15 Most Amazing Vehicles With Unique Designs

Human mind contains a lot of creativity and they urge to show their innovation at every place. In most of the cases, people choose vehicles as the best option to show their creativity. The best thing about these vehicles is their design which attracts thousands of eyes. We know you can’t see them all in real, that’s why we are bringing them all in one place. The following article compiles a list of most amazing vehicles with unique designs. We have also included a few concept designs. Have a look and appreciate the human creative mind. As we said, some of the following vehicles are conceptual while others are in production.

15. Human Powered Car

Human Powered CarImage via: humancar

The most efficient human powered land vehicle is the bicycle. Few creative minds designed this vehicle which is powered by humans, not by the engine. It has the capacity for four passengers and controlled by pushing and pulling jamber handled levers. All four passengers can generate enough power to run it at maximum speed of 50 MPH.

14. Greenbird Car

Greenbird CarImage via: ecotricity

The Greenbird is a vehicle that can run on land as well as ice. But, it is powered by a common energy source, wind. This eco-friendly design is a joint project of Ecotricity (UK’s first green electricity company) and Richard Jenkins. The company’s main aim is to break both land and ice speed records. In March 2009, they established a new world record on land of 126 MPH.

13. C1 Electric Motorcycle

C1 Electric MotorcycleImage via: flickr

In 2010, Lit Motors Inc. revealed the design of the C1 electric motorcycle. It is powered by a 20 KW lithium iron phosphate battery. It is enclosed in a body and balanced by two side stands. It can achieve a top speed of over 100 MPH. It is made for only one person but the second passenger could sit behind the limited area of the driver.

12. Spherical Drive System Motorcycle

Spherical Drive System MotorcycleImage via: disenoart

In 2012, some students from the Charles Davidson College at San Jose State University created the design of a unique motorcycle. It features the technology of gyroscope, accelerometer and a complex mechanism that is controlled by a computer system. This motorcycle is ridden in the same manner like a conventional bike but it also includes some new features like rotating on a spot.

11. TRON Light Cycle

TRON Light CycleImage via: wikimedia

TRON Light Cycle is a fictional vehicle designed by Syd Mead. These vehicles were first used in a racing in computer programs. They create a wall of colored light as they move and if anyone hits that wall, they are out of the game. Only few similar looking prototypes were manufactured as a part of Tron film. In reality, they never create the wall of colored light. They are powered by lithium-ion battery that can drive it up to 100 MPH.

10. Aerofex Hover Vehicle

Aerofex Hover VehicleImage via: inhabitat

Aerofex, an aerospace engineering corporation creates the design of the Aero-X hoverbike. Its mechanism is based on the working of a helicopter but on smaller level. It can carry up to two people and estimated to be available in 2017. They claim that it can rise up to 15 feet from the ground and travel at maximum speed of 45 miles per hour.

9. Pedal Pub

Pedal PubImage via: pedalpub

A Pedal Pub, pedibus or party bike is another human powered vehicle. They are usually available at tourist locations for party while traveling. It is powered by passengers and the steering and braking system is controlled by the driver. One vehicle has a maximum capacity of up to twelve passengers. Such vehicles are mostly used for wedding parties, coffee and alcohol drinkers.

8. Mono Wheel

Mono WheelImage via: wikimedia

A mono wheel is a single wheeled vehicle which is controlled by a person sitting inside. The concept of mono wheels was first introduced in the 19th century and used as a serious transportation. At present, they are built for only entertainment purpose. Moreover, it has never been accepted widely as a mode of transportation.

7. Saunalutta

SaunaluttaImage via: zeutch

A group of friends in Finland created the Saunalutta raft. It consists of two decks and a small area for changing room. The lower deck includes a room for motor and propulsion system. It also has some area for rear swim platform. The above deck features an eating area and space for entertainment. This creative vehicle is also available for rent; you have to contact them via their official Facebook page.

6. Uno-Dicycle

Uno-DicycleImage via: wikimedia

The Uno or single wheeled motorcycle is an electric powered vehicle. It was created by Ben Gulak in 2006. He created it with the aim of making an eco-friendly alternative. This motorcycle is created by placing two axial drive wheels side by side to provide balance. In 2008, Ben was awarded with a top 10 prize by Popular Science’s Invention Award. He was also offered $1.2 million for further developments of the Uno.

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5. Suprine Exodus

Suprine ExodusImage via: thekneeslider

Suprine Exodus is the world’s first mid-engine motorbike. It features a powerful 1172 cc four cylinder BMW engine that generates a total power of 126 horsepower. Most of its frame is made up of titanium, steel and magnesium components. It can attain a maximum speed of 155 MPH. Its cheapest model starts from $55,000.

4. Jet Skycar

Jet SkycarImage via: likecool

Parajet Skycar is an undergoing project to develop a jet Skycar. It is a kind of flying car, designed by a British  paramotor  manufacturer, Parajet. It features a paramotor and a parachute attached to it to maintain a flight level. It can go at maximum speed of over 80 km/h. There are only a few places where it can’t fly.

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3. Bombardier Embrio

Bombardier EmbrioImage via: carsbase

Bombardier Embrio is a conceptual single wheeled vehicle that uses a gyroscopic technology to balance it. It is an example of futuristic view. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which emits only water as a by-product. It features a trigger control on its left handlebar to control acceleration and braking system. It also features a small front wheel that balances the vehicle when travelling below 15 km/h.

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2. Rocket Powered Bicycle

Francois Gissy created a rocket bicycle to break the world record of fastest cycle. In November 2013, he hit a top speed of 285 km/h, which he further improves it to 333 km/h in November 2014. It can attain its maximum speed within 4.8 seconds. Now he claims to make a new world record of over 400 km/h in upcoming years and he is calling it “Spine Crusher”.

1. Fastest Human Powered Cycle

Fastest Human Powered Cycle - Amazing Vehicles With Unique DesignsImage via: eta

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Recently in September 2013, Sebastian Bowler and his team from the Delft University of Technology and University Amsterdam created the world’s fastest human powered bicycle. The whole bicycle is covered in a sharp pointed shell and the rider has to lay to run it. The rider can only interact with surrounding using a microphone and a screen which displays the forward path. They break the previous record by 0.6 km/h and made a new record of 134.38 km/h.

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