10 Most Important Blogging Tips with Do and Don’ts

What is a blog? (for noobs)

Basically a blog is just like website on which an individual or group of members share their opinion and information in regular fashion.

Why Blog?

Blogging is such a great way to engage and expand your audience by sharing your stuff online, it will help you grow your fan base. All you need to be a good writer. In 2012, there were around 55.6 million WordPress blog existence worldwide. That’s the reason WordPress is under top 35 World wide web rank. It is open source and offers SEO, anti-spam filters, traffic stats, widgets, photo galleries, too many options for templates and plugins, multiple pages and a vast community of bloggers. You can have a free blog, or upgrade to premium.

You may check out some other sites

  • Blogger (by google )
  • Squarespace (paid site $8 per month)

You should follow popular blogs on the Internet (just follow, don’t copy) to learn how to do blogging. This may clear all your doubts and help you to write a more efficient blog. Here is list of most important tips for beginners as well as for experts about Blogging including Do and Dont’s

10. Nice Format

Your format must not be annoying or unreadable.  Let me explain with example for easy understanding.

Blog writing Format

Which format do you like?   😀

No need of further explanation I think you get it. I personally advise you to write in font size 14 to 16. That will be easy for all to read because everyone doesn’t’ have a vision of 6/6.

9. Stick to the Topic

Never go beyond the scope of what you are writing about. For example, if you are writing about How Google engine works, the best way is to first write the algorithm you know and then explain each line step by step without messing it up. Don’t get started on writing about Larry page. Remember he is not your topic.

8. Be Unique

The unique stuff can attract a lot organic traffic

Uniqueness is one of the most important qualities of good bloggers. Write what you love and love what you write. Remember your blog is an extension of you and it’s your own brand. Be loyal towards your reader. Always provide them an original piece of information.

7. Never Steal

I think we all know there is some difference between following and copying. I highly recommend you to write yourself. Don’t even think of stealing from others. Google will penalize your blog if it is copied from somewhere else. So it’s better to write yourself and Create Something instead of stealing.
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6. Keep Learning

keep learningPhoto credit: Flickr

Never settle keep growing. The internet world is expanding day by day. It’s impossible that you wouldn’t find something new, each day. Today we have millions of options of plug-ins as well as new generation theme. So keep Upgrading yourself.

5. Take Risks

take risks - Blogging Tips with Do and Don'tsPhoto Credit: Flickr 

New bloggers are afraid of using new tools and plugins. Don’t afraid just go for it. You will learn something new every time you take risks. Remember Try to keep a back-up of your site for the worst case scenario.

4. Be Polite

You are allowed to write in informal way but never raise your tone. Do be too judgmental. Write in a polite way. Be cool and calm and make new friends through your blog. Don’t argue about a topic that you don’t know. Just stay cool, believe me this will help you a lot.

3. Love Your Haters


Don’t get personal or panic even if someone hates you enough to send rude comments, emails or any kind of violent response. You must develop a mature personality inside yourself. This will extremely help in your whole life. Remember to be popular you must be a mediocrity.

2. Promote your Blog

This activity is very important for your blog. Keep promoting and sharing your blog with your friends, neighbors, relatives and to all whoever you know. Always give appropriate responses to comments. Use RSS Feed in your blog. You should use the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Social sites have capability to make your blog go viral.

1. Content is The King

Content is King - most important in blogging

Choose what you write. Select those Content which you are master in. Give appropriate and efficient information. Make good use of Google Adwords in selecting your keyword in the title. Be careful about your title and meta tags. Write the content in short with full of useful information.

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Now let’s have a short note at the end: 

What to Do while blogging ?

  • Be different
  • Know your Audience
  • Be consistent
  • Be persistent
  • Ask for Help
  • Learn how to write and interact
  • Promote your Blog
  • Respond to comments
  • Be polite
  • Add Photos and video
  • Read more tips and tricks

Some Don’ts you should care about

  • Never Copy
  • Steal Photos or Videos
  • Don’t give up
  • Don’t use unnecessary plugins
  • Don’t write Long paragraph
  • Don’t use inappropriate fonts

Hope you got all. Happy Blogging  😀

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  • Great and Infomative post there, Varun. With your good points, it is also important for bloggers to exude positivity. If you’re positive-minded, your readers would feel it too. And this is important. Thanks

  • what happen if my half posts are copied from other websites and half is self-written?google adsense will approve my blog or not?
    pls reply me fast.

    • Hey Shivam !!
      I can answer you in more technical terms but here I tried to make it as simple as possible. (Email me if you want to more details)
      Google algorithm will catch you whenever you copy any paragraph either it is from a single site or from n no. of sites.
      Suppose your Adsense got approved (by miracle 🙂 ) and your content is taken from different sources. Definitely your account will be banned after a few days.
      My Advice: Whatever the content is, give your readers a reason to visit you again and again.

  • I dont have a blog yet, but i was wondering if copying jobs from companies website is wrong?

    my plan is to create a website where i will post jobs available and help with writing CV’s or anything that goes with applying for a job.

    • You should go for it Sara! That will be not so called copy-paste. In that case you will be collecting information from different sources and providing at one place. But do keep in mind: Add unique value to your website that can’t be found somewhere else.
      For any help you can ask us.
      Best of Luck!