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10 Biggest Volcanic Eruptions on Earth

Lake Toba - Biggest Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are the result of movement of tectonic plates present inside the earth’s core. As a result of these movements a large amount of the magma is released. It is measured by the volcanic explosive index. All the volcanoes are categorized in three groups i.e. dormant, extinct and active. There are about 1500 active volcanoes ...

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Top 10 Amazing and Biggest Holes in the Earth

Udachnaya Pipe1

There are many strange holes on earth that are geographical phenomenon and most astounding sites in the world. Some holes are made naturally and some are made by humans while searching for the mining wealth. Some people believe that the holes are the pathway to hell and a few believes that these sinkholes are created ...

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6 Ways to Crack your Entrance Exam

Crack your Entrance Exam

Appearing for any Entrance Exam like GRE, CAT, GATE, IAS, IS, JEE, AIEEE, SAT, LNAT etc. requires a lot of months of practice and preparation. These kinds of exams conducted to analyze the depth of knowledge in a particular field and logical thinking of a candidate. Today we show you how to crack your entrance exam. ...

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Top 10 Nations That Spend the Most in Space Research

Space research

Space research and space exploration uses is the most advanced strategy/techniques and it represents the technological development status for each country. There are many space organizations working on space to explore it and to find out the hidden facts. Do you know that billions of dollars spend every year but the question is whether this ...

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Top 10 World’s Largest Insects on Earth

Giant Weta1

On earth more than 80% of species are occupied by insects. There are around 900,000 different kinds of insects living on earth and about a million still waiting to be discovered. Most of them are very disgusting and scary but they are very important part of this environment. The largest insect ever lived on earth ...

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10 Flightless Birds in the World | Amazing Creature

Top 10 Flightless Birds - Cassowaries

Those birds which can’t fly are categorized in flightless birds. But they can run or swim fast instead of flying. There are about 40 species in this category. They have smaller wing bones as flying ones. The best known flightless birds are kiwi, ostrich and penguins. But we are going to fill you with more ...

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10 Most Dangerous Fishes in the world

Goonch - Most Dangerous Fishes

Fishes are the aquatic animals but there are also several kinds of horrific killer fish that prowl the earth’s fresh water. Some people have different kind of fears. This article is to warn all people who get scared from water because if you are afraid of water or have any related phobia then this is ...

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Top 10 Biggest Concert Ever


A concert is a live performance in front of an audience (mostly musical).  Music is food for the soul, it nourishes the mind as much as yoga and other exercise can. You can listen to your own choice anytime, anywhere, Thanks to the myriad of musical devices available today. But the live experience is totally different and amazing. The ...

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