All Battlefield Games in Order Of Their Release

Battlefield is one of the most popular first-person shooter video game series produced by Swedish developer EA DICE. The first Battlefield title – Battlefield 1942 – was released in 2002. Since then, about twelve games (excluding the expansion packs) have been released under the franchise.

Unlike other fan-favorite FPS games series, such as Call of Duty, the Battlefield titles emphasize teamwork and coordination to complete the missions. It is a multiplayer-oriented game franchise. A huge part of gameplay in Battlefield games involves the use of military vehicles, such as trucks, artilleries, tanks, and even airplanes. The series also features large maps, teamwork, and vehicle warfare.

Below is a list of Battlefield games in order of their release from the first to the most recent. We have also arranged GTA games in chronological order.

12. Battlefield 1942 (2002)

Battlefield 1942

Release date: September 2002
Platform: Windows, Mac OS X

It all started in 2002 with the release of Battlefield 1942. Set during World War II, the game takes you through all major war theaters during the war.

Players take the role of one of the five infantry types – Assault, Anti-Tank, Medic, Engineer, and Scout. You have access to various World War II-era military vehicles and aircraft, including jeeps, tanks, AA guns, and fighter aircraft.

Battlefield 1942 is a pioneer of cooperative gameplay in the FPS genre. Unlike other similar games of that time, it emphasizes team play instead of a one-man job, where just killing the opposition is not the answer.

As the very first game of the series, Battlefield 1942 not only performed well but also raised the expectations for the upcoming Battlefield titles.

Battlefield 1942 Expansion pack or DLCs

  • The Road to Rome
  • Secret Weapons of WWII

11. Battlefield Vietnam (2004)

Battlefield Vietnam

Release date: March 2004
Platform: Windows

Battlefield Vietnam is the second game in the series. As you may have guessed, the game is set during the Vietnam War, which lasted for two decades, from 1955 to 1975.

Building on its predecessor’s innovative gameplay, Battlefield Vietnam introduced new elements, such as the ability to airlift military vehicles to take the cooperative FPS experience to an entirely new level. But what made Battlefield Vietnam stand out from similar games of that time was its asymmetric warfare gameplay.

There are two factions in the game – the US and the North Vietnamese. Each has access to different types of machines and weaponry.

While the US troops mostly rely on their advanced artillery, tanks, and helicopters, the North Vietnamese side uses irregular warfare tactics, such as punji (bamboo) stick traps and Sipi holes, to counter the US advances. It was intended to balance out the gameplay.

Another noteworthy addition to the game is the use of a 3D map that allows players to pinpoint the location of friendly units and improves situational awareness. Moreover, many of the maps used in the game are based on the events of the real-life war, such as the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the Fall of Saigon.

Like its predecessor, the game requires players to occupy and secure different ‘Control Points’ located across the map to complete a mission.

10. Battlefield 2 (2005)

Battlefield 2

Release date: June 2005
Platform: Windows

Battlefield 2, contrary to its name, is the third installment in the series released after Battlefield Vietnam. The game was released in 2005.

Despite its age, Battlefield 2 has a strong fan base and remains one of the all-time best titles in the series. The new game engine (Refractor 2) allowed it to have improved physics, weather effects, and material penetration.

The events of the game take place at the start of the 21st century in an alternate reality, where the rise of various powerful factions has led to a world war.

The factions or blocs include – China, Russia, the European Union, a fictional coalition of middle east nations, and the United States. It was the first Battlefield game to have a modern setting.

Battlefield 2 has two game modes – Cooperative and Conquest mode. Both have the same settings, but the only difference is that the Cooperative mode includes bots, while Conquest mode involves real players.

With the release of Battlefield 2, the series redefined its cooperative gameplay. The game allows players to form a squad of up to six players. Up to nine such squads make up a team. Each squad has a squad leader and an automatically assigned number and name. Squad leaders are responsible for setting goals for their teams and occasionally call for support.

