15+ Best Google Glass Apps | Free

It’s long enough since Google glass launched, so you all must be well aware of this device. It is a revolutionary product by one of the leading tech companies in the worlds, Google. If you already have or planning to buy a new one, this list is absolutely for you. Below we have listed few latest and best Google glass apps which will help you to extract more out of the device. All these apps are available for free and still under huge development. Have a look.

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1. GlassPay


GlassPay lets both shopper and merchant do eCommerce transaction smoothly. Users can easily scan UPC codes, assemble shopping cart, make purchase using bitcoins (no addition charges) and pick up merchandise in centralized location. The app uses secure peer to peer technology to operate.

2. Wearable Widgets

Wearable Widgets

Wearable widgets allow you to put any widget from your Android phone to Google glass. It virtually creates a bridge from your phone to your wearable device. At present, it supports one widget display at a time.

3. Gallery for Glass

Gallery for GlassImage: Github

Gallery for Glass allows you to create, edit or manage photos present on the device. You can make vignette or add effects to selected photos with voice commands. Five filters are available there which are: Greyscale, Invert, sepia, canny and pixelize. Moreover, it also lets you upload photos to other devices or delete them permanently.

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4. WpforGlass


This is a great app for bloggers who use WordPress CMS. At present, you can publish posts to your personally hosted WP blogs though glasses. The plugin is available on Github. You can use Google voice to text service to create articles quickly or to reply on post comments. More advanced and new features are expected as the time passes.
Same kind of app is available for bloggers.com.

5. Race Yourself

race yourself

Race Yourself is an augmented reality fitness app designed for Google glasses. See your progress stats on the road in front of you. It shows run time, calories, speed, distance covered and much more. Overtake your average time and beat your personal best. I think this is going to be the best thing to happen to exercise since headphones.

6. Twitter


Twitter for Google Glass makes it easy to share photos and connect with people. There are plenty of features available like: Get notification from people you are following, reply, retweet or favorite them.

7. Sky Temple

sky temple

Sky Temple is an amazing game specially designed for the Epson Moverio BT-200s. Fly through the mountains while dodging drones to activate the sky temple.

8. Soundtracker


Soundtracker easily discovers and plays the music your neighbor, friends or family member are listening to. The app has a catalog of over 32 million songs. You can also listen from various stations by just saying “OK Google, listen to”..”Top Station”..”Nearby Station” or “Trendy station” and tap to select. That’s it. Enjoy.

9. Lingua


Lingua provides glossaries for different categories, simply load one or all and ready for work. It’s a simple. lightweight, fast and responsive app that helps you in travelling, translating a document, engineering work, environmental projects, interpreting assignments, medical works and more.

10. PosterBoy


PosterBoy lets you share photos anonymously at your location with Google glass. When other users wander into the same location they will see the same picture on their timeline. All you need to do is snap photos with glass, tab share on menu and share with PosterBoy.

11. Crystal shopper

Crystal shopper

Crystal shopper scans the bar code of the product and tells you the minimum and maximum price of the product. It also provides amazon reviews and other related information. Simply tap your glass while shopping and say “OK Glass”..”price check”.

12. Google Drive Photo

drive - Best Google Glass Apps

Capturing pictures around you is very easy with Google glasses. You can click them with voice command and they get saved automatically. What if your glass memory is full? Here comes the use of Google drive photo. It will automatically save/transfer your photos to Google drive folder.

13. DriveSafe


DriveSafe is glassware which can detect when you are falling asleep while driving. It triggers/alerts to wake you up and direct you to the nearest rest place so you can continue driving safely later on.

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14. FollowMyGlass


You don’t need to be afraid of losing your glass anymore. Just install FollowMyGlass and it will tell you the location of your glass along with the time, in case you lost it.

15. MedRef


MedRef is the first face recognition app for Google glass. It is specially built for patient data management where you can look patient record just by saying their names or taking pictures of their face.

16. Facebook


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Share pictures and videos directly from Google glass to Facebook. Right now, you can’t tag people on photos, comment and can’t see who liked your uploaded image through glass, but these features are expected in future.

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