15 Best Browser Games To Kill Time | 2024 Edition

Browser games are not only convenient or easily accessible but are a fun way to interact with thousands of other games from all over the world. These games come in different genres including strategy, shooters, puzzles, etc and are usually free-to-play.

Unlike, PC specs and dedicated console hardware, all you need to play these games is an updated browser with an active internet connection. In my experience, browser games are ideal for those who are looking for casual gaming sessions between work breaks to release some stress.

Many of the names in the list are already popular and are played by millions of users every day, while few are fairly new. Below is our list of 16 best Browser games.

15. Backstabbr


Genre: Strategy

Backstabbr is based on Allan Calhamer’s classic board game ‘diplomacy.’ Set in Europe, each player in the game controls a major power and its military.

The prime objective for any player is to gain the majority of strategic cities, marked as ‘supply centers,’ on the map.

The gameplay is divided into two phases; negotiation and movement. In the negotiation phase, players are allowed to communicate with each other, discuss mutual interests, establish strategic alliances, share gathered intelligence and spread disinformation.

The important thing to remember is that no agreement of any sort can be enforced unless the individual players want them to. After the negotiations, orders from all the players are first disclosed and then simultaneously executed.

The key to this game is to gain the trust of other players while carefully evaluating their trustworthiness at the same time.

14. Virtonomics


Genre: Business Simulation

If you’re a fan of business simulation games then you must give Virtonomics a try. Inspired by Trevor Chan’s Capitalism 2, Virtonomics is an MMO business simulation game that focuses on the working principles and processes of any business and in a competitive, real-world environment.

It follows non-linear gameplay, meaning players are free to choose tactics as they seem fit to compete with other players to gain market share and ultimately driving their profits up.

With indefinite game time and non-existent victory or loss conditions, players can easily define their goals and achieve them. The game controls can be overwhelming for first timers, but you’ll get used to after some time.

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13. A Dark Room

A Dark room

Genre: Adventure

I have played only a few text-and-menu based games and honestly, I am not a big fan of them either, but A Dark Room is one of few games that I really like.

The game begins in a cold, dark room with the player having just the ability to tend a fire. As the game progress, additional abilities will unlock one-by-one. These abilities include collecting resources, crafting, and interacting with strangers.

The objective is to build a thriving community of survivors by carefully managing resources and supplies. Surviving animal attacks are also crucial. It’s an extremely long game but you don’t have to do it all from the start every time you play.

The game automatically saves your progress in your browser so you can continue where you left it during the previous sitting.

12. Candy Box 2

Candy Box 2

Genre: Arcade

Candy Box 2 is another text-based game that you might like. The beginning of the game is as minimal as possible with a ticking candy counter; you can either eat them all or throw some to the ground. There is another option where you can use candies to open ‘extra’ features.

From there on, if you ask me, the game goes nothing short of crazy. Now, apart from indulging yourself in sugary treats, you can enter a map featuring houses and shops from where you can buy various weapons (with candies) and embark upon many heroic quests.

11. Rail Nation

Rail nation

Genre: Strategy

Are you a rail buff? If you are, then this game is for you. Rail Nation will take you to a journey where you’ll witness the evolution of trains, from the slow-moving steam locomotives to modern electric ones, and at the same time create your own railway empire.

The game is divided into two sections. First is the game map, where players work together (sometimes against depending on the situation) to deliver various goods to their base city using trains and earn money.

The second section is comprised of the train station, which houses buildings, such as the engine room, bank, laboratory, etc., that are important for your railway empire.

A single game server in rail nation consists of six different eras, each lasting for 14 days. Every era introduces new unlockable engines which you must utilize to turn more profit and expand your empire. After the six eras, there is an ‘endgame challenge’ where ten of the most advanced cities battle it out to be the winner.

10. Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2

You may have played games that lets you be the bad guy who is tasked with destroying a town or a city, Pandemic 2, however, takes it one step further by giving you the opportunity to eradicate the entire humanity from the face of the earth. It simply brings out the evil genius in you, only if you’re up to it.

To begin with, players are required to choose a disease class. The aim is to make the disease as effective and lethal as possible and to do that you must make necessary adjustments or ‘upgrades’ to certain characteristics related to the disease.

For example, you can allow the disease to spread in colder regions of the world by choosing the appropriate upgrade, similarly, it can be made extremely resilient and so on. However, these upgrades can only be obtained using evolution points which you gain over time.

9. Dead Frontier

Genre: Survival horror

Dead Frontier is one of my longtime favorite MMO game. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it compels players to fight for their survival against zombies. Each player begins the game as a professional or a worker in Nastya’s Holdout, an outpost where players can utilize common services like storage room, market, and bank.

Ammunition, weapons, armor, clothing and other mission items are called “Drugs” and are of extreme importance in the game. Also, it’s vital to note that players can use only a limited amount of weapons and armor while fighting against the zombies.

Unlike most of the other games mentioned here, Dead Frontier requires players to register themselves, though it’s free.

8. Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2

Genre: Puzzle

Little Alchemy 2 is for those who want a fun, addictive yet informative game in which you mix and match various elements to synthesize different products just like in the real world. You start with just the basic elements; air, earth, fire, and water.

By gradually combining them with each other you gain new elements and products, most of which can be combined further. Soon, there will be a long list of elements which you can have fun with.

This isn’t exactly scientific, but it mostly follows a general understanding, for example, if you combine fire with earth (land) you’ll get lava. Sometimes, however, it gets surreal. In many situations, the game pushes you to think outside of the box especially when you find yourself stuck.

7. Worm Food

Worm Food

Genre: Action

Worm Food is a thrilling action game that lets you be a slithering underground monster, whose only aim is to devour every villager living above the surface. Navigate through the layers of soil and rocks to quickly reach the surface and grab as many villagers as you can before the time runs out.

The game is composed of 20 levels, each with a different time limit and the total number of villagers needed to proceed to the next level. The first few levels of the game are relatively easier, but it gradually gets challenging as the villagers start blocking your way and attacking you.

6. Escape Goat

Escape Goat

Genre: Puzzle

Escape Goat is a 2D puzzle platformer in which players take control of an imprisoned magical goat, yeah, you heard it right, who must get out of the prison at any cost. You will be accompanied by a mouse who can be summoned at any point during the game.

Each level has multiple trapdoors and machinery which are controlled by switches located in random locations. Players must manipulate these switches in order to get to the next level. Your companion (the mouse) can fit through cramped spaces and can be used to distract enemies.

You must take advantage of the surrounding environment to get past obstacles since the goat don’t possess any combative abilities (except for headbutting). If you die during a mission don’t worry, unlimited instant respawning make sure that you get things right; it also keeps the game fairly engaging.

5. TacticsCore.io


Genre: MOBA Shooter

TacticsCore.io, formerly known as STBA.io, is perhaps one of the most refined browser games I have ever seen. Players start the game by simply choosing for a wide variety of fighter or war machines each with different capabilities and weakness.

The basic premise of the game is a war between two factions; Red and Blue. You will be pitted in either one of them. The objective is to hunt the enemy faction and destroy their base. How well you will do it depends on your strategy to take on enemy ships and support of others in your faction.

On the top right corner of the screen, you will see a real-time ranking of players with their total kills and an inset map on the bottom left corner which gives a pretty good idea of your position. The gameplay is fairly smooth.

4. Threes


Genre: Puzzle

Threes is a popular sliding puzzle game featuring numbered tiles in a four-by-four grid. The game is played by merging two subsequent numbers (ones with twos) and multiples of threes until there is no possible move left. For instance, you can combine two tiles of threes which will produce a single number six, similarly combine two sixes and a single twelve will emerge and so on.

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The goal is simple, combine as much numbered tiles as possible to achieve the highest score which is calculated after every game. A game of Threes usually lasts about a couple of minutes.

The game was initially released for iOS in 2014 but was later made available for Android and Xbox One devices. Threes was named the best iPhone game in 2014.

3. Kingdom Rush

Kindgdom Rush

Genre: Tower defense

Kingdom Rush is a popular browser-based tower game set in a medieval fantasy. Like most of the other tower defense games, the objective here is to set up defenses along a pre-determined path in each level to destroy every single enemy wave before it reaches the endpoint.

Along the pre-defined path, there are several strategy points or spots where you can build your defense towers. There are four types of towers to choose from; Artillery, Archers, Barracks, Mages, each with their own abilities and weakness.

Players begin with a small amount of gold (in-game) to get on with their initial defenses. From there on every kill will earn you gold which you can use to shore up your defenses or unlock various upgrades.

2. Agar.Io


Genre: Action

In Agar.io, players take control of a small cell and navigate through a map filled with agar (a jelly-like substance) and other cells (players). The objective is to capture or eat as much agar as possible so that your cell becomes the largest. The trick is to avoid other cells, at least at first.

Despite its simplistic appearance with all the colorful cells and checkered background, the game is fairly challenging. As a smaller cell, you can navigate much faster and easily evade the bigger cells.

But when you gain a considerable amount of mass, it gets much harder as you need to hunt other player’s cells to grow.

However, once their cells attain a certain mass (as a result of eating agar), players can split them into two which allows better mobility since cells with more mass moves much slower.

Agar.io is also available on Steam, iOS and Android platforms.

1. Slither.io


Genre: Casual

The concept of Slither.io is similar to that of Agar.io, but as far as the overall gameplay is concerned, my money will always be on former. It is basically a mixture of classic arcade game Snakes and Agar.io in which players control a worm-like creature and navigate through quite a vast area.

The objective is to achieve the longest worm. Once a player’s avatar is spawned into the game it will continue to move forward until it collides with another worm head-on. In that case, your worm will perish leaving behind bright colored pellets. Oh, and a worm also dies when it hits the border of the circular board but this time without leaving any pellets.

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While feeding on naturally occurring multicolored pellets allows your worm to grow in size, to get bigger, you must outmaneuver your opponents to defeat them and consume pellets released by them.

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