35+ Feature Rich Bootstrap Admin Templates | Free & Premium

The Bootstrap templates always rewards you with speed, consistent functionality, ease of use and sharp design features that works on all platforms. Moreover, the dashboard panel based on Bootstrap can be easily customized by editing a few lines of front-end code, which is by the way perfect for beginners.
As a designer, if you are looking for admin panel for your next project, you are landed on the correct destination. Here you will find a huge collection of almost all kinds of modern and feature rich Bootstrap admin templates, both free and premium. All themes have their own unique features and they could be easily customized. Select according to your project needs.


36. Charisma


Charisma comes with 9 different skins/themes to suit your style and application type. It is clean, easy to use and contains over 1000 icons and 15 plugins. It is also filled with numerous UI elements like star rating, pop over, custom tooltip, alerts, Ajax loaders, notifications and much more.

35. Siminta


Siminta comes with a large collection of plugins and UI components that help you make your work easy. All codes are self-explanatory (with comments) and the overall structure is easy to customize. It is free for personal as well as commercial use.

34. Metis


Metis is a free Twitter Bootstrap template with various layouts, components, forms, tables, maps, charts and menu level. It is also equipped with file manager, maps, error page structure, grid system and login page.

33. Hierapolis


Yet another private admin template based on Twitter Bootstrap 3. It consists of beautiful form, tables, reports, login screen and more.

32. Binary Admin

Binary Admin

Binary admin is a responsive Bootstrap framework for personal as well as commercial use. It is built with numerous UI elements, charts, tables, multi-level dropdowns, forms, tabs and panels.

31. KAdmin


KAdmin contains plenty of UI elements and comes with 2 skin colors: light and dark. It features retina graphs & icons, 6 level responsive navigation, dynamic data table, smart notification with sound, RTL support and more.

30. Bcore Admin

Bcore Admin

Bcore is fully responsive admin theme which comes with over 40 plugins, 38 pages, numerous UI elements, forms, image gallery, charts, data tables, map, grid, and 3/4 level menus.

29. TemplateVamp


TemplateVamp is fully functional and customizable admin template that can be used as a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing responsive web apps. It contains HTML/CSS design for typography, dynamic charts, button, navigation, form and JavaScript extension.

28. Lumino


Lumino is a clean admin dashboard that includes everything you need for the back-end panel. It is packed with numerous widget, UI elements, forms, responsive charts, advanced data tables and login page.

27. Dashboard by Keen IO

Dashboard by Keen IO

This is a responsive template for Bootstrap, which can be used in building analytic dashboard. The inbuilt layouts help you to create attractive, custom analytic dashboard without spending much time in testing or tweaking CSS code.

26. Metro Dashboard

Metro Dashboard

A stylish metro dashboard with numerous in-built elements including dropdown, typography, charts, tables, forms, icons, calendar, file manager, sliders, buttons, progress bars, login page and more.

25. SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2

SB admin features a variety of custom jQuery plugins to extend the functionalities. It includes LESS file for deeper customization, multi-level dropdown, login page, responsive Bootstrap timeline, 3 custom panel styles and more.

24. HTML5 Admin

HTML5 Admin

It’s a responsive HTML5 admin template that is designed to work best with new Bootstrap grid system. It is based on modern flat that gives you elegant UI for better user engagement. Moreover, the template is packed with well commended code, email + printable pages and lifetime updates.

23. AdminLTE


AdminLTE is a lightweight and responsive control panel template that includes over 1000 icons, 21 plugins and support for page printing. It is also packed with some featured pages like calendar, mailbox, login, 404/500 error, invoice and lockscreen.

22. Janux


Janux is a clean, responsive, flat balanced design and multipurpose frontend admin theme which can be used for any type of web application. It has a huge collection of add-ons and UI components to play with.


21. Cannavaro – $23


Cannavaro is a notepad memo admin dashboard template that provides an optimal viewing experience across all devices. It’s a fresh and different design with dynamic charts, multiple layout and background.

