20 Amazing 3D Creations That You Can Buy Online

It’s been more than thirty years when Chuck Hull invented the first 3D printer in 1983. After three decades of development, everyone wants the 3d printed machine in their home. But, most of the people are unable to buy a personal 3D printer due to its high price. With today’s 3D printing technology, we are capable to print prosthetic body parts, eatable food, clothes, mechanical parts and even 3D printers. The following article compiles a list of some household thongs made of 3D printer. Here is a small part of amazing 3D creation that you can buy online for yourself.

20. Birds Silhouette iPhone 5S case

Birds Silhouette iPhone 5S case

This design of iPhone mobile case is inspired by the form of bird groups. It represents the symbol of peace and freedom. It is available in more than nine different colors. The negative point is, it is not so comfortable to use.
Price: $25

19. Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

It looks like a bloodsucking leech but it really opens beers. It can open a bottle via only one side but with ease and style. It is made of steel with a new design that fits perfectly in your hand.
Price: $65

18. Foosball iPhone5 Case

Foosball iPhone5 Case

This might be the coolest iPhone case you have ever seen. It features an entire table football game on the back side of the case. It also comes with a small size football to play with players.
Price: $65

17. Initialsweep Ring

Initialsweep Ring

The characters in the ring are chosen according to the wearer. All the characters are connected fluently and due to its rounded edges, it is very comfortable to wear. You can consider it as a personal jewel.
Price: $130

16. Little Pony

Little Pony

From twilight sparkle to rainbow dash, give super fans what they really want. Most of these are made of white nylon plastic, polished to give a smooth matte finish.
Price: $15-$350

15. Origami Crane Skeleton

Origami Crane Skeleton

This is an origami paper crane, you can see the detail structure, texture and complex shapes inside of the rib cage. It is made of richly color nylon plastic with a smooth finish.
Price: $18

14. Easter Island Head Sculpture

Easter Island Head Sculpture

This is a well-known artifact that brings a smile to any passer-by. The sculpture captures the essence of the Moai in a desk sized figurine. The product is made of 3d printed plastic, durable to the touch and feels smooth. Also available in pink and white color.
Price: $23

13. Stag Beetle

Stag Beetle

This stag beetle model is made of white nylon plastic with a matte finish and quite grainy feel. It has seventeen points of articulation in its head, antennae, legs and jaws. The jaws can be open and close in unison.
Price: $35

12. Nightmare Mask

Nightmare Mask

This is designed to scare you a little bit. The outer layer of the mask is raised 4.5 millimeters away from the inner layer in order to produce gentle shadow. Furthermore, holes are provided on the side of the mask to tie ribbon or string.
Price: $178

11. Old Look Classic Whistle

Old Look Classic Whistle

This is inspired by the antique whistles made in England in the late 1800s. It is made of bronze-infused stainless steel with rough feel and visible print lines.
Price: $52

10. Rock Crawler

Rock Crawler

Rock crawler is made of white strong and flexible nylon plastic with matte finish and slight grainy effect. The off-road wheels are independent and rolls freely. It is equipped with custom bars and sway bars with custom ball joints.
Price: $68

9. T-Rex


This unstoppable T-Rex is originally designed by Alexis Hanson. It’s a fully colored material with a smooth finish and a delicate feel.
Price: $45

8. Animaris Geneticus Ondularis

Animaris Geneticus Ondularis

This animaris geneticus ondularis walks on 20 separate legs that move in wave pattern and it results in a fluent walking motion. No propeller available for this version.
Price: $255

7. Titanic Ship

Titanic Ship

A small and cute titanic ship, made of strong and flexible white nylon plastic with a matte finish and a little grainy feel.
Price: $13

6. Headbuddy


It’s a simple and affordable solution for using your earphone in a more effective way while running. The headbuddy is made of richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish. It is available in various colors.
Price: $15

5. Skull Ring

Skull Ring

This skull ring is 3d printed with a slightly tessellated surface finish. It is made of bronze-infused stainless steel with rough feel and visible print lines.
Price: $95

4. Nuke Lamp

Nuke Lamp

It’s a unique table lamp made of white nylon plastic. The complex surfaces were created using fluid dynamic simulations.
Price: $145

3. Yoda


This 3d Yoda is made of strong and flexible nylon plastic and slight grainy feel. Currently, it is available in two colors i.e. black and white.
Price: $110

2. Birdsnest Eggcup

Birdsnest Eggcup

Birdsnest eggcup can hold a medium egg and can also adapt to larger egg due to the flexible nature of printing material. It comes in a set of four and available in many different colors.
Price: $35

1. Muse Characters

Muse Characters

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This is a great collection (130+) of muse characters, all are fully rigid and available for download in .DAE and .FBX format. You need to pay $20 for each and few of them are available for free download.
Price: $20 (Only for design)

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