20+ Apps That Can Earn You Extra Money and Rewards

You probably already know that there are some apps that can help you make extra bucks. But, you may not know much about these apps. We’ve gathered some trustworthy money making applications you can use to earn real cash or rewards.
These apps will not make you a millionaire, but if they can pay your bills or get you a free dinner, then they are worth checking out. Let’s turn your smartphone into a small money making device.

22. Foap


How to Earn: Foap allows you to make money by taking photos. Just upload your photos from apps like Flickr, Instagram and more. You can upload unlimited images and charge as much as you like per picture.

Cashout option: PayPal

Platform: iOS | Android

21. Swagbucks


How to Earn: Participate in different activities like shopping local deals, watching fun videos, searching the web, answering fun polls to earn Swagbucks – virtual money that can be redeemed in the form of gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks and more.

Cashout option: PayPal

Platform: iOS | Android

20. Get Paid to Play

Get Paid to Play

How to Earn: This app allows you to make easy money by downloading other free apps, registering to free sites and watching video ads.

Cashout option: PayPal

Platform: Android

19. Slidejoy Lock Screen

Slidejoy Lock Screen

How to Earn: Unlock your phone to earn money. After installing this app you’ll have ads as your phone lock screen background. Ignore or engage with the ads, either way you’ll earn the same amount.

Cashout option: PayPal and Square Cash

Platform: Android

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18. Viggle


How to Earn: When you’re listening to music or watching TV, open this app so it can listen to and identify/track the show or song. You’ll earn points for every show or song you engage with.

Points Redeem option: Gift cards, Trips, or Electronics.

Platform: iOS | Android | Windows

17. InboxDollars


How to Earn: Use this app to browse the internet, take surveys, read emails and play games in exchange for cash. You need to earn at least $30 to request a payout. Also, it gives you $5 for just trying it out.

Cashout option: Check

Platform: iOS | Android

16. Perk Pop Quiz

Perk Pop Quiz

How to Earn: Play trivia on your phone with perk pop quiz and earn gift cards. Just select the category and race against the clock. The smarter you are, the faster you earn the points.

Point Redeem option: Gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Groupon and more.

Platform: iOS | Android

15. CashPirate


How to Earn: Make money by playing free games, downloading other mobile apps, watching videos, inviting friends and by taking free product trials. You have to reach 2,500 coins to request a payout or receive gift cards.

Cashout option: PayPal

Platform: Android

14. CheckPoints


How to Earn: Install the app and scan barcodes for product likes Dreyers, Coca-Cola and many more in a store or shopping malls to get instant rewards. You can also collect coins by watching free videos and playing games.

Coin Redeem option: Amazon Gift Packs

Platform: iOS | Android

13. Tapporo


How to Earn: Make money and get rewards with Tapporo by watching videos, referring the app to your friends, downloading free apps and more. You can get Google play gift cards, Facebook credit, game cards or mobile accessories as rewards.

Cashout option: PayPal

Platform: Android

12. JunoWallet


How to Earn: This is a reward app where you can earn JunoCredits (which is further converted into cash) by playing games, doing surveys, watching videos and by inviting tons of your friends. You can also use these credits to get gift cards like Amazon, Google play, iTunes, eBay etc.

Cashout option: PayPal and Bitcoins

Platform: iOS | Android

11. Ibotta


How to Earn: Ibotta is a cashback coupon system. No gimmicks, get the cashback on any brand, on anything you want to buy every week like milk, fruits, vegetables. This app can save you hundreds of dollars every week. Rebates will vary according to the product and promotion.

Save on: Popular eCommerce websites (like Amazon) and shopping stores (like Walmart).

Platform: iOS | Android

10. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog

How to Earn: Take photos of receipts and get reward points. Unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to shop at specific stores to get cashbacks.

Award Points: Available for PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

Platform: iOS | Android

9. i-Say


How to Earn: i-Say (by Ipsos Company) is a polling platform where you can earn rewards by taking surveys and sharing your options. Complete the survey(s) in your free time and collect the points.

Cashout option: PayPal or you can redeem points for gift cards at Amazon.

Platform: Web-based

8. Wild Wallet

Wild Wallet

How to Earn: Make money online by using their hot offers to earn credits. You can share the app on social media, watch video ads, invite your friends, complete surveys or download other listed apps to get credits.

Cashout option: PayPal

Platform: Android

7. Gigwalk


How to Earn: Run special assignments for clients at a specific price. You could be asked to checkout a new product, become a mystery shopper, click images of a place etc. Gigs (or tasks) range from $6 to $220.

Cashout option: PayPal

Platform: iOS | Android

6. Easy Shift

Easy Shift

How to Earn: Complete simple shifts (assignments) like recording the product price, taking photos, giving opinions etc. Once you complete some initial phase tasks, you will be promoted to higher paying shifts and other worthy perks.

Cashout option: PayPal

Platform: iOS | Android

5. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

How to Earn: First, answer basic questions about yourself and they will send you short surveys around once or twice a week. For each survey you can receive up to $1.

Cashout option: Google Play credits

Platform: Android

4. MintCoins


How to Earn: In MintCoins, you get paid for completing listed offers like downloading apps, completing surveys, watching video advertisements, playing free games etc. The cashout limit is only $1, which you can make in very little time.

Cashout option: PayPal

Platform: Android

3. Pact


How to Earn: This is the most effective way to keep healthy. Just follow your exercise regime. You can earn cash for staying active, paid by the members who don’t. You’ll be getting around $.5 to $.75 dollars per workout (minimum 30 minutes).

Cashout option: PayPal or Credit Card

Platform: iOS | Android

2. ESPN Streak For The Cash

ESPN Streak For The Cash

How to Earn: If you know sports very well then put your prediction to the ultimate test. Name the prediction and make sure you get the longest winning streak. Here you can compete to win over $1.2 million in yearly prizes.
The 43 year old Michael Swanson won $200,000 in 2013.

Cashout option: PayPal or Wire Transfer

Platform: iOS

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1. Field Agent

Field Agent

How to Earn: The app is packed with numerous small assignments that you can complete at everyday places. Specific time and payment (along with the details) are allotted to each job. Complete the task and get paid.

Cashout option: PayPal and Dwolla

Platform: iOS | Android

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