16 Best Triangle Strategy Characters [As of 2024]

Triangle Strategy is a tactical role-playing game set in the fictional continent of Norzelia, which is split into three countries: Glenbrook, Aesfrost, and Hyzante. 

Since its release in 2022, it has been praised for its strategic gameplay, storyline, and characters. 

In this article, we have focused on exceptional characters. From fearless warriors to cunning strategists, each hero possesses unique abilities. 

Join us as we uncover some of the best Triangle Strategy characters that are destined to leave an unforgettable mark on your gaming experience. 

Immerse yourself in an astonishing world where choices have consequences and battles are won with both might and wit. 

Please note that all visual content displayed herein originates from the game “Triangle Strategy” and is not owned by us. 

16. Travis

Base Class – Boss

How to recruit him – You can recruit Travis after choosing to visit the Roselle Village in Chapter XV, Part I: A Banner’s Worth, and surrendering the Roselle in Chapter XI, Part I: Oppressions Under the Sun.

Travis’ base class is Boss, which gives him high physical attack and defense in exchange for low speed and accuracy. He is not used by many players, and rightfully so. His abilities make him grappler type, but the item-stealing ability seems like a useless move.

15. Trish

Base Class – Treasure Chaser

How to recruit her – You can recruit her by visiting the Roselle Village in Chapter XV, Part I: A Banner’s Worth, after protecting the Roselle in Chapter XI, Part I: Oppressions Under the Sun.

Trish is a talented archer, a capable fighter, and a valuable member of Serenoa’s army. Although she has a feisty nature, she is also deeply passionate about being a treasure hunter. She also loves her father dearly, just like any other daughter would.

Trish’s base class is Treasure Chaser, a class focused on movement, which rewards her for collecting spoils.

14. Flanagan

Base Class – Hawkshield

How to recruit him – You can recruit Flanagan in Chapter IX: Part I: The Bloody Shield, if you already have 1050 Morality and 750 Utility. 

Personally, I think Flanagan is very underrated. People always compare him to Erador and say that he can’t do what Erador does, and I just facepalm

Flanagan is not intended to replace Erador. He serves as a tank but excels in different situations compared to Erador. Erador is specialized in brawls where numerous enemies are rushing at you all at once.

Although Flanagan has a dark past, he is a loyal soldier willing to do whatever it takes to protect his country. He is the best shield in the game by far. 

13. Cordelia Glenbrook

Base Class – Cleric

How to recruit her – You can recruit her in Chapter XV: Part I: A Banner’s Worth by choosing to stay in Glenbrook and fight off the nobles. To do this, you must have 1050 Morality and 750 Utility.

Cordelia can be a formidable support unit if deployed correctly. Alongside Geela, she is the only dedicated healer in the game who you can recruit to your party.

Cordelia is perhaps the best-rooted healer in the game, meaning she can be best used in maps where she doesn’t have to move frequently and is well-protected.

Apart from her wide range of healing skills, Cordelia can generate additional TP per turn. For every turn that Cordelia doesn’t move, she gains one extra TP. It allows her to use high-level skills more frequently than other healers.

However, in moving maps, where Cordelia has to change positions frequently, she loses the advantage of receiving a bonus TP every turn. As a result, she becomes unable to perform higher-cost spells.

Cordelia’s base heal, Regen, is the only spell that she is guaranteed to be able to use on every turn, as it only costs 1 TP.

Some of the spells that Cordelia can perform are – 

  • Heal – Single target heal with five range (2 TP)
  • Healing Region – Heals all allies within five range (3 TP)
  • Above and Beyond – Ultimate skill, can overheal units  (4 TP)

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12. Avlora

Base Class – Dark General

How to recruit her — Avlora can be recruited in Chapter XVII: Part I: The Golden Route. To do this, you must have 1050 Morality and 750 Utility.

Avlora is a general in the Aesfrosti army and one of the game’s antagonists. She is a skilled warrior and a ruthless tactician. She is also a proud and ambitious woman who is determined to achieve her goals, no matter the cost.

Her capabilities are quite impressive. She is a skilled swordsman and tactician who can plan effective strategies and deal great damage in close quarters. Her attack power increases when she is below 50% HP. She can continue fighting even after she is defeated; however, she will take more damage.

Avlora is a prime target to receive an auto-revive, as it gives her plenty of opportunity to take advantage of Desperate Strike I & II with a buffer. It’s not a complicated unit, but it’s a good one.

