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The expansion of media services like Netfilx and Hulu gives rise to a new trend in entertainment industry. More and more users now prefer premium services over traditional television channels, where they can legally watch anything anytime they want on multiple platforms.

There are hundreds of services that provide their users access to popular movies and sitcoms on demand all over the world. In lieu of their services, these platforms charge a significant subscription fee, which many are happy to pay. But what about those who don’t?

If you are one of those who don’t want to pay any fee for on-demand video services, then don’t worry. While there are not many free options, we have tried our best to compile some of the best free movie download apps from where you can legally watch and download hundreds of films/series, for absolutely free.

12. Vudu

Platform: Android, iOS

Vudu app is an extremely useful movie application that not only provides free access to legal media contents like movies and TV series in high definition, but also work as a digitalization tool with which you can easily convert Blu-rays to digital movies with the help of UPC (Universal Product Code) right on your smartphone.

Here you can watch thousands of free movies and TV shows with limited ads and some of them are available in ultra high definition quality. The app also allows you to rent thousands of movies and television shows. Plus, you can cast your videos on bigger screens with Chromecast.

11. Tubi TV

Platform: Android, iOS

Tubi TV is another popular video-on-demand service which provide access to hundreds of movies and TV series in high quality absolutely for free. Here you can enjoy movies from different genres including comedy, drama and horror. New shows and movies are added every week.

All contents are legally provided by more than 200 production houses and studios, including Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lionsgate. You don’t have to register anywhere to enjoy videos. However, in-app ads can degrade your experience.

10. Mobdro

Platform: Android

Mobdro is a lesser known app than most of the items listed here. It allows you to stream your favorite movies, popular TV shows, documentaries and much more. However, it works slightly differently than most of the video streaming apps: instead of individual movies and shows, you get to select a particular channel just like a traditional cable TV.

In addition to movies, the app also offers sports and news channels. You can also find some ‘YouTube like channels’ where they show animal videos, cartoons, and much more. Mobdro implements a freemium strategy, where you can use the service freely, but have to pay in order to enjoy advanced features.

9. Lifetime

Platform: Android, iOS

With Lifetime app you can gain access to over a dozen of original shows and movies produced by the U.S based satellite television channel Lifetime. You can access sitcoms like Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, Dance Moms, Date Night Live, the entire Little Women series and more.

However, it should be noted that Lifetime is not free in the true sense. In order to enjoy its services for free, you must provide your channel operator credentials or id. Only handful operators are included.

8. BIGSTAR Movies & TV

Platform: Android, iOS

Documentaries, foreign films, independent and short movies you just name it, BIGSTAR provides access to all, for absolutely free. But you should know that this app is not for hardcore Hollywood fans since it doesn’t have any significant mainstream Hollywood movie. However, it provides premium service for users who wants to access the entire library of digital content.

7. Viki

Platform: Android, iOS

Viki is a popular video streaming app which offers free access to interesting Asian movies, TV shows and other sorts of legal videos. Here you can watch movies from China, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian nations.

It supports subtitles in about 200 languages, out of which 50 are endangered. The app lets you chat with friends and followers, check reviews of new and upcoming sitcoms and movies. While you are free to choose anything from the library, you can also watch and download special handpicked videos, which are really interesting as per my experience.

In case you want ads free experience with HD quality videos along with other features, you can try premium Viki pass for a week and then decide which plan you want to continue with.

6. Pluto TV

Platform: Android, iOS

Pluto TV is a popular internet based television platform that offers its users free access to more than 100 different channels. Its official app does the same, but only for smartphone users. With the app, you will be able to browse popular broadcasting services like CBS, NBC and WB along with several other channels exclusive to Pluto TV.

Here, you can watch over a thousand movies without paying anything at all. These movies were added to the Pluto TV digital library after they struck a deal with big production houses like Warner Bros and MGM.

5. Vimeo

Platform: Android, iOS

Do you like the video sharing service Vimeo? If yes, then you should give Vimeo app a try. While it is not as powerful as its website, it does have its own strengths. Apart from the fact that you can enjoy your favorite Vimeo videos on the go, the app lets you upload and share videos privately or publicly. You can cast all Vimeo videos on bigger screens with Chromecast.

The app allows you to access hundreds of full length movies and other user created videos in high quality. While it still needs some improvement here and there, the app is overall a good option for movie lovers.

4. Viewster

Platform: Android, iOS

Viewster app is another cool way to enjoy your entertainment on the go. It gives you free access to hundreds of popular movies and TV shows, including international ones, like The Inbetweeners, shameless, to name a few. Brainstorming documentaries are also available there, so don’t miss it.

You should really give Viewster a try if you are too much into independent movies or new anime series. The app features a specially curated newsfeed-styled homepage for easy navigation and content discovery. Moreover, user registration is optional so you can quickly start with your videos without any hassle.

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3. YouTube

Platform: iOS

If you are a big fan of classic old movies, documentaries and want to watch them on your smartphones at your own time then you don’t have to look any further than YouTube’s pre installed app on your android (Apple users have to install it separately). It’s the best way to watch YouTube videos on the go.

With the official YouTube app, not only you can watch favorite movies, but also save them for offline viewing. Just like website, you can subscribe to popular channels and mark your favorite videos. The app’s clean design and constantly upgraded interface ensure seamless video surfing.

2. SnagFilms

Platform: Android, iOS

With over five thousand different documentaries, old indie movies and TV shows, SnagFilms is currently one of the popular video-on-demand apps among movie lovers. Here you can watch anything, from hardcore action movies to straight-out comedy without spending a dime. SnagFilms also include a decent number of international movies (subtitled) from Russia, Spain, France, Nigeria and China.

The app itself is pretty handy. You can add new films to queue so that you can watch them later. In-app sharing and synchronization feature are also there, but long ads will constantly irritate you.

1. Crackle

Platform: Android, iOS

The Crackle movie app is a perfect way for smartphone users to watch and enjoy free movies and television shows on the go. Offered by Sony, Crackle carries thousands of free, licensed media contents from big production studios like Warner Bros, Fox Digital and Universal Studios.

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It also has a handful collection of original shows, available exclusively only to Crackle app and website. The only thing that you will probably find annoying is the reoccurring ads that keeps on interrupting video playbacks. Apart from this, you are going to love each and every single feature of this app.

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