19 Best Physics Games of 2023 | For All Platforms

The laws of physics aren’t just used in scientific research and development, but also to entertain you. They can be a crucial element of game design. Physics in games can make things like explosions, the falling of objects, and war scenes more exciting and spectacular than conventional animations. It can even convey emotion, like when you pull off the dog’s leg in a car and feel its tug of pain.

Almost all gaming companies integrate physics laws with game mechanics to give it a more realistic look. We have gathered a few interesting games that preciously follow the laws of physics while keeping you entertained. The list features almost all genres, including puzzles, simulations, action-adventure, and role-playing games, for all platforms.

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19. Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge

Platform: Android | iOS | Steam
Price: Free | $4.99

Poly Bridge is a bridge-building simulator with dozens of hours of gameplay. It includes tons of challenging physics puzzles.

You can even make your own puzzles and bridges — build ramps and jumps, suspensions, double-deckers, moving drawbridges, and much more. Build everything under budget and get vehicles to their destinations by any means.

18. Super Planet Crash

Super Planet Crash

Platform: Play Online
Price: Free

Super Planet Crash is like an astronomer’s version of angry birds. It’s an interesting game of gravity where you make a planetary system of your own. The challenge is to fit as many massive bodies as possible inside the 2.00 AU (1 AU = distance between the Sun and the Earth).

This is quite easy when the system contains a few Earth-mass bodies, but it gets unstable when you add a lot heavier bodies, like a brown dwarf or dwarf star. The more massive bodies you add (without crashing any planet/star), the more points you get.

17. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
Price: $4.19

The game invites you to master the art of destruction by joining a series of short missions. You can shatter the walls, open new lines of fire, and breach floors and ceiling, creating new access points. Everything present around you reacts dynamically and realistically based on the volume of explosives you have set or the caliber/size of bullets you are using.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege sets a new bar for expert strategy and intense firefights. High lethality, intense close-quarters confrontation, massive explosions, and team play are at the center of the experience.

16. Golf With Your Friends

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: $4.19

This is a challenging mini golf game for up to twelve players. The game control is pretty simple, and there is a total of 6 levels containing 18 holes each, which can be completed in several ways.

You can customize the ball in whichever color you want and create and join a private or public lobby.

15. Fist of Physics

Platform: Windows
Price: $4.99

The game is set in 2037, where robots are running wild and you have to stop them by punching them in the face. The game uses VR (virtual reality) physics engine to allow players to reach out and touch their rivals. Each movement and response looks real.

You can use your own body with a Vive controller and select from a set of weapons to engage in deadly combat. Each of your opponents has some unique moves. Don’t just destroy them by hitting and knocking them out; sweep their legs and pop off their heads.

14. Art of Gravity

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: $0.49

This is a physics-based puzzle game of destroying abstract figures, which results in dazzling views of the dance of gravity. There is no tutorial or explanation, so you have to discover the rules all by yourself.

Art of Gravity comes with hundreds of mechanics that will give you a vivid physic experience and leave you in awe of oddly satisfying beautify of destruction.

13. Carried Away

Platform: Windows and Mac
Price: $7.64

The game allows you to construct lifts and bridges from numerous building materials to help passengers travel up and down the extreme mountain landscape.

Carried Away will help you master rope physics. Build your structure carefully, keeping all stress and strain figures in mind. Cutting corners along the way would comprise the passenger’s safety.

12. Osmos HD

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: $2.49

This is a physics-based puzzler that takes you to the ambient world of Osmos that features minimalist and dreamlike visuals and hypnotic soundtracks.

Your objective is to grow by absorbing smaller motes and propel yourself by ejecting matter behind you. The ejecting matter shrinks you, so you need to maintain a delicate balance while floating in a deep solar system, playgrounds, competitive Petri dishes, and more.

11. Chroma Lab

Platform: Windows
Price: $4.99

This is a Virtual Reality physics sandbox. The game features hundreds of thousands of colorful particles that stick together like a fluid. You can interact with these particles using various tools that allow you to pick up, pull, hit, explode, and paint the particle.

You can also adjust physics settings to alter the behavior of particle, throw blobs into orbit, create black holes, tweak gravity, freeze the simulation, or slow time to a crawl.

