20 Best Android Apps to Learn Science and Mathematics

There is a tremendous amount of information present on the Internet that is enough to make you smarter without spending a penny, and that too on your Android smartphone. The device you are holding in your hand is an incredible educational tool, and app developers are taking advantage of the power of those mobile devices to make informative ebooks, interactive showcases, and even applications for scientists to help in the search of knowledge.

Whether you are looking for ways to organize your coursework, exercise your mind, or expand your knowledge in the science field, there are more than one app especially developed to get the job done. We have collected some the best Android apps that will help you grow your science and mathematic knowledge in a fun way.

20. Udemy Online Courses

Udemy offers more than 1,200 courses, from data analysis to yoga, web development to photography. It mostly focuses on skill based learning and if you want, you can use “Audio Only” mode for convenience. Here you can learn computer programming, business finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, office productivity at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

19. Amazing Science Facts

Packed with thousands of facts, Amazing Science Facts gives you the change to learn new information about any field of science that interests you. Receive daily facts wherever you are – the app requires no internet connection, and even works in airplane mode. You can search any term and listen to the facts using Android’s built-in Text-to-speech synthesizer.

18. Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab turns organic chemistry mechanisms into an amazing fun game of memorizing flash cards and reaction names. It teaches you chemical reactions and how to solve them, all in simple terms. More than 1,100 general chemistry flashcards are included, and don’t worry if you get stuck at any level, hints will appear to help you along the way.

17. BrainPOP

BrainPOP is a kid’s educational app that gives a chance to explore hundreds of science, math, engineering and technology subjects right on their mobile devices. It brings a small library of free educational videos as well as daily featured movie and quiz. Overall, it is perfect for informal, exploratory learning at home or on the go.

16. Complete Biology

Complete Biology app covers more than 35 topics from 8 different categories. If you are a bio lover, you will definitely love this app. It majorly focuses on high school and undergraduate topics, such as cell structure, tissue system, hormonal coordination, sense organ, heredity, genetics, nutrition, ecology, physiological variations, energy transformation, and more.

15. TED

There is no alternative to TED in terms of what they do. It’s a non-profit organization that doesn’t only provides educational videos, but also teaches you how to stay motivated. Here you will find thousands of funny, inspiring, jaw-dropping talks from remarkable personalities, from science and technology to the surprises of your own psychology.

14. NASA

The official NASA app keeps you up to date on the latest space news, mission information, feature stories, videos and images from American space exploration agency. Users get all launch information and countdown clocks, current visible passes for ISS and live streaming videos of experiments conducted on ISS, and access to over 15,000 images.

13. Pocket Physics

Pocket Physics covers most of the vital concepts, formulas and equation of physics. There is discrete explanations of critical topics like, projectile motion, work, power, energy, gravity, magnetic field, electrostatics, current, optics, hydrostatics, thermodynamics, and astronomy. The app is full of formulas, perfect reference and equations with useful images.

12. SoloLearn: Learn to Code

If you are good in mathematics and logics, try coding. SoloLearn teaches you most popular programming languages, including PHP, Java, Python, Swift, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML and CSS. You will learn programming concepts by going through short interactive texts and fun follow-up quizzes. The app also features peer to peer interaction, which means you can contact anyone and share your problem to get a solution.

11. Photomath – Camera Calculator

Just point your camera towards a math question and Photomath will scan it, calculate the result and display the result with step-by-step instructions. The app can recognize hand-written equations, and the smart calculator solves the hard math quadratic equation problems within seconds.

10. Touch Surgery

Touch Surgery is a medical app (especially for students) that lets users simulate real-life surgical procedures right on their mobile. It displays surgical procedures step by step, with anatomy and surgical implements precisely rendered in 3d and test mode for evaluations. Surgical specialties included in the app are Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, Vascular, Orthopaedic, and more. You can easily track your results and measure your learning progress.

9. CK-12: Practice Math & Science

CK-12 features over 5,000 math and science concepts and lessons – all accessible anytime, anywhere. It covers topics from elementary math, time, factors, geometry, arithmetic, algebra, decimals, fractions, analysis, calculus, earth science, biology, chemistry, physics and more. There are also videos, simulation, advanced diagnostic and remediation to help you get through practice and assignments.

8. BioInteractive EarthViewer

EarthViewer allows you to explore the Earth’s geological past, present and future. There are interactive maps of the movements of the Earth’s continents across millions of years, along with the temperature maps of the past century. To get a complete view of our dynamic planet, select your view according to atmospheric composition, biodiversity, day length and solar luminosity. You can locate modern cities and landmarks, trace positions across cons of continental drift, and even track their expected future location.

7. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is an instant source of expert knowledge and computation. It uses a wide collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you. It’s a wizard when it comes to answering questions about a variety of fields of knowledge, especially, mathematics, physics, statistics and earth science.

6. Star Chart

Star Chart puts a virtual planetarium in your pocket. All you have to do is point your mobile at the sky and the app will tell you what exactly you are looking at, including distance and brightness. It calculates the current location (in real time) of every star and planet visible from Earth using GPS technology and an accurate 3d universe.

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5. Math Tricks

Math Tricks is developed for people who want to learn interesting tricks to speed up their calculation process. It will help you solve part of the mathematical problem quite faster than the classical method. The app contains total 81 tricks that include large number addition, subtraction, multiplication, square, and more.

4. Coursera

Coursera gives you access to over 1,000 courses and specialization created by more than 140 of the top universities. Along with Python programming, robotics, and data science, it covers photography, music and dozens of languages, including Chinese, Russian and French. You can stream lecture videos anytime or download it for offline viewing.

3. MalMath: Step by Step Solver

As the name suggests, MalMath solves math problem step by step describing detailed explanation for each step, with graphical view. It solves integrals, derivatives, limits, algebra, trigonometry and equations. Also, for learning purpose, the app generates math problems of several categories and difficulty levels.

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2. Science Journal

The Science Journal app turns your mobile into a portable research station, taking advantage of your device’s sensor to record things like light levels, sound and motion. You can connect to external sensors to conduct experiments on the world around you. It will help you organize your ideas, take notes, make predictions and gather data in multiple trials and then explore your results.

1. Khan Academy

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Khan Academy consists of over 10,000 videos and explanations, 40,000+ interactive common core aligned practice questions with step by step hints. It has in-depth articles related to pre-algebra, arithmetic, geometry, statistics, trigonometry, calculus, biology, physics, chemistry, finance and more. The app will also help you if you are preparing for GMAT, SAT or MCAT.

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