11. Hossabara Freyya

Base Class – Mounted Healer

How to recruit her – Sher can be recruited in Chapter VII: The Price of Peace, if you have 110 Liberty and 275 Utility. 

Hossabara Freyya is a skilled healer and a capable fighter. She is also a kind, compassionate character who cares deeply for her friends and allies.

She starts off as a weak support unit with nothing much to offer until you level her up. At the base level, her healing capabilities are not up to the mark; she is less mobile and has average overall stats.

Due to the combination of skills Hossabara possesses, she is often misunderstood as a healer by many players in the early game. But it usually ends in disappointment as she is very unreliable, especially as a healer.

However, Hossabara can turn out to be a quality support unit if you decide to invest in her. Once you level her up, she gets extra speed, better defenses, and superior weapon damage.

All her rank three upgrades are very impressive. They undoubtedly have the greatest impact on her game.

Perhaps her best move, Catapult, allows her to throw an adjacent ally anywhere within 5 tiles with an additional defense buff. The skill offers much-needed utility to her almost useless early-game unit.

Her other skills include the following – 

  • Be Brave – Heal allies within range (2TP)
  • Pushback – Deal physical damage and push the enemy back 3 tiles
  • Up and Up – Damage buff based on total TP

To summarize, Hossabara has been built to be a support unit rather than a pure healer or a tank. Her role is to make others better.

If used correctly, she will shine as a frontline support unit. But keep in mind that she is a relatively expensive unit to upgrade.

10. Anna Pascal

Base Class – Spy

How to recruit her – Anna joins automatically before in Chapter II. 

Anna Pascal is a powerful and effective support unit in the game, at least during the early stages. She joins your party early in the game (Chapter II: To Arms, Brave Warriors).  

Anna serves as a spy, operating under the leadership of House Wolffort, and holds a token of conviction. Her entry into the party occurs in Chapter II, after which she continuously aids Serenoa in matters pertaining to House Wolffort’s security.

She is a character often subject to misunderstandings and initial overestimation due to the powerful advantage of having two attacks per turn. Nevertheless, beyond this, she remains a highly versatile DPS character with a plethora of strengths.

While she does have a .5x damage multiplier, the presence of 2 attacks often renders it inconsequential. Additionally, her high mobility, speed, and Take Cover ability allow her to position herself behind enemies for frequent backstab opportunities.

In addition to that, she possesses Slumber Stab, which, although not entirely consistent, provides her with frequent opportunities for dual attempts. This enables her to potentially put two enemies to sleep while dealing damage as well. 

Among the DPS-oriented characters, Anna boasts one of the highest utility levels due to her excellent mobility and jump stat. With Surmount (eventually becoming free), she proves to be effective on most maps.

9. Roland Glenbrook

Base Class – Spear Knight

How to recruit him – Roland is the main character in the story, and he is always present in the game. 

He is the younger son of King Regna Glenbrook and the heir to the Glenbrook throne. He is a kind, compassionate young man, driven by a strong determination to establish peace in Norzelia.

The primary drawback for Roland lies in his spear, which has a .7x multiplier in exchange for the ability to hit two people simultaneously. This tradeoff is unfavorable, especially considering many other characters possess AOE damage capabilities.

In addition to this, he faces an inherent weakness against spears. However, despite this drawback, abilities like Four Dragons, Flash of Steel, and 1 TP Double Thrust prove to be sufficient. With appropriate itemization for critical hits and strength, he can deliver powerful blows and possesses the mobility to reach his desired destinations effectively. 

Furthermore, Roland benefits from some valuable passives, granting him +1 movement during clear weather (which is often the case), and when he covers a distance of 5+ squares, he receives a bonus weak attack against an enemy. 

8. Frederica Aesfrost

Base Class – Pyromancer

How to recruit her – You can recruit her in Chapter IV: The Price of Loyalty, if you have a Morality of at least 1050 and Utility of at least 750, and if you choose to spare the Aesfrosti prisoners in Chapter IV. 

Frederica is the daughter of Zigmunt Aesfrost, the previous archduke of the Grand Duchy of Aesfrost. She was eventually betrothed to Serenoa Wolffort and became a House Wolffort War Council member.

Frederica deals in fire-type magic and has the highest magic stat of all recruitable units in the game. 

Frederica’s role is very plain: Do damage. And thankfully, she’s quite good at it. She has the highest Magic stat of all recruitable units. She can hit in an AOE with Scorch or hit for large single target damage with Blazing Chains.

