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18 Best Investing Books You Should Read in 2018

Best Investing Books

Investing is for sure a hell of a task and may cause you lose almost everything, but it’s also true that you will gain big if your bet is right. Perhaps this is the reason why people all over the world “play their luck” with stock and securities market. Why not reduce the chances of ...

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10 Best And Worst Performing Tech IPOs of 2017

roku - Best And Worst Performing Tech IPOs

If you are a tech geek who like to keep a tab on the share market, then I am sure you want to find out which of the tech companies performed well in the 2017. Right? According to Dealogic, a financial market platform, only 14 tech companies went public in 2017, against 25 in 2016, and 40+ each ...

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12 Biggest Financial Frauds Of Last Three Decades


In this age of globalization, corporate social responsibility is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for huge corporations. If you ask what’s corporate social responsibility, it is simply a form of self-regulation and integrity in a corporate scale. Throughout the corporate history, there are numbers of financial frauds and scams which evaporated billions and ...

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16 Most Expensive Stocks (Per Share) In The World | 2018 Edition

Berkshire Hathaway

As always, professional investors use many different insights to determine the current state of a company and the real value of its stock. One of the most obvious evaluation criteria is to peek into a stock’s market capitalization and its performance of time. Here we have compiled some of world most expensive stocks (per share) in ...

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8 Cryptocurrencies To Watch In 2018 If You Missed Bitcoin Boom


A passing fade? A massive bubble? A big scam? Whatever cynics out there like to call it, Bitcoin is insanely growing, enriching the crypto faithful and confusing the haters. Build on decentralized peer-to-peer network, Bitcoin has become a standard for other cryptocurrencies. Altcoins (currencies inspired by Bitcoin) have tried to present themselves as a better ...

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13 Biggest Illegal Businesses Around the World


It’s not a secret that illegal business is one of the most profitable ventures across the globe. The most unpopular of them, the drug trafficking covers a major part of the revenue of all illegal criminal activities. According to the United Nations Corporation on Drug and Crime, the illegal drug trade alone attracts more than $600 ...

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14 Biggest Lawsuit Settlements in History

Biggest Lawsuit Settlements

Do you know that large firms and companies spent millions of dollars in legal procedures and policies every year. Why? Because they have to. According to an estimation, each year companies around the world faces countless number of lawsuits and never ending accusations from their rivals against their own products and services. Many times the ...

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12 Most Innovative Biotech Startups From All Over The World

Biotech Startups

What’s the best thing about entrepreneurs – they are excited about the possibilities and terrified of failure, both at the same time. At some stage of life, we all need medical care. Although doctors are front line of medical practice, their ability to serve well depends a lot on drugs and tools developed by biotechnologists and clinical researchers. So, ...

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13 Inspiring Automotive Startups That Predict Bright Road Ahead


The auto tech companies use software to improve safety, convenience, and efficiency in cars. Specifically looking at connected vehicles, fleet telematics, assisted driving, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, driver safety tools and auto cybersecurity, smart cars are the future. Beside tech giants like Alphabet and Tesla chasing self driving cars, a host of auto brands, tech heavyweights and small groups are ...

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