35+ Impressive App Icon Designs for Inspiration

The app could perform better if developers focus on great interface. Design involves the entire user experience – from the main page to the menus and setting pages all the way down to the application icon designs.
The look of an icon matters more than you may think. If it doesn’t look good, there’s a chance that your app will be degraded from the homepage, and sent back to the tabs where it may never see the light of day. Also, it appears on the app store listing, so a mediocre icon could easily influence the number of downloads.

Creating an impressive icon is not a simple job. To help you on your way, we have gathered few stylish and innovative icons for almost all types of apps, color combination and visual effect. A few of them are concepts instead of actual app designs. 

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35. Cinnamon Roll


The low fat and sugar free icon created by Creativedash

34. Treehouses


A showcases of treehouses in original pictures and HD video format.

33. AsthmaMD


A free app for managing Asthma and gathering anonymous asthma data to help researchers with exceptional information.

32. Shoe


A concept icon designed by Ivan Shevchyk.

31. Appzilla


The unique collection of 200 apps in one sleek package.

30. Mail


A simple mail icon with a nice level of abstraction, designed by Evgeniyus.

29. Animoto


Animoto is an app for creating beautiful video slideshows.

28. Sooshi


All in one information about sushi.

27. iOS 7 Safari

iOS7 Safari

A custom made icon developed for iOS 7 and the newly integrated flat design that apple is bringing to their interface.

26. Camera


Just a design created by Jacob Cummings.

25. iTreasure


An app to protect user data by using 256 advanced encryption standard algorithm.

24. Popcorn Machine

Popcorn machine

The unique popcorn machine iOS icon created by Alex Bender and Nikita Ponomarev.

23. Tap Dj

Tap Dj

A pocket Dj app to mix and scratch music on phone.

22. Matchbox


A flat iOS icon designed by Aditya Chhatrala.

21. Baseball


The 3d sports icon design by CreativeDash.

20. Monkey Gab News

Monkey Gab News

Thiago Pacheco created an icon that could fit in any genre.

19. Race icon

Race icon

Icon for game “Race Red Line”, designed by АнДрій Вишковський.

18. Snowbirds


Snowbirds icon created by Lena Kudaeva.

17. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

A greenish look,  given Thomas Snop.

16. Safari


The all new safari icon with sharp needle and different shadow layers, designed by Slava Beskrovniy.

15. Primal


A concept icon that fits on photo/video editing apps.

14. Net Status

Net Status

Net Status monitors what’s happening now with your host router and other network devices connected to the LAN.

13. Minion


An elegant Minion app icon designed by Creativedash Design Studio.

12. Flat Stethoscope

Flat Stethoscope

The concept icon for health related apps, created by Travis Lee Street.

11. Beard & Mustache

Beard Mustache

An icon for beard and mustache related apps, created by Adhi Purwo Manunggal.

10. Vault


A design for security and lock related apps, created by Creativedash.

9. Download Button

Download Button

Flat buttons with shadow finish, designed by Juns.

8. Waffle


Freshly baked waffle cooked by Eddie Lobanovskiy.

7. Long Shadow Icons

Long Shadow Icons

Long shadows is a good compromise between flat and skeuomorphism style.

6. Red Bus

Red Bus

Kazan Red Bus iOS icon created by Andrew Bouz.

5. Superhero Icons


The one with Batman sign was designed by Hawk Jon, and Superman by Kreativa Studio.

4. Geometric Edit

Geometric Edit

A flat concept ‘edit’ icon to nestle nicely into iOS7, designed by Mike Beecham.

3. Social Network

social network

Icon redesigned for Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

2. App and Game Icons

game and appgame and app1

A small collection of beautiful icons designed by Zigor Samaniego.

1. iOS Icons

iOS Icon1 iOS Icon6 iOS Icon5 iOS Icon4 iOS Icon3 iOS Icon2

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This is a set of iOS icons executed using exclusively Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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