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10 Worst and Most Brutal Punishments of Ancient Time


Extrajudicial punishments are those punishments which are carried out by the state’s official authority without having legal process. Middle Ages were considered a time of punishment and harsh torture. In ancient time, people used some of the most brutal methods of execution. That time, people accused of crimes didn’t go through any type of court system. ...

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15 Most Dangerous Special Forces in the World


Special forces, or special operations forces are highly trained military units, well equipped to perform unconventional, unorthodox covert missions that are typically related to a nation’s political, economic purposes. There are many accounts of distinct forces throughout the history of warfare, which specialize in covert operations rather than conventional combat. The Romans used small, fast, ...

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Smartphones Are Destroying Earth Faster Than We Thought

Smartphones Are Destroying Earth

According to the ICT global emission report, the carbon emission from smartphones has tripled in last 10 years. iPhone 6s generated 57 percent more carbon dioxide than iPhone 4s. By 2020, smartphones alone will be responsible for 45 percent of total ICT emission. Over the last couple of decades, ICT (information and communication technology) devices ...

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12 Best Spy Agencies in the World (in 2018)

Turkish-Intelligence -

An intelligence agency essentially works like a nervous system in any nation’s defense setup, which is responsible for feeding vital information to law enforcement agencies and armed forces about possible threats to the national security. They collect, analyze and exploit secretive information that are not available to common people to their own advantage. These agencies ...

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14 Amusing Geography Fails

Fox News’ Egypt Graphic Fail

There is a popular saying that the World is small. But, it’s actually big, really big. With roughly 196 countries (UN recognized), countless cities, and their constantly shifting borders, keeping up on your geography can be difficult. But, sometimes it just crosses the line from an honest mistake to hilarious ignorance. Here is a list comprising silly ...

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18 Fascinating Facts About Sleep Paralysis

bad dream - Facts About Sleep Paralysis

In humans, most mammals and even birds, sleep occur in repetitive cycles, in which the body fluctuates between two different phases; REM sleep and non-REM sleep. REM sleep or Rapid eye movement sleep, as indicated, is a distinctive sleep phase which is characterized by rapid movement of the eyes, minimum muscle tone (residual muscle tension) and tendency ...

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15 Mind-boggling Facts About The Nervous System

Growing Nerve Cells

The nervous system is simply the part of an organism that brings together and coordinates its actions by transmitting signals to-and-fro from every single part of its body. It detects environmental changes in the immediate surroundings and affects the body and then work as a unit with other body system to respond to such events. The nervous ...

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