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World War II Bombs Sent Shockwaves To The Edge Of Space

Scientists revealed that shockwaves generated by heavy bombs used in World War II were detected at the edge of the space.  These shockwaves were powerful enough to reduce the electron concentration of ionization in the upper atmosphere. Researchers are currently investigating how natural forces like stratospheric warming, tectonic activity, thunderstorms, space weather, and solar variability ...

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What’s The Maximum Gravity Human Could Survive On Other Planets?

Maximum Gravity Human Could Survive

Researchers evaluated the amount of gravity a human skeleton can bear without breaking or hurting muscles.  According to their model, humans could survive a maximum gravity of approximately 5 g (or 49 m/s²).  People who are healthy and have developed strong lower body muscles could live normally under those harsh environments.  With the discovery of numerous ...

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10 Strongest Bases Ever Synthesized

Butyllithium - strongest bases

A base, in chemistry, refers to any substance that releases hydroxide ions (OH−) when dissolved in water or aqueous solution. Many bases, however, don’t readily carry hydroxide ions but they too produce high levels of OH− when treated with water. This type of reaction can be observed when ammonia is treated with water to produce ammonium and hydroxide. ...

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Obesity Harms Memory And Learning – New Study

Obesity Harms Memory in mice

A research done on male mice shows obesity affects brainpower. The main reason of obesity-associated cognitive degradation is microglia (immune cells). Excessive microglia in obese mice destroys dendritic spines, affecting the performance of thinking. More than 2 billion people in the world are either overweight or obese – Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation report. ...

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8 Strongest Acids Ever Known To Us

sulfuric - strongest acids

What makes an acid strong or weak? To answer this question, we first need to look at the definition of an acid. It is a chemical compound which accepts electrons and/or donates (dissociate) hydrogen ions, also known as protons. Therefore, the acidity levels of an acid depend on its ability to disassociate hydrogen ions, i.e, the ...

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16 Fascinating Oldest Things Ever Found On Earth

Sahelanthropus tchadensis

Have you ever thought why researchers hunt for extremely old and almost useless artefacts or engage in years, sometimes decade-long historic excavations in remote parts of the world? Well, the answer is quite simple: to study and understand our past through material culture. This is Archaeology. An archaeological artifact can be cultural properties, architecture, biofact or ...

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Mobile Phone Radiation Could Damage Teenagers’ Memory Performance

Mobile Phone Radiation Could Damage Teenagers’ Memor

Researchers analyzed the relationship between phone radiation and growth of memory performance.  They found that regular use of mobile phones can damage memory in young people.  Teenagers who hold their mobiles to their right ear were particularly affected.  In the last couple of decades, information and communication technologies have developed a lot, which has caused ...

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18 Intriguing Facts About World War 1

German flamethrowers

The World War II might be the bloodiest war in the history of mankind, but nothing affected Europe politically, socially and economically more than the WWI. Initially originated from the Balkans, the World War I lasted for four years from 1914-1918. It took millions of lives and costed countries billions and billions of dollars. Do ...

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18 Richest Countries In The World | 2018 Edition

Doha City

What makes one country richer than the other? Is it the abundance of natural resources or is it the total number of billionaire citizens? Well, actually it is none of these, instead there is a universal economic indicator that help us decide which nation is more prosperous than the other. Purchasing Power Parity and Geary-Khamis Dollar ...

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Bitcoin Owners Are Oligarchs With Hidden Community

Bitcoin Alone Can Increase Global Temperature

Researchers analyzed the structure of the group of bitcoin owners by observing transaction made from 2009 to 2013. The study reveals that bitcoin owners are oligarchs, and most of the wealth is concentrated in hands of small group of users. Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009 as an open source document by an anonymous developer under ...

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15 Highest Currencies in the World | 2018 Edition

swiss franc

Which country has the highest currency in the world? Kuwaiti Dinar, quite simple isn’t. But despite of its value, it doesn’t dominate the world’s currency markets. Without a doubt American dollar is the most powerful monetary unit in the entire world. On a general basis, a currency’s performance is calculated by comparing it to another ...

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