Her kit grants her the ability to buff either Scorch or Blazing Chains damage, although Blazing Chains is often the preferred option. This is because it allows her to target half-health units effectively and then gain TP through K.O. TP, making it a potent strategy.

She synergizes excellently with Julio, ensuring her TP remains high and her magic stays buffed. The combination of In Tandem/Now!/Fast Acting Medication with Sunfall allows her to unleash massive AOE damage, proving advantageous on certain maps.

While Frederica may lack extensive utility, she excels in her role as a pure damage dealer. 

7. Lionel Khapita

Base Class – Wordsmith

How to recruit him – You need to have at least 400 Utility and visit the Roselle Village after protecting the Roselle in Chapter XI: Part I: Oppressions Under the Sun. 

Money farming is an important component of the game that allows us to upgrade units. Although there are multiple money-farming strategies that you can employ, the most popular one involves Lionel.

You can use Lionel’s passive ability – ‘Lucky Find’ – to gather money while picking up spoils after battles. You can also equip Lionel with a Golden Pinkie Ring for more money.

Other than money-farming abilities, Lionel has a few other skills that make him an effective support unit during battles.

For example, his “Endless Speech” skill holds a 50 percent chance of silencing enemies (preventing them from using abilities) and a 50 percent chance of putting them to sleep (forcing them to pass their turn until their status changes).

6. Milo Yuelle

Base Class – Dancer (Evasion)

How to recruit her – She can be recruited in Chapter XV: Part I: A Banner’s Worth, provided you have at least 1050 Morality and 750 Utility.

Milo Yuelle’s background originates from her role as a dancer in the Holy State of Hyzante. Subsequently, she was recruited and trained as a spy for the Saintly Seven under the guidance of Minister Idore Delmira.

Following Idore’s orders, Milo embarked on a journey alongside other saints from the Saintly Seven, covertly fulfilling their tasks as spies.

Eventually, Milo crosses paths with the members of House Wolffort in Chapter XIII, assisting them in reclaiming Glenbrook. Subsequently, in Chapter 15, she becomes recruitable (requiring a return to House Wolffort).

At the outset, Milo possesses two passive and one active move. Her “Blue Night” skill is designed to pilfer the enemy’s TP while reducing their power for three turns.

Milo’s “Moon Jump” skill empowers her to move freely within her range, including higher elevations, allowing her to execute an additional command for 1 TP.

What truly distinguishes Milo as a potent support character is her skill, “Power of Love.” This skill tempts enemies within her range, compelling them to waste their turn or attack other foes, except for most bosses who remain immune to temptation.

5. Medina Alliam

Base Class – Apothecary

How to recruit her – She can be recruited in Chapter VII: The Price of Peace, if you have 500 Morality.

Medina Alliam is skilled in healing and curing status ailments. She can heal her allies and cure them of status ailments. She is also a competent fighter who can hold her own in close-quarters combat.

In summary, Medina stands out as a versatile and exceptional character, contributing significantly to your team. Her abilities as a skilled healer, fighter, and even a debuffer make her a valuable asset in various scenarios.

More specifically, her healing abilities are very useful in battle. She can heal her allies’ HP, cure them of status ailments, and even revive them if they are defeated. This makes her a valuable asset in any team, as she can keep her allies alive and fighting.

For those seeking a character capable of aiding in a multitude of situations, Medina proves to be an excellent choice.

4. Erador Ballentine

Base Class – Shieldbearer

How to recruit him – You can recruit him in Chapter I: The Saltiron War, if you have 1050 Morality and 750 Utility. 

Erador Ballentine, a former soldier, stands as one of Symon Wolffort’s four most trusted aides. Despite their contrasting personalities and frequent clashes over various issues, he shares a strong friendship with Benedict Pascal.

Erador proves to be an outstanding tank in the game due to his ability to draw enemy attacks toward himself and effectively reduce damages with his passive moves, Steelback and Desperate Defense.

3. Geela Breisse

Base Class – Physician

How to recruit her – You can recruit her in Chapter II if you choose to spare the Aesfrosti prisoners and have a Morality of at least 500.

 Geela Breisse was born in Hyzante, but her passion for advanced research led her to Aesfrost archives. Geela was eventually appointed as Frederica’s tutor, with whom she developed a close relationship.

