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How Modern Technology Enhances Education | BYJU’S – The Learning App

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Our history is fascinating and the changes we have seen in our lifetime stands as a testament to the achievements of extraordinary human beings in their specific fields.

The education system has also made tremendous progress in the recent years. What merely started with some paper and a little ink is now seeing the likes of personal computers, Smartphones, Laptops, iPad mini and much more. Education has changed for better in the recent years and its transformation has been facilitated by the technological innovation.

This may sound like a cliché but has definitely helped in reaching out to a great number of schools and colleges and has made Knowledge more presentable to students in exciting ways. The learning never ends, hence education goes a notch higher by providing online classes, assessments, to engage students in their academics.

Educational apps are fun, providing access to a lot of information in the form of audio visuals for a better understanding. Colleges also use projectors to attract students to view documentaries related to subjects – maths, chemistry, physics and biology giving it a theatrical effect. Online coaching and assessments are also provided via video call/ conferencing giving it a human touch.

This process helps in analyzing a student’s grasping power and also helps the teacher to know where the student is lacking. Teachers can come up with an effective strategy and focus on weak points of the student to get better results out of them.

The students also have problems with the faculty members of the college /school as some find the teachers boring and ineffective because of their poor way of engaging students present in the class. Extra attention can be provided by Educational apps online to help them take a liking towards academics. Knowledge is forever hence it could be given and received in various ways, but is up to an individual on how he wants to go about it.

Technology plays a role in education in this modern time. The purpose of using technology is to meet established educational goals that already exist, and must be accompanied by a teacher who is properly trained to integrate it into teaching and instruction, as well as strong school leadership that ensures effective deployment and implementation, Innovative and routine uses of technology:

  • Enables students to research information, construct and creatively express their knowledge and collaborate and communicate with peers and experts worldwide. Like getting involved in science projects in school science fairs.
  • Enables innovative approaches to teaching and learning that improve the quality of students’ learning experiences while increasing student choice.
  • Enhances professional learning opportunities and experiences.
  • Increases the capacity of the education system to support improved student learning by realizing data, management and administrative efficiencies.
  • Improves data analyses, information sharing and communication within and beyond the school community.

Technology is practically everywhere around us as it is impossible for us to have a life without using gadgets like the Mobile Phone, PC, Camera and so on in our lives. The same applies to the use of technology while learning or widely in the field of education. For instance, one of the pioneers in the field of education named Byju’s the Learning App has been heard to provide education with the use of technology in a way that appeals to the imagination of students. The role of teaching has evolved from a congested mode of classroom training into a vast arena where the concepts could be displayed, projects could be assigned and progress could be assessed way easier. The reasons why technology has boosted the education domain are explained below:

Use of Simulators

It is a known fact that it is very easy to show the vibrations producing sounds using a tuning fork but difficult to portray the process of evolution, the behavioral changes in molecules in various situations or mixing of two dangerous chemicals being not feasible. The learning nowadays has changed from the use of standard texts like the NCERT books to interactive learning using graphics and animation. Simulators would be of immense help to explain concepts that are complex in the easiest possible manner. This is the exact reason why teachers resort to them for showing processes that happen either too slow or too fast in a classroom.

Learn Globally

Students would be able to set up online classes with participants across the globe irrespective of any country using video-conferencing. Using facilities available like this through the internet, students would be able to gain exposure to different ideas, cultural perspectives through online interactions. Earlier this never used to happen as it was not possible to gain exposure without travel and studying in a foreign country which would cost a lot to students. Now it is possible with just a few clicks away using the internet.

Multimedia and Storytelling

It would be of real help for students if they  are assigned to projects with the multimedia inclination in it as it would foster team spirit among students while encouraging healthy competition among them by building something that would be admired by their peers.  The key would be the fact that neither verbal logic or oral or written words would be approved by people while taking crucial decisions.

E-books as an Alternative

The days are here where people have started using e-books in place of conventional paperbacks where the former ones are available in Kindle readers, pads and so on, which resembles conventional books while manipulating their pages with your fingertips while tapping on the screens of tablet PCs and smartphones. Also, using them would reduce the load of textbooks that have to be carried in your bags.

Proper Assessment of Educational Progress

From the app, Byju’s

There would be cases where students would be studying under different boards and everyone would be having their own unique way of study plans. Let us take the case of students studying under CBSE Syllabus as educationists like Byju’s having been providing mock tests for students to test their level of preparations.

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The points mentioned above would have given you an idea on how technology has a positive impact on education. From these facts, it would not be wrong to state that technology would reshape the face of education in the coming years.

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