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17 Different Car Engine Types | Explained

Different Car Engine Types

The evolution of car engines runs parallel with the development of car models and designs. Simply put, it has a quite bit of history too. Modern car engines are complicated and specially designed to meet our various needs. For some of us superior power is must have for an engine while for others fuel efficiency ...

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Cars That Brought the Revolution in Automobile Industry

Citroen DS

A powerful V16 engine, front wheel driving mechanism, an engine without pistons – developing these is not a matter of one day. It literally took 400 years to develop and create the car of our dream with all the modern technologies. We have arranged most of the cars from the past to present that brought ...

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13 New Car Technologies You Will See Soon

Smart Fuel Saving Display and Tips

The level of technology is upgrading day-by-day. It’s becoming sophisticated and user friendly at the same time. But what about the future? How does our future looks like around technology, especially the automotive industry? Well, why don’t you find out yourself. Here are 13 new car technologies you will see soon. 13. Self-Healing Paint How ...

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The Evolution of Cars: 1769 to Present

Maybach W3

Every single thing that exists on the earth today has a history. Like us, motor vehicles also carry a vast amount of history behind them. A history that ignited four centuries ago. None of the automobile (as we know them today) was invented in one day, by just a couple of inventors. So we’ve compiled ...

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15 Most Secret and Experimental Military Aircraft

Aurora - Experimental Military Aircraft

Along with the development of fifth generation aircraft, there are also many secret projects which are never revealed. Some projects are currently in development and the producers successfully keeping it as top secret. Most of the aircraft are developed in collaboration of the US Army, Air Force, Navy and some other organizations. They all have a unique design with ...

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15 Best American Classic Muscle Cars of All Time

1969 Ford Boss 429 Mustang

A muscle car is an American manufactured car that has two doors and fitted with a high performance V8 engine. These cars were introduced in the market in 1949 and the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 is the world’s first muscle car. The engine is the most important part of any muscle car and the list given below consists ...

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31 of the Weird Looking Vehicles Ever Designed


The human mind is full of creativity and they showed it by creating new designs using new ideas. Designing a new vehicle is also referred as an art. Most of us have a usual car, it may be a decade old or a brand new. All of us want to catch everyone’s attention while roaming outside ...

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20 Unknown And Interesting Rolls Royce Facts

spirit of ecstasy

Before we get going, we would like to thank our readers who appreciate our hard work and invest their valuable time in our ever growing project. Today, we will talk about the opulent and the most splendid car makers in the history of the automobile industry. Rolls-Royce has been the most luxurious car makers for ...

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15 Most Expensive Bikes In the World with their Price Tag

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

Bikes may just be a mode of transportation for ordinary people, but some bikes are not made for ordinary use, right!. It is a special medium to express emotion and feelings for many people especially the younger generations. One thing is for sure, whether it’s a boy or a girl, old or young everyone must ...

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15 Powerful and Fastest Bikes In the World

Dodge Tomahank

Bikes for the Bikers are just like the Maxwell’s equations for a physicist, they just can’t live without it, that simple. Apart from the fact that we should thank him for his contributions even now, we should also be grateful to different companies and firms for producing these hot two wheeler chicks. Moving ahead, we can say that a ...

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Top 15 Fastest Aircraft in the World | of all Time

Falcon HTV-2

Supersonic aircraft is the solid masterpiece of military engineering. Over the time, many different nations, agencies tried to materialize the concept of supersonic faster jets for their own needs. The flight engineers and scientist should not only concentrate on quality of the engine or just basic aerodynamics, but to the aircraft material. Even the minor ...

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33 Coolest Concept Cars Of All Time

Nike ONe

They are unique, radical, and they come from the imagination of the best engineers and designers of the automotive industry. Though, most of the concept cars never see the production line because of unavailable technology and resources. We still appreciate their exquisite design. Check out the world’s coolest concept cars that are insanely awesome. The list includes both historic ...

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