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15 Best Malware Removal Tools of 2017

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These days, malware attacks are increasing a lot, so it becomes quite mandatory to use a good anti-malware program, especially if you are using your desktop for office work. No matter how careful you are about your machine, a single malicious script is enough to destroy all your work.

There is a common saying – precaution is better than cure. We always recommend you to check your computer for virus at least a month. And if you are running Windows, you are always at risk. But, not to worry, we have gathered a few best malware removal tools that will identify and eliminate infections from your PC. Each program has its own methodology to detect threats. If you want extra security and have better hardware configuration, you can always use a combination of two.

15. SUPERAntiSpyware

Platform: Windows
Price: Free | $30 per year.

SUPERAntiSpyware can detect and delete spyware, worms, rootkits, trojans, and other harmful applications. It isn’t developed to replace antivirus tool, but you can use it alongside with an antivirus program.

The unique repair system can repair your broken internet connection and registry editing. SUPERAntiSpyware performs all these tasks without using much of a system resources. The premium version offers real time blocking of threats and schedule for quick, complete or custom scans.

14. Microsoft Security Essential

Platform: Windows
Price: Free

This Microsoft product is utterly outclassed when installed on poorly configured PC, but very effective if you keep your machine up to date. It quietly sits on the status bar doing its work, and only pops up to inform you about scans and potential vulnerabilities.

The program detects various types of malicious program like viruses, rootkits, spyware and trojan horses. Once the infected file is detected, it prompts for user input on how to deal with it. To be on a safer side, it creates a system Restore checkpoints before deleting any detected malware.

13. Spybot: Search & Destroy

Platform: Windows
Price: Free | $16

Spybot can repair registry, ActiveX objects, HTTP cookies, winsock LSPs, PUPs, BHOs, browser hijackers, keyloggers, tracks, trojan, revision, and other types of malware. It has two modes – “easy” for beginners and “advanced” with additional tools and settings for experts.

Spybot’s immunization tool works by blocking site’s access that have malware, as well as forcing nasty add-ons to stop tracking your activity. However, the tool doesn’t work for Microsoft Edge.

12. Ad-Aware

Platform: Windows
Price: Free | $25 per year

Ad-Aware finds viruses, spyware, trojans, bots, data miners, browser hijackers, dialers, rootkits and tracking components. It lets you control your privacy by erasing traces left behind after surfing the web.

The premium version of software features system tuning, data recovery, online backup, firewall, parental control, file shredder and anti-spam. It also provides you latest malware information and check for new definition files every hour, but you can change the frequency to conserve network and system resources.

11. Sophos Home

Platform: Windows and Mac
Price: Free | Premium version is coming soon

Sophos has the ability to manage up to 10 computers on a single browser and block malicious websites. It removes viruses, malware, ransomware and prevents phishing attacks. The best thing is, it is completely free – you won’t see any ads, pop-ups, or prompts to enter payment information.

The tool does a lot than just preventing known malware. It analyzes suspicious activities and behavior from programs and files, using real time threat intelligence.

10. AVG Antivirus

Platform: Windows, Mac and Android
Price: Free | Starts at $50 per year

The AVG Antivirus program is packed with real time security updates, and it scans for infected files as well as performance issues, and captures malicious downloads before they infect your system.

The interface got a refreshingly simple design that displays you exactly how your system is protected. Using AVG’s 256-bit AES encryption feature, you can connect boldly to any public Wi-Fi. It will keep your online activity private and away from curious agencies.

9. ESET Smart Security

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android and Linux
Price: Starts at $40 per year | Free trail available

ESET Smart Security is all-in-one security tool, packed with anti-phishing, custom firewall, social media scanner, vulnerability shield, botnet protection and advanced memory scanner. The three big panels provide quick access to encryption system, password manager and home network map.

It’s endpoint products include everything you expect in a suit, web control, software firewall, device control and protection from all malicious programs including ransomware. The tool utilizes heuristics and a cloud-based file reputation system to detect the latest threads.