The main objective in both game modes is to decrease the opposing team’s available tickets by securing as many spawn points as you can. The amount of tickets available to a team determines their ability to call reinforcements.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat – A few months after the release of Battlefield 2, EA released a seperate game titled Battlefield: Modern Combat developed by DICE.

Battlefield 2 DLCs and Booster packs

  • Special Forces
  • Euro Force
  • Armoured Fury

9. Battlefield 2142 (2006)

BF 2142

Release date: October 2006
Platform: Windows, Mac OS X

With already three successful and widely acclaimed Battlefield titles on its portfolio, EA DICE released the fourth game in the series – Battlefield 2142 – with a slightly new concept. Still, the core gameplay remains the same as its predecessor.

The game’s plot revolves around a conflict between two fictitious military powers in the 22nd century – the European Union (EU) and Pan Asian Coalition (PAC).

Battlefield 2142 features two gameplay modes – Conquest and Titan. The conquest mode is nothing new; it allows players to engage in a co-op game to capture and defend multiple spawn points from the enemy team across the map.

On the other hand, Titan game mode is an entirely new addition to the series. In this mode, the final objective is not to capture the enemy team’s spawn points but to destroy their ‘Titan.’

A titan is a large and mobile warship with insanely powerful force fields that protects it from any damage by most conventional weapons. The titans are exclusively controlled by each team’s commander.

While most of the vehicles in the game also appeared in Battlefield 2, they bear a futuristic design to blend in with the game’s timeline.

Players are awarded military ranks based on their experience points through different actions. Every time a player earns a new rank, they are offered to pick a new unlock. It includes equipment and other inventory that players can use during battles.

While Battlefield 2124 is definitely a fun game to play, you may feel like it is missing something, especially when compared to its predecessor. It’s missing the magic that Battlefield 2 had.

Battlefield 2142 Booster pack or DLC

  • Northern Strike [gives access to exclusive unlocks, new vehicles, and maps]

8. Battlefield: Bad Company (2008)

Release date: June 2008
Platform: PlayStation 2, Xbox 360

Battlefield: Bad Company is the fifth main installment in the series. It is the only Battlefield game that was exclusively developed for consoles. Except for Bad Company, every other game has been released for Windows.

Some of the features and elements in the game are new, while others are taken from previous installments. Keeping Battlefield’s typical squad-based combat in focus, the game retained and improved on vehicular warfare in multiplayer mode. However, fighter jets and other fixed-wing aircraft are not available in the game.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the game is a highly destructible environment. Players can almost completely destroy buildings and houses, blow vehicles and vegetation.

You are able to repair military vehicles endlessly as long as it is completely destroyed. Much higher destructibility was achieved in later titles.

Battlefield: Bad Company was initially announced in late 2006, slightly more than a year after the launch of Battlefield 2.

7. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2

Release date: March 2010
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the sixth overall title in the series. The game was released almost two years after its predecessor – Battlefield: Bad Company. Bad Company 2 became an instant hit among first-person shooter fans because of its visuals and combat, which is based around the modern warfare setting.

The game employs an improved Frostbite engine (1.5) compared to its predecessor, which enables players to completely destroy buildings and structures with enough damage. Frostbite 1.5 engine was also used in the 2009 online title Battlefield 1943.

Another significant change introduced in the game is the health regeneration mechanics. Instead of simple health points used in previous titles, Bad Company 2 makes players regenerate their health through various means. If the player character is seriously wounded, they can regain health by taking cover and avoiding damage.

One could argue that the Battlefield series reached its pinnacle with Bad Company 2. Both single-player and multiplayer modes are well designed and engaging. Moreover, in my opinion, Bad Company 2’s Vietnam expansion alone is better in every aspect than many fully-fledged Battlefield titles. It’s one of the best games in the series.

6. Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

Release date: October 2011
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Bad Company 2 was succeeded by another masterpiece of the Battlefield series – Battlefield 3. In fact, many consider BF 3 as the franchise’s best offering, and they are not entirely wrong.