As a physician, Geela will be your primary healer with high magical attacks. She excels in the domain of healing magic and possesses a high magical attack stat, though her physical defense is relatively low. Her combat ability may seem one-dimensional and unremarkable throughout a significant part of the game.

Since Geela is available right from the start, she naturally becomes your primary healer, particularly in the early stages of the game. In fact, she is considered one of the best healers in the game.

However, once Quahuag and Medina join the party, Geela’s role can become redundant on most maps. Having three defensive utility characters may not be necessary, especially when the other two, Quahuag and Medina, offer more versatility and usefulness in various situations.  

2. Quahuag

Base Class – Clairvoyant

How to recruit him – You can recruit Quahuag in Chapter XV: Part I, if you have a Utility of over 1600. 

Quahuag is a unique and perhaps the most interesting character in Triangle Strategy. He possesses an unusual set of skills that have the potential to do groundbreaking things. 

Quahuag is not only incredibly useful, but (if utilized correctly) he can single-handedly ease you through most of the game.

He isn’t created to be a frontline unit. His physical defense is exceptionally low, making him vulnerable and susceptible to perishing quickly when exposed. However, his magic defense is comparatively strong, allowing him to endure a few strikes from mages if necessary. 

Quahuag’s abilities center around the theme of space and time manipulation, making him a truly distinctive character. Among his various abilities, at least four stand out and contribute to his uniqueness.

  • Warped Space – This ability enables him to teleport an ally to any location within 5 squares (2 TP).
  • Stop Time – Quahuag can halt all actions of everyone on the battlefield, except himself, for two turns and even gain an additional move.
  • Distorted Space – This allows Quahuag to switch places with any other selected unit on the map, including enemies (2 TP).
  • Reverse Space-Time – He can reset TP, HP, positions, and statuses of all units on the map. But it doesn’t bring back dead units.

He is, in many ways, similar to Benedict. I think most people won’t argue how good he is — his versatility and ability to make a significant impact in battles make him undeniably one of the best units in the game.

1. Benedict Pascal

Base Class – Tactician

Benedict Pascal is a highly versatile and valuable support unit. Starting with 4 TP, he can be useful on any map in almost any given situation.

He boasts a variety of skills that not only improve the physical and magic stats of allies but also offer strategic flexibility.

His Bulwark (1 TP) offers an excellent defense buff, raising physical and magical defenses of an ally for 3 turns. Raging Beast does the same for an attack but requires one additional TP.

As you progress through multiple playthroughs, you might find yourself using the Bird of Prey skill less frequently. Nevertheless, it can still prove useful in specific situations, especially when strategically positioning your units becomes crucial.

What truly makes Benedict a highly effective support character is his abilities – Now! and Twofold Turn – that enable more powerful units in the party to take turn out of rotation and have a chance to make back-to-back moves.

Benedict has decent defense stats and speed, which makes him durable. However, you should keep in mind that he is not a frontline unit.

More To Know

Who is the Best Healer in Triangle Strategy?

The game has several healers that you can recruit, including Giovanna, Narve, Hossabarra, Cordelia, Geela, and Medina. But who is the best among them?

Well, it depends.

Out of the six healers mentioned above, only Cordelia, Geela, and Medina can be considered proper healers since the remaining ones have only minor healing capabilities.

Geela is a reliable healer in the sense that she can dish out heals consistently on every turn. However, she becomes almost ineffective in the late game.

Cordelia has exceptionally powerful healing capabilities, though she can’t heal at every turn. She can also cast Regen.

Medina is more of a TP battery than a pure healer. But she is very effective. Medina’s TP Physick and HP Physick make her an extremely useful and versatile unit to have, especially in the late game.

Personally, I prefer Gella over the other two healers due to her consistent and cheap healing.

Is Triangle Strategy Similar to Octopath Traveler? Which One is Better?

Triangle Strategy and Octopath Traveler are both old-school RPG games developed by Square Enix. Both games feature HD-2D graphics.

But apart from the nostalgic art style, the two games are quite different from each other, especially in terms of battle mechanics and overall story.

While Octopath has a traditional turn-based battle system in place (which is more accessible to newcomers), Triangle Strategy employs a grid-based battle system.

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two games is their story. Unlike Triangle Strategy, Octopath consists of eight short stories, each with a different protagonist. The game’s stories are decent, but the lack of continuity or limited world-building results in a somewhat fragmented experience. 

If you like a compelling narrative with a strong focus on world-building, you should choose Triangle Strategy over Octopath. 

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