8. Panda Free Antivirus

Platform: Windows
Price: Free | $10 per year

Panda is much lighter than other anti-malware programs. It is easy to install and use, and you don’t need to worry about updates. Although it doesn’t include filters for email or web, it’s a perfect anti-malware program for netbooks and low-specification PCs.

The tool comes with a behavioral analysis and blocking system, which detect all harmful files usually found in malware. It also includes a USB vaccine tool to protect your machine from potentially dangerous programs that can enter through USB port. The premium version supports PC tuneup, protection against online scams and phishing, and technical support.

7. Kaspersky Internet Security

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
Price: Starts at $15 per year | Free trial available

Kaspersky Internet Security comes with a stunning interface. They have polished the entire flow down to the most granular options. The six tools are now organized in a beautiful way, i.e. Scan, Database Update, Safe Money, Parental Controls, Protection for all devices and Update.

The tool is more effective in protecting against phishing and fraudulent websites that try to trick users into giving their information. It also includes a VPN feature named Secure Connection, which relies on Hotspot Shield’s worldwide network of server.

6. Hitman Pro

Platform: Windows
Price: Free | Starts at $25 per year

HitmanPro goes beyond simply removing worms, trojans, bots, rootkits, ransomware, viruses and PUAs. It fully destroys all traces and remains of the infection. The cloud scan feature comes into play when tool discovers a suspicious file, which it is unsure of. HitmanPro uploads the suspicious file to its cloud where it is again scanned by other anti-virus vendors like Kaspersky Lab and Bitdefender.

The software provides you 3 types of scans – Default, Quick and Early Score Warning. The first two are self explanatory. The third option scans the entire PC and analyzes each and every file with advanced heuristics.

5. Avira

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
Price: Free | Starts at $30 per year

Avira is good at accurately preventing malware attacks and differentiating between a legitimate website and an internet threat. It performs scan and block operation without using too much of your PC resources and creating lag.

Other than virus protection side of things, it provides handy access to Windows own inbuilt firewall, allowing users to find an easier way to alter settings. Users can select the level of heuristic detection and opt to exclude specific folders, files or file types from scans.

4. 360 Total Security

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
Price: Free | Premium version starts at $15 per year

360 Total Security provides you sheer amount of choices – anti-malware, antivirus, anti-ransomware protection are backed by multiple engine protection, including system repair and cloud scan. It doesn’t end there, it also offers system protection that includes network, USB drive and registry defenses, as well as option to scan files that are currently downloading.

The internet security options include security checks, tools to clean unwanted files and improve internet speeds, shopping protection and malicious webpage blocking.

3. Norton AntiVirus

Platform: Windows and Mac
Price: Starts at $20 per year

Norton defends against all types of viruses, malware, spyware and safeguards your identity and online transactions. It won’t slow down your well-configured machine, which is a big advantage over the other tools.

The dashboard is well-organized, making it easy to find and select the operation you need to perform, the quarantine file you need to clear, and reports you need to read. Although no protection program can stop every possible threat, Norton allows you to make a bootable rescue USB or CD file in case your computer is infected. Norton will perform a virus scan using the most recent malware definitions to fight infected files and restore your machine.

2. Bitdefender

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
Price: Free | Starts at $45 per year

Bitdefender uses an innovative approach known as behavioral detection to carefully monitor active programs. It comes with a USB immunizer to get rid of malicious scripts, autopilot and OneClick Optimizer.

Bitdefender covers your sensitive files under multiple layers of protection, so they are safe from clever malicious software. It can also adapt to software and hardware configuration of the system to improve performance and save computing resources.

1. Malwarebytes

Platform: Windows and Mac
Price: Free | Starts at $40 per year

If you like downloading and experimenting with new software, Malwarebytes is made for you. It is specially designed for detecting ransomware, adware and other malicious scripts. It smoothly works alongside your other antivirus software.

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Sometimes downloading a program results in redirection to particular homepage, additional toolbars in your browser out of nowhere, change of default search engine and affiliated links on your screen. They can compromise your privacy and track your activity. Malware wipes out all these kinds of issues.