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12 of the Deadliest Construction Projects in History

Hawk Nest Tunnel

Since the last century, thousands of people have sacrificed their lives by involving themselves in astounding construction works. It is now very common that serious accidents and deaths occur during construction. Most of the countries have strict regulation regarding safety rules. We all learn from our previous mistakes, the only good thing about these accidents is, ...

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12 Types of Alternate Fuel Sources (for Present and Future)

Liquid Nitrogen

Due to scarcity of petrol, its price is increasing at a tremendous rate every year. There are many types of energy sources that are renewable and environmental friendly, currently available for use. These energy sources also provide an alternate way for a clean source of energy. Now scientists are developing green sources of energy to ...

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15 Worst Computer Viruses of all time | Explained


Nobody wants a virus in their system as it could be more than a nightmare. It’s like a cancer for computers. Different viruses cause different damages, some of them force you to delete your precious data, change the data without letting you know, hang the network and some of them can even destroy your hardware. If you are ...

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Top 10 Smallest Things in the World

Smallest Gun

Did you ever think about smallest car, tiny computer, and any other things of their kind? If yes, this is the place you are looking for. Some of the stuffs are man-made and functional like their original size. You are aware of most of the things and few are totally new to you. The article doesn’t ...

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Top 10 Extremely Giant Plants

Rafflesia Plant

As of 2010, there are 315,000 different species of plants out of which majority is the basis of the earth’s ecology. Our world is covered with different types of plants, some are beautiful and some are giant and dangerous. Some of these are also known as killer and carnivorous plants. Over millions of years, plants have ...

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10 Creative and Practical Uses of Lego in Everyday Life

Amusement Park of Lego - Creative and Practical Uses of Lego

Lego is a popular construction brick toy which continues to astound us since many years. The Lego Group began manufacturing Lego bricks in 1949 and as of 2013, approximately 560 billion Lego bricks had been produced. A computer program (LEGO Digital Designer) is also available for consumers to make their own Lego designs. Some designers ...

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Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on hacking

Pirates of the Silicon Valley movie for entrepreneur

In the computer security world, a hacker is a person who access to the computer networks legally or illegally. All the hackers are called by several names and majorly categorized as hackers and crackers. After controversies, hacker is able to get the name of computer programmers and all computer criminals are called crackers. Crackers are further ...

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10+ Best and Highly Reputed Universities in the World

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

You may be wondering how we can decide the top Universities in the world. Actually it’s quite simple, we consider the six major factors Publication Influence Faculty Inventions and Patents Employment Education These are some terms which must be taken into account while deciding the rank. Out of the top, most universities are from the ...

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10 Great Inventions of the Middle Ages


The Middle Ages were considered the time of great discovery which start from 5th AD to 15th AD centuries. Middle Ages are also known as the Dark Ages and medieval technology belongs to the technology used in Europe. At that time, civilization saw some major advancement in technologies. There were numerous of advancements that were made in the ...

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Top 10 Lost Treasures Ever Found on Earth


Humans have a long history and they have always left their marks all over the world. Sometime they hide their precious treasure to protect it. Now, after hundreds of years, many of them were discovered and some are dated from ancient times. In the past few years, many notable treasure hoards were found and many ...

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12 Legendary and Greatest Warriors of Historical Time

Spartans - Greatest Warriors

As with the increase in population, we have seen numerous wars for power and land. These wars have produced many deadliest warriors all over the world. All these warriors have their own strategies, armors and unique style of fighting. They were not only a deadly fighter but also proved them as a great leader who took ...

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