15 Best Intercom Alternatives For Better Customer Engagement | 2024 Edition

Are you looking for a new customer messaging platform for your online company or searching for a less-expensive yet reliable alternative for your startup? If yes, then your search is over. In this age of technology, where we do most of our work online and some of the most successful businesses are based solely on the internet, early customer management is the first step towards later success.

In 2011, when Intercom was launched, it revolutionized the customer communication industry. It is currently the best messaging platform for big companies to engage with their customers for support and also act as a marketing platform which in turn boosts sales. In early 2017, the company reached 17,000 paying customers, including some big names such as Microsoft and Spotify. In 2020, the company’s annual revenue reached $150 million.

However, many are looking for other alternatives. Some believe that the platform is lagging behind in some key aspects, while many don’t favor it because of its high pricing. So here are some powerful yet affordable Intercom alternatives that will help you grow your business efficiently.

15. JivoChat

jivo chat

Jivochat is fast, simple, and reliable live chat software for websites the enables you to monitor and chat with your clients in real-time on your social media accounts, email, and popular messaging apps beside your website. Jivochat also comes with an instant callback feature which is perfect for completing active transactions.

With only $10 per agent per month, you can avail all the basic and advanced features from unlimited chats, mobile integration to spam protection and superior analytics. You can also get your hand on some of these features for free.

14. Skype Web Control

skype web control

Since its launch in 2003, Skype has come a long way and somehow has become a part of our social life. Its instant messaging service is used all over the world for personal as well as professional reasons. With Skype Web Control you can conveniently communicate with your website visitors in real-time.

The installation process is simple with their Web Control Generator, where you can customize its UI, copy the code and just paste it. While most of its features are still in developer preview mode like payments and other add-ins, it is suitable for first-time users who are looking for a customer messaging platform for free.

13. Chatterbox


Retainly is a leading market automation tool for online businesses, SaaS startups, and publishers, providing them with high lead conversion rates. For customer messaging, it provides Chatterbox, a possible replacement for Intercom that works exceptionally well with Slack.

All you need to do is copy the Chatterbox script on your platform and click one button to add it to slack. After probing the contact information of live visitors, bots will automatically save those leads into a Retainly segment, for future purposes. It’s free to start.

12. Kommunicate


Kommunicate is a powerful customer messaging tool packed with many essential features that enables you to communicate smoothly with your customers. With features like message shortcuts and customized welcome texts, you can take care of customers’ mood and agent availability at the same time.

Of course, you can automate and speed up this process with bot integrations. Furthermore, you can easily assess your support team performance with Kommunicate through a dedicated and powerful dashboard. Startups can take advantage of their free tier, which comes with basic features and unlimited agents.

11. UseResponse


UseResponse gives you a comprehensive solution for your customer care woes. It includes feedback software, vital help desk features with ticketing, and more importantly live chat with your customers on popular messaging apps.

It also integrates well with business solutions like Slack and Zapier. There is no free ride with UseResponse. However, the cheapest plan you can get for your small sales and support team will cost you about $15/agent.

10. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

Zandesk is a big name in the customer service industry who entered into the crowded live chat application ecosystem in 2014 after buying Zopim. Since then Zandesk Chat has evolved into one of the leading customer messaging platforms. It’s filled with modern features that will not only help you to engage with your customers in real-time but increase the conversion rate.

9. Olark


“Make your business Human with the World’s simplest live chat software”. With easy chatbox customization, real-time reports, automated messages, and other features alongside easy integration with popular online services, Olark may just be the product you are looking for your online business.

Although they provide a free plan, it is restricted to 20 chats/month. You will have three straightforward options for their paid plans depending on which pay cycle you choose; the monthly plan is $17, the yearly plan will cost $15 and if you commit for two years, it will cost you $12 per agent per month.

8. LiveAgent


LiveAgent comes with a universal inbox feature, where your team can view and respond to all the tickets under one roof. It also has a smart ticketing distribution system to solve problems like delays and manage agent load.

Of course, there is a live chat feature with proactive chat invitations and a real-time typing view. You can also get in touch with your customers over PC to PC calls or video chat without any third-party application.

7. HelpCrunch


HelpCrunch is a smart customer communication and acquisition platform that drives sales and retains customers using a combination of essential features like live chat, auto messaging feature, in-app messenger, and ticketing.

HelpCrunch also provides a robust email automation feature. Well, it’s all about conversion rate and HelpCrunch can assist you to achieve the same.

6. Chat.io

chat io

While Chat.io does not provide a free plan for customers, it is comparatively cheaper than most alternatives out there. It is smarter and includes most of the features available on other customer messaging platforms including Intercom. It carries features like email automation, single sign-on window, and analytics.

5. Drift


Rather than any traditional sales and marketing platform that rely on time-consuming forms, Drift enables you to connect with leads in real-time. Drift replaces the old form with a bot assistant, which qualifies visitors from your site, then automatically directs them to individual sales reps and book meetings.

As far as the pricing is concerned, Drift provides an absolutely free subscription, in which you can chat with your visitors, book meetings and sales meetings. Drift offers two more plans; the team package with powerful chat tools and email marketing for around $325/month and the total package for full-grown companies for about $1025.

4. Freshchat


Freshchat is a new addition to the long line of products from business software company Freshworks. With features like priority inbox, unlimited contacts, dedicated bots, and other integrations, Freshchat is proving out to be a serious competitor to Intercom.

Freshchat enables you and your team to understand more about the customers’ needs and generate leads using features like people segmentation and triggered messaging. The IntelliAssign feature automatically assigns conversations to team members based on their skills and current load.

Overall, Freshchat is loaded with new and important features that will assist your customer management team to work efficiently. For first time users, they provide a free plan with all basic features.

3. Tawk.to

twak to

Are you using the live chat feature on your website but don’t want to pay hefty fees anymore? If yes, then Tawk is just for you. Tawk.to is an absolutely free messaging app that is packed with features that a company needs to provide superior support to their customers.

Tawk allows users to embed the chat widget with just a few simple steps. It enables users to message and monitor visitor’s activity on their website. There is no restriction on the number of agents a site can have or a number of concurrent chats.

Furthermore, you can customize the chat widget according to your website’s design. You can also hire chat agents for your business for just $1/hr. However, the app lacks an effective user interface and important marketing tools that drive sales.

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2. Userengage.io


UserEngage is a simple yet powerful tool for businesses that automates email marketing, live chats, and monitor visitor’s actions. With features like personalized marketing campaigns, dynamic user forms, and better team communication features, UserEngage is one of the best Intercom alternatives that you can try.

It comes with a dedicated plugin for your platform, so you can integrate with your online store, CMS or CRM hassle-free. As far as the price is concerned, it is low compared to other messaging platforms. You can choose customized plans, according to your need and just pay for the services you want.

1. Crisp


One of the many reasons why new businesses prefer Crisp over another messaging platform is its free tier, which provides basic features including live chat without any charge as long as you want. Crisp’s LiveChat is simple and impulsive with rich-media features such as audio/video messages, GIfs, and file attachments.

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More advanced features like automated triggers, auto-replies, and MagicBrowse comes with paid plans. Crisp allows your customers to connect with you hassle-free from anywhere through mail or messenger.

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