20. Sheldon -$4


Sheldon is a bootstrap theme with metro-like interface design. It is filled with numerous jQuery slide blocks, sidebar navigation support, big and mini charts, quick status widget, 404 error page, login page, register page, star rating plugin, font awesome icons, task widget and more.

19. Singular – $21


Singular is an AngularJS single webpage application based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework. It features over 400 retina ready icons, Vector+Google maps, charts, slim-scroll, forms, responsive tables and supports lazy load module & toaster notifications.

18. Chandra – $25


Chandra is beautifully crafted admin template for back-end applications. It comes with both PHP and HTML version and packed with over 100 UI components, 52 pages, 6 color schemes and more.

17. Flex Admin -$18

Flex Admin

Flex admin is a lightweight template built for easy implementation. It includes numerous jQuery plugins, variety of pre-designed example pages, jVetctor maps, dynamic charts, mailbox, price table, slimscroll and more.

16. Emerald Admin -$18


Emerald is responsive, motion based template with gorgeous post-flat design, meaningful transitions, extremely polished perfect pixel finish and delightful details. It has 50+ plugins, charts & graphs, panels & pages, and various UI components.

15. Light Blue -$18

Light blue

Light Blue admin template is available in 2 transparent versions (basic and white). It is bundled with 3 sidebar options, 6 background styles, realtime charts, form elements, metro-like tiles, dynamic tables, maps and more.

14. Josh – $25


Josh is a Laravel admin template that comes with over 70 pages and 100 components. If you are working on core PHP, header.php, footer.php etc. already created to save your time.

13. Kertas -$16


Kertas is flat, multi-layout admin template that includes useful components, layout options, jQuery plugins, font awesome, 10 skin layouts, well-structured code and other resources.

12. Color Admin -$18

Color Admin

Color admin template is based on flat design and it is bundled with 30 third party plugins and various useful elements like thumbnails, media objects, buttons, maps and much more.

11. Bonanzooka – $23


Bonanzooka is a responsive admin page built with AngularJS routing and templating. It comes with 5 different skins, mailbox, UI elements, forms, tables, charts and special pages like lockscreen, timeline, invoice, shoplist etc.

10. Theorem – $18


Theorem includes every single component from Bootstrap. It has more than 30 custom elements, color palette, shades swatches, gradients, switch border radius, shadows, reusable modules and more.

9. Fickle – $20


Fickle is simple, clean and pixel perfect responsive admin template with LTR and RTL. It is filled with color switcher, unlimited button, multipurpose responsive timeline, real time charts/pies, different angle notification and more.

8. Coco – $23


Coco is responsive Bootstrap admin and front-end template that has some unique features like movable widgets, live weather widget with geolocation, colorpicker, to-do list application and numerous plugins.

7. Minimal- $23


Minimal is responsive admin and front page template that includes animated models, nested lists, draggable portlets, lockscreen, weather page, chat page, profile page, tile minimization, translucent and solid backgrounds.

6. Nifty – $20


Nifty is a responsive template that comes with numerous useful UI components. It is built with Less CSS module, smart navigation, email templates, 27 color theme and 9 transition effects.

5. Metronic – $27


Metronic powers over 22000 apps & websites. It is packed with 7 complete admin and front-end themes, unlimited layout options, 36 layered PSD files, 500+ template pages and 1000+ UI components.

4. SuperAdmin – $12


SuperAdmin is powerful, lightweight and responsive retina display template. It comes with 14 different skins, 25+ jQuery customized plugins, variety of form components, sample pages and more.

3. Atlant – $23


Atlant is powerful, responsive and retina ready template. It consists of page builder that allows you to create new pages quickly. Moreover, the theme is made on the basis of Less CSS and comes with 10 different skins.

2. Pages – $21


Pages is carefully designed UI framework for any project. It is packed with quick search, form elements, social showcase, progress & activity bars, icons, maps, notifications, beautiful typography, inbuilt colors, charts and much more. All elements support retina display and crafted with details to create limitless possibilities.

1. Apricot – $23


Apricot is a simple, clean and responsive admin dashboard with translucent background effect. It features a great sidebar menu, searchable side menu list, 6 different skins, numerous widgets, design & component kit and more.

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