15 Best CCleaner Alternative for Windows, Mac and Linux

We all want our machines to respond fast, no matter how old it is. One of the most popular application that helps us to make our machines quick is CCleaner. It cleans all junks from your computer, including temporary files and invalid/expired registry entires. Not only it does this, it can automatically delete the browser’s history and uninstall dead programs.

However, if you are a Linux user and looking for a similar kind of application, you are landed on the perfect destination. We are listing a few applications that provide the same functionalities (more or less) as CCleaner not for only Linux, but also for Mac OS and Windows.

15. FileCleaner

Platform: Windows

FileCleaner concentrates on your browser history, temp files and junk data. It analyzes errors in your PC and repairs them while it automatically backs up any alteration done in the system registry. You can manage files using the Large Files tool to search the files taking a giant space of your hard disk. All files will be previewed (within the tool) before you move or delete them.

14. FSlint

Platform: Linux

FSlint is primarily a duplicate file finder tool, but you can use it to delete unwanted programs and junk files. Along with duplicate files, it finds temp files, bad IDs and empty directories. You can also select a particular location to be searched for duplicated/unwanted files, and get rid of them within a click. Initially, the application seems quite complex, but once you get familiar, things get easier.

13. ComboCleaner

Platform: Mac

ComboCleaner will clean your disk of junk files and remove malware, including adware and unwanted apps causing frustrating ads when browsing the Internet. It is packed with antivirus, duplicate file finder, disk cleaner, big files finder, app uninstaller and privacy scanner.

12. Wise Care 365

Platform: Windows

Wise Care 365 is categorized into 4 features – System tuneup, PC checkup, Wise Utilities and Privacy Protector. Its interface is neatly organized into several sections that features all the tools needed for system cleanup and optimization. The initial scan will reveal all files and modules that are either slowing down your computer or not required anymore.

11. Ubuntu Tweak Tool

Platform: Linux

Ubuntu Tweak is specially designed Ubuntu Linux distribution, which makes configuring Ubuntu a lot simpler. It includes options for quickly updating apps, tweaking advanced settings and deleting space consuming junks, either selectively, or all at once. Moreover, it comes with a Janitor sub-module that allows you to remove unwanted files such as old/broken packages, cache, config files, and much more.

10. Xleaner

Platform: Windows

Xleaner is a lightweight application (1.23 MB) that helps you get rid of all junk files in your system, recovering hard disk space and improving system performance. The common Windows areas like recent document lists, computer search lists, temp folder and menu’s history – Xleaner can clean up all within a click. Moreover, it supports purging all usage traces from up to 150 applications.

9. DaisyDisk

Platform: Mac

DaisyDisk makes plenty of space on your Mac by removing old junk. Just scan a disk, and it will display all of your files and folders as a visual interactive map. The tool makes it easy to find unusually large file, preview its content and delete if you don’t need it anymore. It also gives you a great overview of all connected disks such as flash, Thunderbolt disk and network storage. However, the tool is not free, you need to pay $10 to download and use it.

8. Razer Cortex

Platform: Windows

Razer Cortex is specially developed to help gamers wring extra performance from their PCs. It suspends unnecessary system processes, clears out the memory and defrags system to get the very best game performance possible. It automates the fiddly process of turning off unnecessary programs and services when you start a game.

7. Glary Utilities

Platform: Windows

Glary Utilities includes a handful of applications that enables you to tweak, optimize and improve your system’s performance. It covers all features that you might be looking in a single tool – memory optimizer, duplicates finder, uninstall manager, disk cleaner, file shredder, registry repair, malware hunter  and tracks eraser.

In case any tool makes crucial changes to the system (like tweaking registry files), Glary Utilities creates a backup copy before proceeding.

6. Stacer

Platform: Linux

Stacer is the Ubuntu system optimizer that comes with a clean and modern user interface. It covers four sections – Apt cache, crash reports, system logs and app cache. The dashboard provides a quick look at system resources and lets you clean the junk files within a click. You can manage startup application, services and uninstall software to free up valuable space.

5. Advanced SystemCare

Platform: Windows

Advanced SystemCare has a nice, easy-to-use interface that is unlikely to frighten even the newest PC user. Like other software, it cleans up files and folder you don’t need, tweaks the registry and corrects errors on your hard drive, all through a simple, slick dashboard. What’s more, the new startup optimization module can quickly scan startup items and disable unnecessary startup apps to boost startup time.

4. MacBooster

Platform: Mac

If you are looking for all-in-one maintenance tool to clean up junk files and remove malware to protect your Mac, MacBooster might be a great option. If offers Mac disk defragment and memory clean function that help you boost your machine to the peak performance. It resides in the menu bar (can be disable) and displays the usage of memory and status of network. Moreover, it offers a quick start up for the system cleanup and guides you to uninstall the app leftovers.

3. SlimCleaner

Platform: Windows

SlimCleaner lets you clean registry, evaluate disk, search for duplicate files, uninstall application and manage startup. Some other useful features that you won’t get in conventional tools are – file fragmentation using methods like cleaning procedure, and defragmentation of the hard drive. With SlimClear, you can also monitor real-time usage of your CPU, RAM and details about the application that is utilizing the SlimCloud community.

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2. Dr. Cleaner

Platform: Mac

Dr. Cleaner is the all-in-one app that provides disk cleaning, memory optimization and system monitoring to keep your Mac optimized for better performance. It has a decent interface that shows real-time network usage and CPU usage in the menu bar. You can also use the application to find duplicate folders and large files that are consuming your the valuable space.

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1. BleachBit

Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux

From broken desktop files and thumbnail cache, to debug logs, temporary files, BleachBit can clean up almost anything. It supports up to 100 applications, including browsers, media players, and office suites. The best thing is you can overwrite free disk space to hide previously deleted files, shred files to hide their content and prevent data recovery.

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It’s the same software that was used by Bruce Schneier (computer security professional) while working on the secret documents provided by Edward Snowden.

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