25+ Most Amazing Things Found In Space

Space is full of strange things and human still don’t know much about them. NASA and other space agencies launch their satellites every year to study the numerous unsolved questions about the universe. While exploring the space, many strange things were discovered. Some of the most amazing things found in space include a star made of diamond, black hole triplet and an asteroid with rings. Let’s travel into the mysterious galaxy and find out some of the most bizarre things ever discovered by scientists in the outer space.

26. Sombrero Galaxy

Sombrero GalaxyImage source: wikipedia

The Sombrero Galaxy is a spiral galaxy located 28 million light years from earth. It has a bright sun and circled by a disk of dust. This galaxy is considered to be the brightest galaxy within some regions of the Milky Way.

25. A Star 1500 Times the Sun

A Star 1500 Times the SunImage source: wikimedia

Our Sun is 109 times larger than the earth and occupies the 99 percent of the solar system’s mass. Now imagine a star that is over 1500 times the Sun. VY Canis Majoris (one of the most luminous star) is around 1.9 billion km in diameter and located 3900 light years from earth.

24. Space Dragon

Space Dragon 2009 hubble telescopeImage source: newsscientists

In 2009, the Hubble space telescope has marked a dragon shaped cosmic mirage of stars. This image is made up of multiple images of spiral galaxy which is located at 10 billion light years from earth.

23. Eye of God Nebula

Eye of God NebulaImage source: wikipedia

The Helix Nebula is a big interstellar cloud of dust, helium, hydrogen and many other gases. The Helix Nebula is also referred to as the “Eye of God”, as well as “Cat Eye Nebula”. It is located 650 light years away the earth. Astronomers described it a trillion mile long tunnel of glowing gases with several dying star in the center.

22. Giant Butterfly Effect

Giant Butterfly EffectImage source: wikipedia

The butterfly effect is a kind of dependency in which a small change on one side can result in large changes in another state. Sounds like the waves formed by stone after throwing it in the water. When a star destroys, large amount of gases and dust are released in the shape of the wings of a butterfly.

21. An Asteroid with Rings

An Asteroid with RingsImage source: space

Recently in March 2014, astronomers announced that an asteroid with rings has been seen in the solar system. It is 154 miles in width and orbits around Saturn and Uranus. Its rings are very dense and made of water ice.

20. Hypervelocity Star

Hypervelocity StarImage source: universetoday

Hypervelocity stars have a very high velocity, so that they exceed the escape velocity of the galaxy. These stars have the velocity on the order of 1000 km/Sec. As of 2014, only 20 Hypervelocity stars were known.

19. Mickey Mouse Crater

Mickey Mouse CraterImage source: space

On Mercury’s southern hemisphere, a big spot was found that looks like the face of Mickey Mouse. It covers a distance of around 105 kilometers and created by many craters over a long period of time. This photo was taken by the NASA’s Messenger spacecraft on 3rd June 2012 and was publicly released on 15th June 2012.

18. Martian Face

Martian FaceImage source: wikimedia

On 25th July 1976, astronomers clicked a very strange photo of the Mars surface. There are many things that resemble to look like a human face. These objects are referred to as Face on Mars. This face is believed to be nothing more than an optical illusion made by hills on Mars.

17. Black Hole Triplets

Black Hole TripletsImage source: space

It is believed that all galaxies have a supermassive black hole at their centers. Astronomers have located a galaxy that has three black holes. Some suggest that two of the black holes are just one. Further observations are under study.

16. Unicorn Nebula

Unicorn NebulaImage source: pixgood

Unicorn Nebula or Trifid Nebula is another big cloud of mixed gases. As its name suggests, it looks like a mysterious creature, a unicorn. Like this, strange looking nebula, there are billions of other nebula in the universe.

15. Magnetar

MagnetarImage source: wikimedia

A magnetar is a type of star which has an extremely powerful magnetic field. Due to this, it decays the high energy electromagnetic radiation. It form the shape of several hyperbolas and the first case was detected in 1979.

14. Giant Magnifying Glass in Space

Giant Magnifying Glass in SpaceImage source: dailygalaxy

The gravity is so powerful that it bends light. Due to this effect, an object doesn’t look at a place where it appears to be. Scientists call it, bizarreness gravitational lensing. Through this effect, they can find invisible objects like black holes.

