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28 Fascinating Facts About Eye | Including Some Myths

Human eye resolution

Just like any other organ in our body, the human eye is also a complex system that provides us with a vision. Eye works on a simple principle; they detect light and then change it to electro-chemical impulses and send it to the brain. The transmission of these signals also has their own tales. The signals are ...

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Researchers Made Aluminum Alloy As Strong As Stainless Steel

Aluminum Alloy As Strong As Stainless Steel

Scientists have created super-strong aluminum alloy by introducing faults into its crystalline structure. It would have a wide range of applications including corrosion resistant coating for vehicles and electronic instruments.  The study helps us better understand the deformation mechanism in metals with high stacking fault energies.  Most of the aluminum alloys are soft, lightweight and ...

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15 Best Science And Technology Research Labs In The World

ZGS preaccelerator

Do you think research laboratories are boring? Well, we are here to change your opinion on that. Research labs are often commissioned by keeping one thing in mind – solving complex problems. Now that problem could be anything from nation’s energy crisis to ensure its security or solving ever-growing environmental problems (oh yes that’s a problem). Now ...

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Coldest Liquid Water Ever Recorded | Below -43°C

Coldest Liquid Water

Scientists developed a technique that cools down water to minimum 228 Kelvin without making it freeze.  The tinier the drop, the colder it could get while being in liquid phase.  They used laser pulses to monitor the size of drops and to measure the positions of resonance peaks in scattered light. We all know the freezing ...

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20 Rarest And Most Expensive Material On Earth


The most valuable and rarest substances in the world tend to be expensive. Some of them come with a high price tag because of the illegal activity and criminal risk involved in selling and buying these products. However, the cost fluctuates over time, depending on availability of rare material and what people are willing to pay for ...

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Transparent Materials Can Absorb Light | An Unusual Optical Effect

Transparent Materials Can Absorb Light

Physicists have made transparent material ‘virtually’ absorb light under certain conditions.  They studied a thin layer of transparent dielectric and measured the sufficient intensity required for absorbing incident beam of light. When the intensity of incident light increases exponentially, the beam of light is neither reflected nor transmitted.  In school, we’ve learned that when visible light ...

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15 Most Interesting Sci-Fi Books To Read In 2018

The Sirens of Titan

Science fiction is called the “literature of ideas” for a reason. Not only it explores the potential consequences of mostly scientific innovation, but it efficiently separates itself from supernatural stuffs, thus making it more of a science and less of a fantasy. So how would you exactly define science fiction? Don’t worry if you didn’t ...

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What’s The Largest Known Prime Number | It’s 23 Million Digits Long

Largest Known Prime number

An Electrical Engineer found the largest known prime number in collaborative project.  277,232,917-1  is the new largest known prime number, which is 23 million digits long.  The correctness of the number was verified by 4 distant programs running on 4 different hardware configurations.   The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS – a collaborative project of volunteers ...

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Why We Observe Uneven Gravity On Earth?


What is a gravity anomaly? In simple terms, a gravity anomaly occurs when there is a difference between the predicted value of the planet’s gravity field and the actual acceleration of free fall observed on a planet’s surface. Generally, these anomalies are described as a local phenomenon. Without a question, gravity is vital to our ...

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15 Interesting Facts About Earth That You May Not Know

future of the earth

Once believed to be in the center of the universe, our Earth remains the only planet known to harbor life. According to radiometric and other sorts of evidences, the Earth was formed more than 4 billion years ago. Within the first billion years after its formation, few simple forms of life appeared on the Earth’s ...

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