Top 12 Biggest Inventions of Ancient China

Chinese has always been considered one of the most talented and creative people in the world. China contributed many inventions to the world. And some of the inventions you may be familiar with. No other ancient culture has contributed more than the Chinese culture contributed to the advancement of human progress. Now most of the Chinese inventions are used in daily life. And some of these have been used in many other things also. In the following list we have selected the Biggest Inventions of Ancient China to help you to learn more about China history.

12. Porcelain

PorcelainPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Porcelain or fine China ceramic made materials originated during the Han Dynasty period (196BC – 220 BC). Very high temperature is required (between 1200-1400 degree Celsius) to make it. Many different types of products are formed using porcelain and most of them are for the purpose of trading. Now porcelain is used as the insulators of high electricity passing wires, building materials and bathroom fittings.

11. Row Crops

Row cropsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Row plantation was first developed in China in the 6th century BC. The method of row is used to grow crops faster and larger. This also allows the easy way of plantation and harvesting. There are numerous benefits of row planting as the sunlight absorbing capacity is increased and prevents excessive humidity. The method was used in Eastern countries after 22 centuries from the invention in China. There are also some proofs of the invention of this method that dated back to the 240 BC.

10. Chopsticks

Chopsticks1Photo credit: wikimedia

Chopsticks originated in ancient China in the period of the Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 BC). The oldest chopsticks were excavated from Anyang, China dated around 1200 BC. Initially, these were probably used for cooking. Many types of chopsticks are presented today. Almost all are made up of bamboo or plastic and silver, gold, are also used for luxury.

9. Kites

Kites1Photo credit: wikimedia

Kites were also invented in China in the 5th century BC. They used silk fabric for sail material and high tensile strength and bamboo for strong and light weight framework. The Chinese invented kites for measuring distances and communication for military operation. The earliest Chinese kites were flat and rectangular. Over a long time flying kites developed into a hobby.

8. Printing Technology

Printing Technology1Photo credit: wikimedia

First known movable type printing technique was created in China around 1140 AD by Bi Sheng. He shaped individual characters on identical pieces of fine clay. After the piece had been hardened by fire it became durable and could be used anywhere and anytime. In 1490s they start using the metal movable type system for printing.

7. Seismograph

Seismograph1Photo credit: wikimedia

Around 132 AD Zhang Heng of Han’s Dynasty invented the first seismoscope, a device for measuring the winds and movement of the earth. It was a large bronze vessel has eight dragons around its wall holding bronze balls. Whenever there is an earthquake, one of the dragon’s mouth opens and drop the bronze ball into a bronze toad at the base.

6. Tea Production

Tea Production1Photo credit: wikimedia

According to ancient Chinese history, the first tea was drunk by the Chinese emperor Shen Nong in 2737 BC. Later a Chinese inventor invented a tea shredder that slices the tea leaves into thin strips. During the China Tang and Song dynasty, tea production developed quickly and became one of the popular drinks around the world.

5. Silk

Silk - Inventions of Ancient ChinaPhoto credit: wikimedia

Silk was first invented in China and oldest examples were dated as early as 3500 BC. Silk fabric originally preserved for the emperors of China, but spread worldwide very rapidly. The road used to transport the silk to the world is known as the Silk Road. Today also the Silk Road is an important path to cultural and technological exchange between east and west.

4. Compass

Chinese compassPhoto credit: wikimedia

The compass was invented during the Han dynasty between 2nd BC and 1st AD. They used a lodestone and suspend it freely and it always points in the same direction towards the magnetic poles. Later needles are made of iron and magnetized with striking it with a lodestone. Now this has been replaced by the liquid filled magnetic compass.

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3. Alcohol

Alcohol1Photo credit: wikimedia

The first alcohol drink was discovered by Yi Di and Du Kang about 4200 years back. They invented beer with an alcoholic content of 4-5 % and around 1000 BC they created alcoholic beverage which was stronger than 11%. Now alcoholic drinks are consumed worldwide on a large scale.

2. Gunpowder

Gunpowder Day1Photo credit: wikimedia

Gunpowder is a mixture of sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate and was invented in China around 1000 AD. It generates a large amount of heat and gases so gunpowder based weapons were invented for the military forces of China. The Chinese also used it for firecrackers. They invented gunpowder, but the European countries had more developments in the field of weaponry.

1. Paper

paper making - biggest invention of the ancient CHinaPhoto credit: wikipedia

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The paper making technique was invented by CAI Lun of Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD), who is considered as one of the most influential people of all time. The paper making technique was considered to be the biggest invention of ancient China. He invented the world’s first paper using fish nets, tree bark, rope and rags. Before the paper making technique they carved character on animal bones, stones and bamboo. This technique revolutionized the way of writing.

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