Area 51: Things You Din’t Know

For a couple of decades, the Area 51 has been the most kept secret military installation around the world. It’s been subjected to many conspiracy theories – its connection to objects from outer space. Here we present you some of the facts that you might didn’t know or have misconceptions about.

Area 51 is a detachment of Edward Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training Range. According to the CIA, its official name is Homey Airport (ICAO: KXTA) and Groom Lake.

During the World War II

World War II

During the World War II, airfield around the Groom Lake site, which is also known as Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field, was used for bombing and artillery practices. The bomb craters are still visible in the surrounding vicinity. After the war, it was abandoned by the U.S military.

How it got its name

watertownImage credit: wikimedia

Area 51 got his name from a grid numbering system of the area by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). It was also known as Paradise Ranch or The Ranch.

Origin and U-2

Have BlueHave Blue

The site was reinstated again by the Central Intelligence Agency director Richard M. Bissell for development of strategic reconnaissance aircraft, Lockheed U-2 in 1955. Since then, the Groom Lake site and its surrounding area have been subjected to test and development project site for many modern and high tech, aircraft like Lockheed A-12 and Lockheed F-117 Have Blue.

U.S Government’s stand

Since its full scale establishment, U.S government officials time to time had neglected the presence of such facility around the Groom Lake. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) map of the area only shows a long-disused Groom Mine. Only to keep it more covert, the Nevada Department of Transportation shows a large restricted area, mention the area as Nellis restricted airspace. It was only on July 2013, when the CIA released an official record of U-2 and A-12 OXCART projects, which officially acknowledged the existence of Area 51. This report was a response to several Freedom of Information Act request.

An Area with the Ultra-Security

securityImage credit: wikimedia

Well the fact is never hidden that Area 51 has all types of modern ground and air security, always having 24 hours Surveillance in its surrounding perimeter, to people living nearby or who knows about the Area 51.  It is a restricted area not only for civilians, but also for normal military traffic. The area is patrolled by ‘cammo dudes’ a highly specified trained special military unit. More than a dozen of closed –circuit camera watches eye over the entire area, and all other highly mechanized machinery are installed for protection that can sense even a minor intrusion. But now the real question arises that why an Air Force Base need this kind of tight security. There may be an argument that it has a security prospect to a military base, and it’s also been used for research and development, but then why did U.S.A keep silence about the Area 51 and try to suppress the issue at all these times.

Area 51 and the Moon connection?

While there are many conspiracy theories about the Area 51 there is another, speculating that the Moon landing was actually staged at the Area 51. There are some video evidences that prove this theory.


During the late 1950’s and 1960’s almost all of the UFO were reported by the U-2 flights over the United States. There have been many rumors of alien presence and the spaceships in Area 51. However, rumors have not been proven yet.

Communication restrictions

Area 51 warning signs

Well communication may be a crucial aspect in major surveillance systems, defense programs and so on, but U.S’s Area 51 is one of the few areas in the world that did not communicate with the outer world, with more of a common sense.  Officials and workers are not allowed to communicate to contact anyone outside the premises. The entire area is disabled for cell phone signals meaning no incoming or outgoing through cell phones.

Not only ground, but the airspace surrounding the Area 51 is also restricted for communication and air traffic. It does not matter up to which altitude or height, you cannot jump into the Area 51 by radio.

Though there are some anticipations that some kind of high technology, modern radio transmitter is used for internal and external communication within the premises.

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Area 51 facility

the military baseMilitary base

Since the establishment of Area 51, local government either tries to diverge the matter or suppress it by totally denying the above speculations. But, it sure flourished in the recent past. Today, there are more than 2000 people working in the facility, including defense personals from various companies.

The government also took care of entertainment for those who work there – bowling alley and tennis courts are also a part of this facility with the night clubs just to take the extra heat away from the workers.

Aurora Plane (Myth)?

Aurora Plane (Myth)

Aurora is a supersonic plane which was allegedly controlled and stationed in Area 51. While there is no substantial evidence that Aurora was ever flown or even been built by the United States, but there are huge rumors about the existence of the aircraft. It was plotted that Aurora was built during the mid – 1980s as a reconnaissance aircraft.
The existence of the plane was first exposed in public on March 1990, when Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine published the news that the term “Aurora” had been included in U.S budget (1985) and an astonishing allocation of $455 million to “black aircraft production”. Later in 1994, Ben Rich, the former head of Lockheed’s Skunk Works division, explained that the Aurora term was the budgetary code name for the stealth bomber B-2 Spirit.
Over the past years, there are many claims regarding sight of this supersonic reconnaissance over the U.S and in the Great Britain.

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