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26 Strongest Materials Known To Human

silicon carbide

For a layman, strength and hardness are basically the same thing, but for a material engineer these two are way apart. While the strength of any material indicates its resistance to deformation, the hardness denotes its scratch resistance capability in general. The strength of any material is measured by its tensile strength i.e. the resistive power ...

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10 Highest Paid YouTuber of 2017 Made 127 Million Combined

YouTube is worth $75 billion, and now it has become the actual launchpad for the next generation of internet celebrities. Over the past few years, some of the biggest YouTubers have even snagged big shows from services like Netflix, YouTube Red, etc. It’s no secret that YouTubers with large number of subscriptions use sponsored videos, ...

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12 Most Deadliest Substances on Earth

Aluminum Phosphide

Medical sciences have come a long way. From indigenous techniques and herbs to sophisticated machines and complex medicines. Worldwide, these medicines are the only reason people live long and strong lives. But it’s not just the medicines that have developed, virus and bacteria have also stepped up in their evolutionary period. You see, medicines and diseases ...

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DARPA Invests $100 Million For Gene Drive Research

Gene Drive Research

DARPA is investing $100 million in genetic extinction technologies.  The Gene Drive program can control disease carrying insects.  It may wipe out diseases like dengue, malaria, Lyme, West Nile, sleeping sickness, etc.  The United States Department of Defense agency, DARPA is investing big in genetic extinction technologies that may wipe out invasive rodents, malarial mosquitoes and ...

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Tips For Writing Biography Of Any Type

This is a sponsored article by Mahira Khan.  If you are assigned to do a project, you have to expand your research in order to be successful in what you are working on. There are lots of facts which are important to disclose and explain briefly. A person can find a wealth of resources for obtaining ...

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Free Research Paper Editing Services On The Internet

This is a sponsored article by Mahira Khan.  The Research paper is more than the sum of your sources, more than a collection of different pieces of information about a topic and more than the review of literature. Lots of writers are less than confident in their ability to preset consistent ideas while avoiding typos ...

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14 Biggest Lawsuit Settlements in History

Biggest Lawsuit Settlements

Do you know that large firms and companies spent millions of dollars in legal procedures and policies every year. Why? Because they have to. According to an estimation, each year companies around the world faces countless number of lawsuits and never ending accusations from their rivals against their own products and services. Many times the ...

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Are We Really Living in a Simulation? The Truth Of Matrix

simulated reality

For some, the idea of the simulated world might sound like the storyline of “The Matrix,” but in reality, it’s a well documented and established hypothesis. The basic idea of this hypothesis is that the reality, which includes the Earth and even the Universe is, in fact, a simulated reality or artificial simulation just like the computer ...

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