7 Effective ways to build High Quality Backlinks

No need to tell how important backlinks are, to get huge amount of traffic. Even most of the Google ranking factors are based on backlinks.

The old methods

  • Commenting on blogs
  • Guest posting
  • Forum links

Although, these kind of methods helps you, but not in sufficient manner. You can’t rank very high if are using only these tricks.

The only high quality content is not enough to get a big audience. You have to promote and spread your content as far as possible. Today we will show you, how to promote and get High quality/Effective backlinks without spending a penny. Stick with us…

Method 1. Replace the broken links or Add your own link

a) The .edu links

Building .edu link means building links from high authority sites. It is not very hard to get a link from edu sites if you have a decent website with full of contents.


Suppose you have technology website. The very first thing to do is, find .edu sites with some external referrals.

Use these strings in Google search engine box
Site.edu Technology
Site.edu Technology inurl:links
Site.edu Technology on the web
Site.edu Technology refer
Site.edu Technology Source

Replace the word “Technology” with your actual keyword. You will get thousands of sites in search results.

edu source links

The next step is to contact them through email/message and tell them about your related web page.

Here is the demo

Recently, I found the ABC page on XYZ.edu. The detailed ABC topic can be extracted from yourcontenturl.com/content
Consider adding the same link on the webpage. 
Thank you. 
Your Name

Be polite and keep the message short. Do not beg them to add your link. There are only 10% chance of success, but remember, even a single high authority link can drive a lot of traffic.
You can use the same trick for .gov, .org or any other extension.

b) The broken website links

Almost same as the above but this time try to find a webpage with broken links. Usually they are found on pages with large number of external links.
How to find this?

Type these search strings in Google search box
Technology resource page
Technology links
Technology refer page
Technology references

Replace the word Technology with the keyword you are searching for.

dead links 404

Now find the broken links within these pages. You can install this extension to make the process easy. It will show you dead links within a page in red bar.

If the external link is broken, you need to inform the web owner by email.

Here is the demo

Hello owner name,
I was searching for topicXYZ and came across your fantastic article on XYZ. I found a few broken links on the same page. Here is the list
I have a website that also posts high quality contents on a regular basis. Recently we have published on the similar topic: www.mysite.com/mycontent. 
Consider replacing the dead link with our webpage. Might make a nice addition. 
By the way, Keep up the amazing work!

Your Name

That’s it. Keep the message short and be careful with the words. In 3 out of 10 cases, web owner replaces the links.

You must be wondering why to put so much time and effort doing this. Well, a link inside the content matters a lot rather than a link placed in the comment section. Only 2-5 links can change your search engine ranking positions.

Method 2. Testimonials

There are a lot of companies who show customer’s testimonial on their official webpage. If you are using any product and satisfied with the overall service, do send them a positive testimonial. For example if you are using email subscription of Mail Chimp, Email brain or whatever, you can send them a nice and compelling feedback about their works.

Mail Chimp: My first recommendation.
In 2 years I have used 8 different email services and there is nothing like Mail Chimp. I really like the interface and always amazed by the new features they release. Created one time offer on thank you page after sing up and our revenue increased by $5000 per month.
(Feel free to add this on your testimonial page.)

You Name
Website Title (with link) 

And that’s how you get a high authority (PageRank 7-9) site backlink.

Method 3. HARO Publicity Alerts

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out that gives you the opportunity to get backlinks from high authority source/news websites.

Just sign up there and you will get 3 emails daily from the reporters looking for quality information on a particular topic.

build high quality backlinks

In reply, fill them with helpful suggestions and relevant content links.

Method 4. Submit your site for Feedback

Apart from the forums, there are numerous authority sites that help you to get feedback from targeted audience. You can ask them to review your content, website layout, web page speed or whatever you want. Along with the helpful suggestions you can earn few Dofollow backlinks.

You can submit your site here:
Feedbackroulette – PR 3
 – PR 4
Sayat – PR 4
Criticue – PR 3
Bounceapp – PR 5
Webengage – PR 4
Userreport – PR 4

Method 5. Use Infographics

We all know what infographics are. This is the most effective method to get a quick bunch of backlinks. How?

Step1: Create an eye catching infographic (do not include more than 25 points and details in text)
Step2: Publish it on your website
Step3: Find similar topic pages
Step 4: Now, email the owner of website and let him know about your work
Step 5: Tell them to embed your infographic in order to make their present content more appealing. (Like we did in method 1)
That’s it.

Read: Powerful Online Tools to Create your own Infographics 

Method 6. Start a Meme

Memes are easy to create and few times they go viral. No Photoshop skills are required, you just need to add a text on picture. Upload them on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Few bloggers use viral images (with source links) to make the content attractive.
The more it goes viral, the more you earn backlinks.

Traditional ways

Refer: Easiest Ways to Get Instant quality backlinks


  • Use any automatic backlink generator tool
  • Involve in any kind of link exchange program
  • Link to irrelevant sites/contents.

Don’t just build backlinks, Build Relationship, build Business.

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