Perhaps the biggest reason why Battlefield 3 is widely popular is its immersive and deep multiplayer gameplay completed with well-designed missions and a great reward system. It re-introduced elements that were missing in the Bad Company series, such as fighter jets and other military vehicles.

The online multiplayer allows players to take on one of the four military roles; Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Support, each having access to different types of weapons and equipment. Battlefield 3 also brought back multiplayer modes such Conquest and Squad Deathmatch from the original Battlefield.

While Battlefield 3’s multiplayer experience is way more than just top-notch, the single-player campaign is no way near it. The campaign lacks freshness and feels too linear compared to multiplayer mode.

Battlefield 3 DLCs

Back to Karkland
Close Quarters
Armoured Kill – [includes some of the biggest maps in the Battlefield series] Aftermath
End Game

5. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

Release date: October 2013
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360/One

Battlefield 4 is the eighth overall title in the Battlefield series. It takes place about six years after the events of Battlefield 3. Building on the foundation laid by its predecessor, Battlefield 4 did a good job of improving several multiplayer gameplay elements. It includes a new and improved commander module, extensive weapons customization, and a set of new military vehicles.

However, as with many other titles in the franchise, Battlefield 4’s single-player campaign remains inadequate and unimpressive. For most of the gameplay, players traverse the map on a vehicle while identifying enemy targets using a tactical binocular and directing squadmates to engage them.

Anyway, back to the game’s robust multiplayer mode – it features a diverse selection of well-designed maps. The new commander module allows one player in each team (leader or commander) to observe the entire battle closely and give orders to teammates in real-time.

While Battlefield 4’s multiplayer mode shares a strong resemblance with its predecessor, the visuals and intensity make it stand apart. The game has the most number of DLCs for any Battlefield title.

Battlefield 4 DLCs

China Rising
Second Assault
Naval Stike
Dragon’s Teeth
Final Stand
Weapons Crate
Night Operations
Community Operations
Legacy Operations

4. Battlefield Hardline

Battlefied Hardline

Release date: March 2015
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 3/4, Xbox One/360

The next title in the franchise, Battlefield Hardline, shifted its focus from military warfare to the civilian domain. Unlike its predecessors, which are based around concepts such as world war, insurgency, and military invasion, the game focuses on policing, armed robbery, and heists.

There are two factions in the game – Cops, or the police Special Response Units, and Criminals. When playing as a cop, you can use the police badge to force them into dropping their weapons and arrest them with handcuffs. You also have access to several realistic military-grade weapons.

One of the best and rather surprising things about Hardline is that it gives you enough room to play stealthily. With proper planning, you can locate enemy positions, explosives, and security alarms with scanners. Of course, if you’re good at it.

You can enjoy this game in five different modes – Heist, Blood Money, Hotwire, Rescue, and Crosshair. Out of the five, Rescue and Crosshair are online multiplayer. In Rescue mode, players are grouped into either cops or criminals and fight for hostages. Cops win if they successfully rescue the hostages, while criminals win if they protect hostages.

Battlefield Hardline DLCs

Criminal Activity

3. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

Release date: October 21, 2016
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Battlefield 1 was released in October 2016 as the fifteenth installment of the series after Battlefield 4. The gameplay takes place during World War I and features realistic weapons and vehicles of that era.

Some of the weapons that players can use are the iconic Colt M1911/A1, Springfield M1903 Mk. 1 bolt action rifle, and Wechselapparat M1917, a German-made flamethrower. To give a more realistic feel of that era, the game allows you to ride a horse during battles.

Battlefield 1 takes a different approach with its campaign mode as compared to the previous installments in the franchise. The campaign revolves around six different characters with six isolated war stories.For the multiplayer gameplay, it has introduced several new modes, better soundtracks, and more advanced maps.