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10. Tabletop Simulator

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: $9.99

Tabletop simulator allows you to make your own game and play however you want. There are no rules – just you, your friends, and a physics sandbox. Automate your games with scripting, manipulate physics, set up complete RPG dungeons and create joints and hinges, and yes, flip the table when you are losing.

The tabletop simulator consists of 15 base games like Poker, Chess, Mahjong, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Dominoes. Moreover, it features 360-degree panoramic backgrounds that alter the lighting and atmosphere.

9. Learn to Fly 3

Platform: Windows, or play Online
Price: Free

In Learn to Fly, you’ve to build your own spaceship from scratch and customize it using more than 100 unique parts. You can pick from 24 boosts, 23 bodies, 18 launchers, and 24 stages.

Earn rewards at each level (more than 80 in-game achievements) and invest them in developing a bigger and better spaceship, and fly your way up to outer space. Overall, the game offers halfway realistic physics and simpler arcade feel for an easy-to-learn yet deep experience.

8. Human: Fall Flat

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Price: $7.49

This is an open-ended physics-based exploration and puzzle game that takes you to the floating dreamscapes. Your task is to escape these surreal dreams by cracking different puzzles with your intelligence and physics knowledge.

You will be given complete control of the character, named Bob, who is just a normal human with no superpowers at all but given the right set of tools to perform tasks. The game is fully interactive, and you can grab, carry, and climb anything in the environment.

7. Crazy Machines 3

Platform: Windows
Price: $6.79

Build your own crazy machines with physics-based puzzles, and place missing parts into a chain reaction and turn them into working machines.

You can use any physical part to your advantage, whether it’s laser, lighting, explosions, electricity, or wind. Everything is possible – dive into deeper details and provide objects with individual properties.

6. Universe Sandbox

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: $16.74

This is a gravity simulator and interactive space game that combines climate, collision, real-time gravity, and body interactions to reveal the fragility of our Earth and the beauty of the entire universe. It supports Virtual Reality for Oculus and Vive.

The game is entirely based on real science, real physics, no supercomputer required. You can add carbon dioxide to a planet’s atmosphere to heat it up, make a star evolve, cranking up its mass or age, deform surfaces with asteroids, and leave behind giant molten craters. Overall, this is a perfect game for space lovers.

5. Car Mechanic Simulator

Platform: Windows, Android, and iOS
Price: $14.99

The game is all about building and expanding your repair service business. Find unique and classic cars in the Junkyard module or Barn Find module, or add your self-made car in the Car Editor.

The car mechanics simulator comes with photorealistic graphics featuring over 40 cars, 10 tools, and more than a thousand repair parts. So if you love to customize cars on your own, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

4. Kerbal Space Program

Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
Price: $23.99

Kerbal Space Program is about building a spacecraft that can safely fly its crew out into space. You are provided with a set of tools that must be assembled to build a functional spaceship. Each part performs a specific function. So get ready for some Rocket Science and exciting projects that involve mining resources from outer space and capturing asteroids.

There are 3 different modes – Sandbox, in which you build machines; Science Mode, in which you perform scientific experiments and research; and Career Mode, in which you manage every aspect of the space project, like crew management, administration strategies, funds, and reputation.

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3. BeamNG.drive

Platform: Windows
Price: $19.99

BeamNG is a vehicle simulation game that features soft-body physics and realistic graphics. The engine simulates every part of the vehicle in real-time, resulting in dynamic behavior and offering countless possibilities.

The simulator runs on algorithms written for the physics equations to be carried out. It simulates a network of interconnected nodes and beams that merge to create an invisible skeleton of a vehicle with realistic masses.

2. Spintires: MudRunner

Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
Price: $29.99

The game puts you in the driver’s seat of all-terrain vehicles, venturing across the extreme landscape. It will give you an ultimate off-road experience with only a compass and map as your guides.

MudRunner is integrated with an advanced physics engine along with several improvements over its predecessor, like enhanced differential lock systems, new mud interaction and vegetation, improved water physics, and soft-body tire simulation.

1. Stick Fight: The Game

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Price: $4.99

This is a fighting game where you battle it out against your friends as the popular stick figures from the golden age of the internet. There is no single-player mode, and a maximum of 4 players can play either as local or online multiplayer

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Stick Fight is a physics-based combat game with 80 fully-interactive levels. It features a procedural animation using the system from Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

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