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15+ Best Alternative Keyboard Apps for Android & iOS

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All smartphone devices come with the default keyboard app but for some typist that’s not enough. Especially, if you are using your phone for texting purpose on a daily basis, then you need a lot of features along with the auto-correction and unfortunately that doesn’t come with default keyboard. However, there are lots of apps available out there that helps you to enhance your typing speed and experience. We are presenting latest and best alternative keyboard apps for android as well as iOS devices. The list includes both free and premium apps.

16. Galaxy Keyboard


Galaxy is an elegant keyboard inspired from the space. It offers beautiful galaxy themes, dictionary to add words and various chat symbols. Currently, it supports 7 languages and different screen sizes.
Available for: Android

15. Emoji Keyboard


This is colorful emoji, face, text, sticker and smiley keyboard. It features gesture typing with dynamic preview, next word suggestion, text face, auto capitalization, various layouts, custom keyboard color and background. At present, it supports and over 30 languages and 20+ dictionaries.
Available for: Android iOS

14. MessagEase

MessagEase Keyboard

MessagEase is a very different keyboard that changes the way you type using tap and slide user interface. The most common characters are usually placed on 9 big blocks of the keyboard. It also features word prediction and common gestures including select all, cut, copy and paste. The only con is you have to spend hours to get used to it. Developer claims that users can achieve the speed of 60 words per minute once he/she gets handy.
Available for: Android iOS

13. Hacker’s Keyboard

Hackers Keyboard

Hacker’s Keyboard is designed for users who want the same keyboard as Desktop on their handset. This keyboard has separate numbers, arrow/Tab/Ctrl/Esc keys. It is extremely helpful if you use ConnectBot for SSH access.
Available for: Android

12. Keymoji


Keymoji is the first emoji keyboard for Apple devices. It will suggest you the appropriate word along with the related emoji, before you have completed typing. If you haven’t tried this yet, install it immediately. It will give you a whole new experience of sending messages.
Available for: iOS

11. Thumb Keyboard

Thumb keyboard

This is the most customizable keyboard with many options including flexible layout, voice recognition, key spacing, auto-correction, text to speech feedback, voice input, custom background and much more. It supports over 10 languages and 25+ themes are available with full color customization.
Available for: Android

10. ScribbleKey


ScribbleKey is an innovative and funny way of communicating. Usually, these kinds of apps are used in informal communication only. You can draw pictures, type emoji or use the regular keyboard structure.
Available for: iOS

9. PopKey


PopKey is the animated GIF keyboard which is another level of sending emojis. It allows you to select among thousands of funny GIFs or upload your own to personalize your keyboard. The app automatically replaces written text with the expressive art of the GIF.
Available for: iOS

8. MyScript Stack


MyScript Stack is a handwriting recognition keyboard designed for Apple devices. Just write a character (of any 7 supported languages) and it will be instantly converted to digital text. This is a good option if you are not very fond of QWERTY typing.
Available for: iOS

7. Minuum


Minuum is the minimal interface keyboard with amazing auto-correction and supports over 8 languages. This app includes more than 830 emoji, clipboard tool, cursor control, various keyboard layouts and voice typing. Moreover, it also allows you to monitor your typing speed.
Available for: Android iOS 

6. A.I Type Keyboard Plus

AI Type Keyboard Plus

A.I type keyboard plus is a context based auto-correction and next word prediction tool. It includes 8 default themes and grammar checker, powered by ginger software. The app currently supports more than 35 languages and features voice narration, dynamic sizing, on keyboard search, calculator and much more.
Available for: Android iOS

5. Fleksy

Fleksy - Best Alternative Keyboard Apps

Fleksy is fast, beautiful and elegant keyboard app with numerous custom themes and sizes. It is packed with amazing features such as emoji explosion, incredible auto-correction, powerful gesture, type and play and cloud personalization.
Available for: iOS 

4. TouchPal


TouchPal makes your typing super-fast by providing word and sentence gesture features. It makes you save over ninety percent of keystroke and learns from your input. The app currently supports over 70 languages. Moreover, it is packed with 900+ emoji, customizable themes, bigger keys layout, keyboard meter and speed checker.
Available for: iOS 

3. Go Keyboard


Go Keyboard delivers user friendly interface and better auto-correction. This app is packed with 800+ emoji plus other cute similes, amazing themes, useful plugins, configurable toolbar, various layouts and gesture typing. It supports 60+ languages and compatible across all messaging/email apps.
Available for: Android iOS 

2. Swype


With Swype, you can achieve speed of over 40 words per minute. It’s a premium app with plenty of themes. Swype allows you to customize your keyboard by altering keyboard height, width, vibration duration, long press delay and more. It also supports dictionary backup, talk-back feature, over 70 languages and 20 dialects. You can use quick gestures for daily tasks including cut, copy, paste, select all and search.
Available for: Android iOS 

1. SwiftKey


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SwiftKey is a free keyboard app that provides smarter next word prediction and auto-correction and gives you fast typing experience. The app adapts the way you type and gets smarter with every tap. It is packed with 800+ emoji and numerous beautiful themes, available on Swiftkey store. Moreover, it currently supports over 60 languages.
Available for: Android | iOS 


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