Battlefield 1 is also among the most successful titles in the series, selling over 15 million copies worldwide.

Battlefield 1 DLCs

They Shall Not Pass
In the Name of the Tsar
Turning Tables

2. Battlefield V

Battlefied 5

Release date: November 2018
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Battlefield 5 faced major criticism from fans and media around the time of its launch due to certain controversial elements in the game. However, the overall gameplay was quite well received. Battlefield 5 is built around the World War II theme and is the spiritual successor of Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 5 includes a new multiplayer mode – “Grand Operations,” which is an expansion of the ‘Operation’ mode in Battlefield 1. Here, players compete in multiple rounds, each having a different objective. In the last round, also known as the “Final Stand,” players battle against one another until the last man standing, who will be declared victorious. It also has a battle royal mode named “Firestorm.”

The single-player mode follows episodic war stores, as earlier seen in Battlefield 1. Though short, they are fun to play. As compared to Battlefield 4, several elements of the game work better, and it feels slightly more realistic. But, by no means am I implying that Battlefield 5 is better than the fan-favorite BF 4. The game emphasizes player customization. You can create multiple characters using different weapons and cosmetics.

But that’s just it. The overall game feels underdeveloped and lacks any depth. Battlefield 5 was also commercially unsuccessful, selling just over 7 million copies.

Battlefield V DLCs

Lightning Strikes
Trial by Fire
Defying the Odds
In the Pacific
Into the Jungle

1. Battlefield 2042

BF 2042

Release date: November 2021
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and X/S

Battlefield 2042 is the newest addition to the franchise. It is set in a futuristic timeline with the relevant weapon and gadget designs. The game introduced several new elements, including an airdrop ability at any location and the ability to customize weapons on the go.

Though the Battlefield titles are renowned for their multiplayer gameplay and usually feature a weak or unimpressive single-player mode, almost every game has a campaign option for the player to explore. However, Battlefield 2042 does away with the single-player campaigns entirely.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game supports a maximum of 64 players in a multiplayer room, while Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S support up to 128 players. Battlefield 2042 allows cross-platform play for the first time in the franchise’s history.

The game has three game modes; ‘All out Warfare,’ Battlefield Portal, and Hazard Zone. The first one comprises two standard multiplayer modes. Battlefield Portal is community-driven, wherein players can modify various gameplay modes and select maps from previous games. Hazard Zone is a cooperative multiplayer mode where players compete in a specified setting.

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Battlefield Games in Chronological Order

1. Battlefield 1 (World War I)
2. Battlefield 1942  (World War II)
3. Battlefield V  (World War II)
4. Battlefield Vietnam  (1955-1975)
5. Battlefield 2  (The early 2000s)
6. Battlefield 2042
7. Battlefield 2142

Timelines not specified

8. Battlefield 3
9. Battlefield Bad Company, and
10. Bad Company 2
11. Battlefield 4
12. Battlefield Hardline

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Battlefield games are there?

There are a total of twelve main series games in the Battlefield series. Starting from Battlefield 1942, released in 2002, to Battlefield 2042, released in 2021. There is also an online multiplayer game, Battlefield 1943, released in 2009 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Which Battlefield game is the best?

“The best Battlefield games” differ from person to person, but the most critically acclaimed and fan-favorite titles are – Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, the Bad Company series, Battlefield 3, and BF4.

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Which is better, Battlefield or Call of Duty?

As the two giants of the First-person shooting genre, Battlefield and Call of Duty series are often pitted against each other to find out which franchise is the best.

If you ask any devout fan of the fps genre, who has played games from both the franchises, they will tell you that these two have distinct styles and separate target audiences. Both Battlefield and COD franchises have their strengths and weakness.

In simple and easy words, Battlefield games emphasize cooperation and have more engaging multiplayer. Battlefield titles are graphically superior, more immersive, and on a much larger scale. Call of Duty games, on the other hand, are faster-paced and have usually better storytelling supported by memorable characters.

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