13. Mars’ Mitosis Crater

Mars' Mitosis CraterImage source: imgur

Another unique shape was found on Mars. It was believed to have been caused by one crater that splits into two when it enters the Mars atmosphere. Its name is given after the procedure of cell going through the mitosis process. You can also resemble it with other things. You know what I mean.

12. Hour Glass Supernova (SN 1987A)

Hour Glass Supernova (SN 1987A)Image source: tinypic

SN 1987A was a supernova occurred around 168,000 light years from earth. It was the first supernova discovered in 1987. This was so big that it could be easily seen with naked eyes. It explodes in the shape of an hour-glass, which is the reason behind its name.

11. The Diamond Planet

The Diamond PlanetImage source: isciencetimes

The planet, named 55 Cancri e has a diameter double the size of earth and weighs eight times more. Scientists estimate that the new planet’s surface is hot as 3900 Fahrenheit and thought to be covered in diamond and graphite. This planet moves at hyper speed and according to the solar system, it completes a year in just 18 hours.

10. The Himiko Cloud

The Himiko CloudImage source: dailygalaxy

The Himiko Cloud is considered the massive object ever found in the universe. It dates to 800 million years after the Big Bang.  The Himiko Cloud is roughly half of the size of the Milky Way galaxy. The formation of this galaxy is known as the, Giant Mystery Blob Discovered near the Dawn of Time.

9. White Holes

White HolesImage source: cosmosup

White holes are exactly the opposites of black holes. A black hole sucks everything and a white hole releases energy. Till, none have been found. If we able to detect any white hole in the future, it will help us to solve many mysteries, including the source of materials that made the galaxies

8. Pluto’s Ice

Pluto's IceImage source: usatoday

The surface temperature of Pluto is still not confirmed. Some say it is around 40 degree Kelvin (-233 degree Celsius) while other says it is 55 degree Kelvin (-218 degree Celsius). But, this temperature is enough to make the ice harder than most steels found on earth.

7. Universe’s Largest Water Reservoir

Universe's Largest Water ReservoirImage source: NASA

A team of astronomers has discovered the largest water reservoir in the universe. It is twelve billion light years away from the solar system and contains 140 trillion times the water on earth. A supermassive black hole is also placed at the center, which is twenty billion times the size of our sun.

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6. A Person of Mars

A Person of MarsImage source: space

This image also appears to be an optical illusion created by a rock’s shadow. Andrew Basiago claims the existence of life on Mars and the teleportation technology. He also stated that he traveled in time to access future and past events. What do you think about this?

5. Largest Electric Current

Largest Electric CurrentImage source: pixabay

A few years ago, few scientists noticed a mega lightning flash. It was the order of 10^18, means one trillion lightning bolts. That lightning is thought to originate from a super-size black hole. It was so big that it covers a distance of over one hundred fifty thousand light years.

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4. Planet of Burning Ice

planet of Burning IceImage source: wikimedia

Gliese 436 b is a strange planet. Its outermost surface is made of ice, but has the temperature of over 400 degree Celsius. This planet is also known as a burning ice – cube. The only reason of this effect is the extremely high gravity that pulls the water toward the core, so that it remains densely packed and cannot evaporate.

3. Breakdown of Asteroid

Breakdown of AsteroidImage source: wired

For the first time, astronomers captured the event of breakdown of an asteroid into several pieces. The Hubble space telescope takes these images over a few months from October 2013 to January 2014. The largest piece of the asteroid size is around one-eighth of a mile wide.

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2. Firefox Star

Firefox StarImage source: wired

In December 2002, scientists take few photos using the Hubble space telescope. A red star was found around 20,000 light years from the sun. On 23rd September 2002, Firefox browser was officially launched. Both the star and Firefox logos are looking almost same. You can call it, coincidence.

1. Supermassive Blackhole

Supermassive Black Hole - Things Found In SpaceImage source: wikimedia

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In September 2014, scientists declared that they found the biggest black hole ever discovered in the universe. An artist draws the concept of this ultra-compact dwarf galaxy, named M60-UCD1. According to the artist’s view, it weighs 21 million times the weight of the sun.

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