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21 Paranormal Documentaries That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

scary and Paranormal Documentaries

Documentaries are an interesting way to gain knowledge. They are also an incredible source to increase your awareness towards important issues. Out there, are many different types of documentaries, some are inspiring and some are informative, but have you ever watched anything scary. Have you ever witnessed something that makes your skin crawl? Well, sit tight ...

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12 Weird Diseases That Science Failed To Explain

Marburg Virus

2014 was a year of stress for doctors which left them worried to find the cure of the Ebola disease. The Ebola virus was the mysterious disease for many years and now, there are many antiviral medical treatments available. But, doctors are still working to develop a more powerful vaccine. Thousands of advanced medical solutions ...

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10 Extreme Body Modifications that are Completely Insane

Scarification-Extreme Body Modifications

Whenever you hear the word Modification, the things that come into your mind are pictures of cars, bikes or any other physical stuff. But I am going to show you something different here. This article will show you how much desperate some people are to alter their appearance. Let’s start with the list of Top 10 Extreme and ...

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12 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Lucid Dream

Dreams can be mysterious, perplexing, monstrous and sometimes eye opening. Many scientific groups conduct research and experiments to examine better human dreams. The study of dream is known as oneirology. Scientists are trying to get more information about human psychology through dreams. Where do they come from? What do they mean? This study is under progress ...

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Top 20 Epic Logo Design Fails Ever


The one important marketing tool that affects the business is Logo. Logo defines the brand and almost all companies are known by its logo. It’s the first thing that sticks in people’s mind. Let me give you a demo, think of any popular company, say Google or Apple. What’s the first image that came into ...

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10 Most Bizarre Foods in the World

Most Bizarre Foods - Balut

Each country has their own traditional dishes like India’s Shahi paneer, England’s Roast dinner etc. There are some countries that have more unusual delicacies. I don’t know why people around the world love to eat weird things. You will be amazed to see the 10 Most Bizarre Foods in the World and most people eat them. You probably ...

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10 Weirdest Animals on Earth that You’ve Never Seen

Aye Aye

Most of us don’t know the variety of Animal species on earth. You may be surprised to know that  7.777 Million animal species sharing our earth with us out of which 953,436 has been described and remaining are yet to be known. Scientists themselves keep discovering new species every month and even modern science is not ...

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10 Strange and Unusual Sports Around the World

Riding and Racing Ostriches - Unusual Sports Around the World

All of you have played and heard about Football, Tennis and Cricket but there are also some sports which are considered as strange and weird. Some of these sports are new and some are played with a few changes in previous sports rules. In recent years, many bizarre but true sports have been created. There are many strange ...

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10 Weird and Strange Holidays Celebrated Around the World

Boryeong Mud Festival1

Each religion and country around the world has their own traditions and customs. The meaning of weird festivals varies according to region, religion and society. Every small village from any corner of the earth has its own special festivals and strange kind of celebrations. Some of them are weird and strange for one society and for another ...

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10 People Who Have Extra Body Parts

Extra Head

The human body is a complex structure of many body parts performing their unique and special functions. Some of our body parts are not useful for us such as small toe finger and the appendix. You might have heard about a person with eleven or twelve fingers. But few people have born with extra head, ...

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Top 10 Useless Inventions of All Time

Air Conditioned Shoes - useless invention

Throughout the world, there are many inventions which changed the human life. Meantime, some things have been created that were unimpressive, irrelevant and pointless. There are many inventions which are considered useless, but actually bought by many people. The Japanese are considered as the most creative people in the world and most of the following products have ...

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Top 10 Strange Days Celebration Around the World

Titanic Remembrance Day1

There are many weird holidays that occur almost every day around the world. Most holidays such as Christmas, light heated or religious aspect of faith attached to the celebration are more common even to the younger child. There are some festivals that are so weird and don’t make any sense but it’s still a joy ...

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