allows you to share webpages, download torrents, audio & video files within a single click, direct from the browser. It also includes download accelerator for super-fast download and facelift through which you can design Facebook profile by selecting various inbuilt themes. And to entertain you, it has mini-clip games (no download required), HD video and audio player.

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4. Citrio


Citrio is fast, lightweight and free web browser with an intelligent download manager. Citrio is designed with in-build malware and phishing detector, video downloader, proxy and torrent manager. It’s a safe and secure browser that doesn’t collect any of your personal information. The quick startup time, responsive add-ons and rich extension libraries deliver smooth and comfortable web surfing experience.

3. Midori


Midori is a lightweight, fast and free web browser based on Webkit rendering engine. It has a beautiful interface and supports all latest technologies like CSS3, HTML5 etc. It features script disabling, 3rd party cookie blocking, automatic history clearing after a certain time, ad blocker, smart cookie manager, RSS and spell checker.

2. Avant Browser

Avant browser

Avant is a freeware web browser (with no ads, no malware and no spyware) that uses the Trident Layout engine. It is a low memory usage browser with user friendly interface and ultra-fast processing. It offers you reliable, crash free browsing experience and more frequent updates. Avant is packed with tons of features like multi-threaded downloader, low CPU usage, no memory leak, online bookmarks, multi document interface, mouse gesture, flash animation filter, popup and ad blocker.

1. Lunascape


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Lunascape contains 3 rendering engines: Webkit, Trident and Gecko. The web browser allows the user to switch between layout engines seamlessly. It is packed with tons of features like versatile tab menu, customize mouse action, switch user agent, block unwanted URLs, tickers to display headlines from major news sources, bookmark synchronization, automatic backups and much more. It is available for all latest OS including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

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  • I run a linux distro with a KDE desktop, which is where Konqueror is designed to work best. Even in that environment it’s too buggy to use. I’ve never tried it on Windows, but I can’t imagine the experience would be any better.

    • Use to use brave browser cause it’s supposed to be private with Nothing saved as they say. NOW your getting ads. Although brave says it’s their ads and everything still the same. How it the same? Their collecting your info now!

  • Wow! This article is an eye opener. Been searching for a private search engines and new web browser and stumbled across this article. Every where I look on internet (use DDGo) everyone only suggest the same engines and browser as others suggest. Guess they just copy and reword each other without actually checking it out. But thanks for the info here, definitely looking into these suggestions. Also anything for web browser for Android, other than the same ones every one else suggest?