35+ Super Useful Bootstrap Plugins and Addons

We all are familiar with Twitter Bootstrap; it is already chock-full of helpful components, plugins and extensions, and is powerful enough to kick-start any web project. But sometimes these basic inbuilt components are not quite enough to fulfill all your needs. There will be times when you need to extend the Bootstrap functionality. And this is where the article comes in. We’ve gathered a strong list of Bootstrap plugins and add-ons that will help you to make your site unique and full-of-impact.
All of these extensions are free unless specified.

36. Bootbox.js


Bootbox.js allows you to create programmatic dialog boxes using Bootstrap modals without managing or removing any required DOM elements or JS event handlers.

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35. Strength Meter

Strength meter

A dynamic strength meter for password input validation with numerous options. It uses the advanced strength calculation algorithm which can be configured by overriding the default validation rules. The plugin also allows you to toggle password mask (show/hide password text).

34. Bootstrap Image Gallery

Bootstrap Image Gallery

This is a responsive, touch-enabled image and video gallery. All images and videos are displayed via Bootstrap’s modal dialog and support swipe, keyboard or mouse navigation, transition effects and on-demand content loading.

33. Date Paginator

Date Paginator

Date Paginator takes Bootstrap pagination components and injects a bit of date based magic. Dates are scrollable, scalable, with optional calendar select option.

32. CSS3 Responsive Forms Pack – $4

CSS3 Responsive Forms Pack

A simple and professional form framework for Bootstrap that strikes a balance between elegance and simplicity. It is built with pure CSS and packed with over 360 vector Font Awesome icons.

31. Bootstrap Confirmation

Bootstrap Confirmation

This is a jQuery plugin that provides a simple box to confirm a task. The idea is to use simple Bootstrap popovers as a confirmation dialog instead of rude boxes that interrupt a user’s workflow.

30. Link Preview


Link-Preview is a JavaScript library offering a Facebook-like preview for URLs. Just enter website link and hit the preview button.

29. Video Player

Video Player

This is a customizable HTML5 video player based on Bootstrap UI. It has got multiple useful options such as autoHide, autoPlay, timerMedia, progressMedia, fullscreenMedia and more.

28. Star Rating

Star Rating

A simple jQuery star rating plugin that supports advanced features like RTL input and fractional star fill. You can convert any HTML input into a star rating control. Also, you are free to change size and icons.

27. X-editable


The X-editable library lets you create editable elements on your page. It can be used with jQuery and Bootstrap, and includes both inline and popup modes.

26. Color Picker Sliders

Color Picker Sliders

This is advanced, responsive color selector with color swatches and support for human perceived lightness. The jQuery plugin works on all modern browser and touch devices.

25. MagicSuggest


MagicSuggest is a flexible autosuggest combo box in the line of Bootstrap themes, with many configuration options. The plugin is responsive and there is no obstructive loading.

24. jQRangeSlider


The smooth and powerful slider for selecting value ranges, date, time and more. It supports touch input, and steps for both numerical and data values.

23. Bootgrid


A sleek and intuitive grid control system, especially designed for Bootstrap. Everything is configurable and it is completely based on themes which can be customized.

22. Bootstrap Magic

Bootstrap Magic

This is a visual theme builder for Bootstrap3 for your own purpose to design theme a lot faster. It features a great typeahead (you don’t need to write less function and variables every time) and live preview. The colorpicker allows you to easily visualize and select colors, and if you have variables defined, you can import them right into bootstrap magic.

21. Date Range Picker

Date Range Picker

The plugin creates a dropdown menu from which you can select a range of dates. If invoked with no options, it will display 2 calendars to select a start and end date.

20. Magnify


Magnify is a JavaSript simple plugin for adding a magnifying glass to image on mouseover.

19. Bootstrap Switch

Bootstrap Switch

Turn your checkboxes and radio buttons in toggle switches. You are free to change the size and color of each switch.

18. HubSpot Messenger

hubspot messenger

Hubspot messaging library shows transactional messages in your app. It wraps Ajax requests with success, error and progress messages, and works in all modern browsers.

17. Bootstrap WYSIWYG

Bootstrap WYSIWYG

A small Bootstrap plugin that turns any DIV into a WYSIWYG rich-content editor. It automatically binds standard hotkeys for common operations and supports image upload, voice input (in Chrome) and mobile devices.

16. Bootstrap Sidebar

Bootstrap Sidebar

If your menu is too big to fit into a top horizontal menubar, or you need a responsive sidebar for your Bootstrap based website, then this plugin is definitely designed for you.

15. Ladda UI


The Bootstrap buttons with built-in loading indicators, effectively bridging the gap between action & feedback.

14. Wheelizate Tabs – $9


An alternative solution for tabbed navigation. Wheelizate tabs are responsive and work with any kind of content. It features 4 wheelizated tabs (in 4 positions), 6 color schemes and packed with over 260 SVG icons.

13. Bootstrap File Input

Bootstrap File Input

The advanced HTML5 file input for Bootstrap3 with multiple selection and file preview feature. The plugin includes Ajax based uploads, viewing upload progress, dragging/dropping and adding/deleting files. It supports a wide variety of files including text, images, audio, video, html, flash, and objects.

12. Progressbar


This is a multi-colored progress bar that automatically changes the color depending on its position. And yes, the behavior of the progress bar is customizable.

11. Tokenfield


Tokenfield is advanced tagging system for Bootstrap and jQuery, with its primary focus on keyboard navigation and copy-paste support.

10. Font Awesome

Font Awesome

This is a collection of salable vector icons that can be easily customized. You can change anything that can be done with the power of CSS. The latest version includes 40 new icons.

9. Formicon


Formicon is a set of flat forms with different stylesheet. It includes various built-in forms such as login, registration, checkout and contact form. Moreover, there are tons of shortcodes and over 150 icons.

8. Pricely – $5


Pricely helps you create elegant price charts for showcasing your product packages and ranges. There are 3 different styles: classic, business and professional.

7. Social Buttons for Bootstrap

Social Buttons for Bootstrap

These sign-in buttons are entirely made in CSS based on Font Awesome and Bootstrap.

6. 3D Mega Menu – $6

3D Mega Drop Down Menu

This is highly flexible, customizable and responsive 3d drop-down mega-menu with support for either horizontal or vertical menus.

5. CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons

CSS3Microsoft Button Design

This is lightweight, easy to use JS/CSS library that uses CSS3 styles (inspired by Microsoft) for rich button design.

4. Flavr – $6


Flavr is a flat jQuery popup dialog for your next bootstrap website. It is built to be responsive and tons of options have been included to deliver better user experience.

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3. Pnotify


Pnotify (Pines Notify) is a JavaScript notification system for Bootstrap. It provides desktop notification based on the web notifications draft. You can add non-blocking notices so that users can click elements behind the notice(s) without even having to dismiss it.

2. CodeTabs B+  –  $14


CodeTabs is a responsive slider and tab plugin packed with 250 built-in effects, over 40 HTML templates, vertical tabs, 100+ options and much more.

1. FuelUX


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FuelUX extends Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript control. It covers a dozen of jQuery plugin, including pillboxes, data picker, data repeater, spinbox, wizard and more.

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